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Lindsay Lohan Accuser

Resurfaces in NYC

11/30/2012 8:44 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Tiffany Mitchell -- the psychic who claims Lindsay Lohan punched her in the face -- appeared on an NYC street yesterday, almost like she KNEW the paparazzi would be there.

We broke the story ... Tiffany claims Lohan hurled a racial slur at her inside Avenue nightclub Wednesday night ... calling her a "f**king gypsy" ... and that's when tensions exploded.

Tiffany's friend shot back at Lohan -- telling her "Liz & Dick" sucked ... and that's when Lohan allegedly threw the punch that landed her in jail.


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If being a psychic makes you a Gypsy then what would that make me.....a Hillbilly Gypsy......LOL.....cause I am kind of psychic ...I get a double Whammy of slurs then.....but usually it just the "crazy old hillbilly granny up on the hill.".......It wasn't the term Gypsy that set the little girl off it was Lindsay adding the "Fu*kining " to it that pissed her off just like it would do anybody on the receiving end of that insult...and it was a insult never doubt that.......

661 days ago


does anyone else see NIC_HOLE as a Baglady?..I do..I cant believe her parents will support her..
she must live a horrid life

661 days ago


and in other breaking news, I took a poop today.

661 days ago


TMZ, your reporting is almost as tragic and pathetic as Lindsay's life.. Why are you stalking this woman?

661 days ago


yaya if she was black would you have said the n word you racist its roma not the g word

661 days ago


Maybe they should just be sent back to their campsite where they will find out they are really long lost sisters that were separated at birth. Then they will live happily ever after. Where's Disney when you need it.

661 days ago

Joan K    

Lohan is a loser, she will always be a loser and I guess the very few fans she does have left can't face the truth. The truth hurts so deal with it. I just wish the girl she punched would have really let Lohan have it right in her smirky face. One day it will happen, I wait for that day.

661 days ago


I truly feel bad for Lohan, she is such an easy target. I honestly expected a drug OD after Liz & Dick. The reality that she is a D-list actress with no talent, and not the A list superstar she has deluded herself into believeing she is must be seeping thru by now. She is almost at rock bottom, and everytime she is out at a club at midnight there is going to be someone looking for their 15 minutes of fame.

661 days ago


Most of these brand new handles and Marvin here are not smart enough to know that Psychics are considered "Spiritualists". If they do Seances and read the cards you can be considered a spiritualist. Its all in my Encyclopedia of the Occult by Lewis Spence, stop being stupid.

661 days ago


She's problably lying , she thinks she can get allot of $$$$$$ out of Lindsey

661 days ago


Wait a minute.. she's a psychic. She should've seen it coming and ducked. She must not be very good at her gypsy job.

661 days ago

Where Are All The Real Celebrities    

TMZ, now if you could just get a couple of candid shots of Lindsay, in a Grey Goose haze, stumbling and tripping around the city, now that would be coup.

That's a challenge TMZ, that's not a suggestion

661 days ago


in the video of the arrest she doesn't look drunk. so which one is it? 2liters or 2BS?

661 days ago

help this young woman    

Accuser may be in NYC but Lindsay is out of the country! So long Harvey and Milo!

661 days ago

help this young woman    

Oh I thought TMZ said that Lindsay was drunk off of 2 liters of Vodka. How could this woman even tell what Lindsay's slurred words were? TMZ BS stories are contradicting themselves!

661 days ago
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