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Kate Middleton Nurse Suicide

You Be the Judge

12/8/2012 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1207-kate-middleton-radio-gettyThe suicide of the London nurse who was "pranked" by two Australian radio DJs has incited outrage from around the globe. So, we gotta ask …


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The DJ's were out of line making the call, however, it was not their fault this lady is dead.

She had to be deeply disturbed long before the prank call if she killed herself over that. Odds are if that prank had not happened, the next stressful thing in her life would have drove her over the edge.

633 days ago


When you are fooling with a person's lively-hood, this kind of stunt is no different than the Internet bullying that has led to a number of recent suicides.

633 days ago


It's all Kate's fault...she should have stayed on the pill.

633 days ago


i don't know what's wrong with that questions and answers. the radio djs made a prank call just like done often before. sure the joke fell off as both nurses weren't really on the point to revoke the call. no problem tho. actually everybody can call anybody whwo's sick in a hospital. they obviously just connected two real life persons on the phone. they're not to blame. and who thought about and heard the queen on phone and knows how she sounds to say that's her. also nothing seriously exposing was said. actually really funny. but seriously the big lol is everybody seeing that as a celebrity joke. them nurses did real jobs there. can't stand that and be sorry for that "feel extremely ashamed to exposed a celebrity" mental issue leading the nurse to kill herself. it's a shame.

633 days ago


I generally think Australians should rethink what they term to be humour!!! It`s just plain cruel in most cases!!! Poor nurse...

633 days ago


Why all the hate on the DJ's? It was the station that decided to put the stuff to air, and it was mostly the mainstream media in the UK & all around the world that put pressure on the poor woman and publicly putting her name out there to be embarrassed and red faced in front of the entire world. I'm 50/50 on a lawsuit, but the nurse obviously had major background problems too if she topped herself because of this. I feel sorry for her & her family, some may agree with my opinion, most may not. Radio stations have done pranks for what, half a century now? It's only that this one was so high profile because of the royal family and a breach of the hospital's patient confidentiality. I will continue to enjoy radio prank calls, but there's a few that go over the top (like this one) Just my 2 cents. Hate on my comment as you please.

633 days ago


Also, she was a nurse, no doubt she's had someone die right in front of her eyes, that is 10 times heavier than just this prank call. Just imagine, this prank was never aired, the hospital would deal with it and move on, but no, the media have to take over the story and make it some big soap opera.

633 days ago


Here is the problem i have about the whole thing. I know I know, famous people are hounded by the media. Everyone wants to know everything about what they are doing. I didn't agree with the naked photos of the princess being released because it wasn't like when Harry asked for it, she did it on her honeymoon where she thought she had privacy. Anyway, it happened. Now however, she's at such a fragile state of pregnancy and these things are not helping. We're becoming a society that doesn't care and it's ugly. There has to be a line that is drawn and NOT crossed. I think pregnancy should certainly be one of those lines!!!

633 days ago

boro silicate    

that was no suicide, its just not believeable. the woman was mid 40s and had 2 small kids. she didnt leave her kids motherless over a stupid crank call that was embarrassing over some spoiled brat who cant handle morning sickness fir god sakes. and now everybody wants to blame the dumb disk jockeys. ridic.

633 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

Clearly the nurse wasn't in her right state of mind and she had to be emotionally disturbed to kill herself over a prank call. With that being said then she would have been unfit to be a nurse. She had to have issues before this. In a way the DJs could have prevented her from making a ratel mistake with a patient. As cruel as it sounds the DJ's actually could have saved a patients life.
Phishie from Philly

633 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

I understand that the job is stressful. When you go to medical school this is explained to you. In your internship you get a first hand of the stress. But you are missing the point. The nurse wasn't all there to kill herself. She had to be depressed from other reasons. If she wasn't in the right state of mind by killing herself she wouldn't have been in her right state of mind to be a nurse. She could have killed a patient because she obviously wasn't in her right state of mind. Since there is so much stress in a hospital why aren't there preventions that these hospitals should take. Blame the hospital for not setting proper protocol on how to handle incoming calls when royalty is staying there. If this nurse didnt realize that the caller wasn't the queen and gave out patient information that easy she wasn't fit to be a nurse. Leave the DJ'S alone. Don't you think they feel terrible and now they have to live with it. Weather it was a DJ making a prank call or someone cutting her off when she's driving she would have snapped.
Phishie from Philly.

633 days ago


This was nothing compared to what Howard Stern and other American DJ's do. Nurses put up with all kinds of abuse and humiliation. It's part of the job. Her unstable mental state probably cause her lack of judgement and discretion.

633 days ago


Even without the suicide - the DJs could've very well gotten those nurses fired or disaplined because they fell for the prank. What I feel the DJs did wrong is they didn't stop the nurse when she started to give real details of Kate's medical condition. At that point they should've revealed who they were because most hospitals would've fired her for giving out that info and the DJs should've known that.

633 days ago


I'm sorry but those DJ's didn't do anything wrong. It was a joke that DJ's play on people all the time. The fact is the nurse was wrong in giving out information over the phone and she knew it when it came out and that's why she committed suicide. yes, it's sad but more importantly it means that anybody can call a hospital act like someone else and get information about the patient.. Where's the so called privacy the patient should have.

633 days ago


If Katrin was a noble person she would say something reasuring to these doctors and nurses that helped her, their work is hard and deserves respect.
After all the whole ridiculous "monarchy" lives at the expense of these honest hardworking people, at their taxes, but the selfish "kings" cant say a kind word to these people?

633 days ago
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