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Aussie DJ

Bragged About Royal Prank

BEFORE Nurse Suicide

12/9/2012 2:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1209-royal-mel-greig-tmzThe Australian DJ who pretended to be Queen Elizabeth II in a prank phone call ... BRAGGED about her accomplishment on Facebook ... right before the nurse who answered the call committed suicide.

TMZ obtained a screenshot of Mel Greig's Fbook page taken Friday evening in Australia ... a.k.a. BEFORE news broke that Jacintha Saldanha -- the nurse duped by Greig and her co-host -- had been found dead in London.

The post reads ... "Why is it that I can impersonate the queen to get private royal information but no one believes I'm the queen for a free champagne whilst out?"

Greig attached a pic to the post -- of herself and another chick, smiling and hanging out at a bar.

We reached out to Mel's rep for comment ... who said (again), "No one could have ever predicted the tragic sequence of events that followed the prank call."

As TMZ previously reported ... Greig and her co-host Michael Christian shut down their Facebook and Twitter pages immediately after the nurse's death -- and suspended their gig at the station.


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It's not their fault. This could've happened to anyone. The nurse had issues.

662 days ago


Wow hope dj. Gets put away in jail

662 days ago


Give it a rest. They played a prank. There is no way they could have known that the woman on the phone was unstable. It is going to come out that she had serious problems long before the phone call. These djs should not be punished for the unstable mental condition of the woman.

662 days ago


That what the WORST impression ever! I'm amazed it got through. Poor lady , thinking it was so bad she took her own life. Very sad.....

662 days ago


Hopefully, she will never have the opportunity to be a DJ or any other job in radio, TV or the movies again in her life.

662 days ago


What is wrong with you freaks in the media? It was a harmless prank! The only reason it WASN'T harmless is because the lady obviously had serious psychological issues. NOT THE DJ's FAULT!

662 days ago

탑 TOP    

what a tacky broad..

in her defense she did not know the nurse was going to die (suicide?) and saw no harm in the post..

662 days ago


This was a straw-that-broke-the-camel's-back incident. Although the DJs were the last straw...blaming them is ridiculous. Seems everyone is calling it a "suicide" except the POLICE!

"“Police were called at approximately 9:25am on Friday, December 7, to a report of a woman found unconscious at an address in Weymouth Street, W1. The London Ambulance service attended and the woman was pronounced dead at the scene. Inquiries are continuing to establish the cir***stances of the incident…The death is being treated as unexplained.

You can't say she committed suicide. There's no actual proof. It's all conjecture.

662 days ago


It really isn't their fault that the nurse was a hypersensitive crazy person just waiting for an excuse to off herself.

People that sensitive should kill themselves instead of demanding the rest of the world walk on unfunny eggshells just to avoid hurting their delicate feelings.

662 days ago


The DJ is hot, so the way people are especially American audiences she'l get a career in tv as a result of the coverage LOL. Both her and her co-host will be back on the air after a week once the coverage dies down. This is no different the the Don Imus Nappy Headed Ho comment

662 days ago


Whilst this poor womans death is a tragedy, the DJ"s could not have forseen what was about to unfold. The british media of all people have no right to judge. There are still ongoing investigations to this day over their appalling track record.The Palace and the hospital are just as much to blame for their lax security.

662 days ago


That's an admission of guilt right there. And I'm not talking about the suicide but about the illegal access to private medical information.

662 days ago

Bossy Potato    

Eff that ugly Aussie b!tch. Hello, obviously she knew that if the call got through, the nurses who fell for it would get into serious trouble. They just didn't care about that. It's not like they prank called a celebrity. They called average people who shouldn't ever have to be exposed to global fame like that. So what if the nurse was depressed. They didnt think about the consequences of there actions. Only how much money they could make. S***.

662 days ago

Gary Middleton    

Not only a very typical prank, but a very harmless and typical Facebook post. This article makes it sound like she's urinating on a corpse.

662 days ago


Oh shut up. This isn't their fault. They got through, played a prank and that's it. They've copped enough crap as it is because of this. Adding fuel to the fire doesn't burn it out quicker. The fact that the DJ's were able to get through with such ease plays a big part of it too. Anyone can fake an accent and do this, they just did it on a radio show. You'd think that there would be much more protocol to surpass to get through to anyone in the Royal Family, regardless of their location.

662 days ago
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