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Lindsay Lohan

IRS Seizes Bank Accounts

12/3/2012 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

As if she weren't royally screwed enough ... Lindsay Lohan's tax problems have become so extreme ... the IRS has seized ALL of her bank accounts in order to repay her massive outstanding debt.

As we reported, Uncle Sam has filed tax liens against Lindsay for the years 2009 and 2010 -- claiming she owes $233,904 in unpaid federal taxes.

Charlie Sheen generously paid Lindsay $100,000 to help alleviate Lindsay's 2009 tax problem -- but we're told Charlie's check barely scratched the surface ... because Lindsay also owes money for 2011.

The IRS has given Lindsay ample time to pay up -- but the Man's tired of waiting ... so we're told the IRS has seized ALL her bank accounts in order to settle her debt.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ, she's in full-on panic mode about her financial situation, and is desperately trying to make some cash to get out of the red.



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What she not keeping the under the table cash in Mike Jr's account? That sounds familiar to me for some reason.

690 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

I just love feeding enablers their own words. Here's just a small sampling:

hahahaha here come the slugs squirming outta the dirt! What she owes is less than she's paid for a photoshoot, its peanuts. Stop rubbing your hands haters, this will get paid, the only problem Lindsay had was is a bad finance manager.
ok haters, it was entertaining playing. Sometimes I think haters don't hate anyone but themselves and that is the problem.

Lindsay will get this paid if she hasn't already, after all, its not exactly a life changing amount. Don't forget between 2008-2010 and early 2011 Lindsay wasn't exactly with it, she depended on others doing their jobs, people she had trust in but she'll get it all sorted.
Yes Lindsay has to pay this, its her responsability but there's one thing I don't understand.

It looks as if the taxes were filed but not paid, why not? Lindsay had already signed the tax return to the IRS but why didn't her accountant Lou Taylor pay it?
If they didn't have the money to pay the tax why didn't Lou Taylor contact the IRS and work out a payment plan? Thats her job for pete's sake. The IRS are not the ogres some people think, if you show willing to pay they will work with you.

Sorry but I think Lou Taylor is guilty of gross negligence and I'll be willing to bet she took her share out before anyone was payed. Lou Taylor dropped the ball and its interesting to know most of this happened since she took over. When Lindsay fired her in late 2011 I said on this board Lindsay and her people should do an audit. You don't fire finance managers without a reason.

Lindsay has been working since she was a kid and never once in all those years has a tax bill been outstanding.
Quote from the previous tax story on TMZ:
"Our sources say Lindsay believes the debt was most likely lost in the shuffle, but the issue will be handled immediately."
Quoted in a ContactMusic story:
"A representative said at the time the actress was "completely unaware of the problem... the issue will be handled immediately."
Lindsay will pay this tax bill. Some of you give Lindsay far too much credit, Lindsay isn't stupid but she's no finance manager either. Lindsay employed Lou Taylor to look after her finances and she hasn't done that. These bills all stem from when Lou Taylor was in charge and as someone said earlier, expect more outstanding bills from her time as finance manager. If Lindsays taxes for 2012 are not payed that will be different but I think she has a good team behind her now.
that's hardly a massive amount compared to other celebs. the osbourne's owned over a million in taxes. she'll pay it and it will be a non story. it happens when you have someone else handling your money.
See, here's where the trolls stupidity shines through. All she needs to do is get an attorney to negotiate a tax settlement, which is a one time payment at a fraction of the amount owed, and this is old news!

690 days ago


Hahahaha... suck it, blowhan! You're finally going to have to be accountable for your actions! How's it feel to be forced to be responsible for skating on paying your taxes, you deadbeat! Hahahaha...

690 days ago


Nothing is certain but DEATH & TAXES!

690 days ago


I hope they take everything, all the way down to those ratty hair extensions..HA!

690 days ago


It gets sadder every day. Is there anyone in the world who would trade places with her? I doubt it...
The saddest about it? Everything is just her own fault and she still says she does'nt need rehab? Sure Lindsay, you've already proven that you know how to handle your problems you're perfectly in control, not!
Oh and... is'nt "not paying your tax" yet another lawbreaker?

690 days ago


Why are they always picking on me!?

690 days ago


I bet the s***my IRS will make her pay taxes on the 100 grand she got from Charlie Sheen. Counting it as income even though she never touched it and it went directly to them. Hmm, shouldn't the IRS have to pay taxes on all the income they "earn"?

690 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Isn't Octomom looking for a Nanny??

690 days ago

BB not bb    

Doesn't she hire an accountant to manage all of that money for her? Maybe she has no clue about how to pay taxes and budget. If you are an independant contractor as an actor, you have to set aside money on your own to pay the taxes. I think you can pay in quarterly so that it is easier to manage. You have to figure out what bracket you are in and then send them the percentage. As long as you have all of your paperwork, you can go to a tax preparation outlet and they will even do it for you and it would cost a few hundred dollars if you have alot of stuff to go over.

690 days ago

Bear King of the Dead Thread Heads (and he means it)    

Drive like lightning.........Crash like thunder
Such was the "Fast Lane."

690 days ago


Might as well send in a HAZMAT crew to investigate the stench that is always about her person as well.

690 days ago


Someone on here offered Lindsay $10. for oral sex. Don't you see how disgusting and filthy that is???!!!! Oral sex should only be practiced between 2 married adults in a union blessed by god. Not by prostitutes and sinners. Please leave Lindsay alone!!!! It will be your fault if she decides to stick a kitchen knife in her chest and commit suicide. Your comments are hurtful. Lindsay is a victim. Let's pray for her and her sweet mother Dina. Say this prayer 6 times while holding the rosary..."dear blessed Virgin Mary, please protect your dear children-Lindsay and Dina Lohan- who are victims of the paparazzi and the hurtful comments on TMZ. They are victims of the alcohol and drugs that their so-called friends make them take. Protect them from the prostitutes and sinners who prey on them. Thy will be done...on earth and in Hollywood, home of the Jews and the lame stream media. Amen!! Glory hallejula!!" praise Lindsay and Dina. They will show us the way!!!!! Omg...I'm gonna cry!!!!!!

690 days ago


And the saga continues with no end in sight, how unfortunate for us, smfh.

690 days ago


There's always porn, she looks like an old hooker anyways.

690 days ago
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