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Voice of Elmo

Sued by 4th Accuser

12/10/2012 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kevin Clash has been sued by a 4TH accuser ... who claims he also had a sexual relationship with the former voice of Elmo while he was a minor ... TMZ has learned. 

We've learned ... the accuser, who filed the lawsuit in federal court in NY under the name John Doe, claims he first met Clash in Miami Beach in 1995 or 1996 ... while Doe was 16 or 17 and Clash was in his mid '30s. 

Doe claims ... Clash eventually flew him out to NYC and gave him money and a place to stay. During the trip, Doe claims the two had sex on multiple occasions.

According to the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, Doe claims he's suffered tremendous emotional, mental and psychological damage as a result of the relationship.

TMZ spoke to Doe's attorney, Jeff Herman, who tells us, "According to our lawsuit, Kevin Clash knowingly paid to transport a minor across state lines for the purpose of satisfying his sexual interests."

Of Clash's 4 accusers, only 3 have filed lawsuits. The first accuser struck a settlement with Clash and agreed not to pursue litigation.

We reached out to Clash for comment -- no word back.


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Even ignoring the underage aspect (if that's possible), flying in people for sex is the #1 red flag on the creep detecto-scale.

684 days ago


I'm sure these are all completely legit accusations, not fabricated at all for monetary gain.

684 days ago

Leave It Alone    

I love how they sue, but never take the matter to the police. That action speaks volumes. This guy has already resigned from his job, and I think it's time to leave him alone.

684 days ago

really! really?    

So an individual held a gun to accuser #4's head and forced him to get on a plane headed to NYC? The "tremendous emotional, mental and psychological damage as a result of the relationship" was so traumatic he waited 17 years to report it? smh...

684 days ago


"..suffered tremendous emotional, mental and psychological damage as a result of the relationship..." Of COURSE he did, he just didn't think about suing until he saw a chance to make some money.
Funny how that works. Kevin should have never given cash to that first guy, now they all want some. Sure it's wrong, but funny these "kids" didn't say anything or claim they were hurt until that first accuser got $125k.

684 days ago


I know he was only the voice of Elmo but I just can't look at the red little furry thing the same way.

684 days ago


Cause the parents aren't as much to blame, for just sending their minor son to NY unaccompanied. These are all ridiculous suits, from people looking to make fast money.

684 days ago


Will money really make the pain of being a statutory rape victim go away? If it's not simply about the money, but about getting him back (and, you'd assume, making sure this doesn't happen to anyone else), wouldn't there be better ways of going about that?

684 days ago


All these lawsuits are such B.S.

684 days ago


I'm finding all these lawsuits suspicious.

I mean, why not go to the police and make it a criminal case? It is a crime after all. Why do a civil suit? Seems strange to me.

Makes me think they're all out for one thing: $$$$$

684 days ago


how come he isnt in jail yet!!?

684 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

I'm not blaming any alleged victims, but I'm not inclined to believe their accusations without any evidence besides their pointed fingers. I find it odd that they all seek money. None of them seek justice. None of them seem concerned that he will still be free to allegedly traumatize others...

684 days ago


That's it he touched me too. Lol! J/k. John Doe? Idk. Seem suspious homie.

684 days ago


I'm sure this is only the tip of the iceberg for this douchbag, terrible just terrible, predator and using poor elmo to do it, how sad is that. He needs to be under the jail.

684 days ago


First, you have to be 18 to be in those chat rooms so that means all his accusers lied about their age. Even if Clash knew their real age, they are still consensually engaged I'm sexual acts with him. Hell when I was 15 and 16, and discovering I was gay the only psychologically damaging thing to me was how my mother handled the news of me being gay.

684 days ago
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