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'Disturbing Tha Peace'

Belongs to Me, Son!

12/6/2012 12:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

says his record label "Disturbing tha Peace" has a reputation to uphold -- so he's slapping a Texas couple with a lawsuit accusing them of jacking his company's name. 

Luda -- real name Chris Bridges -- filed legal docs this month ... claiming Demetri and Donna Evans-Brown are illegally using the phrase "Disturb The Peace" for their audio equipment biz and musical recordings. 

But Luda says he's owned the trademark for "Disturbing tha Peace" since 2003 -- it's also the title of his 2005 album -- and the couple's use of a similar name will confuse customers and ruin his primo rep.

Luda is asking a judge to force the Browns to stop using the trademark ASAP -- and he's suing for damages, plus attorneys' fees.

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Ryan Dungey    

damn luda, disturbing the peace was a catch phrase long before you were even an idea. leave the little people alone who are trying to make a real living. worry about your little cousins in atl robbing everybody. dumbass now you have bad press that is gonna damage your image a lot worse than the people in texas that no one ever heard of

694 days ago


Luda was right by all means. If the show was on the other foot everybody would be praising GOD for Luda getting sued. He should win the damages as well because it's ironic that he's a musician and they are selling music equipment

694 days ago


Depends on how old and hokey the couple are if they don't know about Distubin tha peace, I mean I don't even like rap and I still know about it, because of Luda's ****ty band he came out with for it. Distrubing the Peace, is not 10% different from Disturbing tha peace, so I think he has a case, damages? not sure on that one, but hey if they were trying to capitalize on a preexisting name, that could technically count as damages.

694 days ago


Don't be a douche and spell it "tha" instead of "the" and you wouldn't have this problem. Just because you speak Ebonicly, you don't have to destroy the English language in print, too.

Heck, "Disturbing the peace" isn't even something he invented. It's a common phrase going back decades (if not more) before this guy came along. Must be nice to collect money off a name you didn't even invent.

694 days ago


How ridiculous Luda don't you have enough money and learn how to spell! Smh

694 days ago


And by the way luda in case you didn't know there is no x and ask!

694 days ago


Just because you sue somebody doesn't mean they're going to win

694 days ago


so.... Is he going to sue the legal system? Or should the legal system sue him? This is STUPID!

694 days ago


WTF is wrong with you ignorant people, that is that Man's property and yes he needs to sue for damages, why do you all feel that because people have money they can just be walked over. I didn't hear you phonies b*tching when the idiot man was trying to sue the Kardashians tor the same thing, then it was oh take them for all they are worth, you people are so hateful, ignorant and pathetic, it's sad. Why should you not sue non millionaires? I wish that a lot of these celebs would start suing the h*ll out of some of you fools and taking everything you own for the slander and defamation that you spew each day and give it to the needy, then people would start to learn to stop picking on folks just because they are celebs they are also freaking people with feelings and families and kids to worry about, but none of you think about that when you get on these sites and spew your hatred, this country is going to h*ll everyone thinks that they are entitled to other peoples hard earned money. SMDH!!!

694 days ago


when I think of disturbing the peace the first thing that comes up is some dead beat rapper from 12 years ago

693 days ago


Sorry but ludacris cannot own disturbing the peace. That is a police saying from looong ago. Of course hes a rapper so he cant spell so disturbing thA peace he can sue for

685 days ago
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