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Gabriel Aubry

No Charges

(Officially) in T-giving Brawl

12/12/2012 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gabriel Aubry was officially told today what we already reported ... he will NOT face criminal charges for the Thanksgiving Day fight with Halle Berry's fiance.

Instead, the L.A. City Attorney's Office has decided to hold an informal hearing with Gabriel to discuss his brawl with Olivier Martinez.

TMZ broke the story ... Halle, Olivier and Gabriel's attorneys all agreed to settle the matter and avoid a messy criminal trial.

As we told you, investigators believe Gabriel was actually the aggressor ... despite getting his face bruised and bloodied during the the fight.

1212_aubry_beatup_tmzGabriel could end up getting anger management classes after the City Attorney hearing -- or simply told not to do this again.

No date's been set for the hearing.


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588 days ago


Gabriel is swallowing his pride on this one. All he wants is the ability to see his daughter, everything else is secondary.

588 days ago


I blame Halle. She's an ae manipulator and there's no doubt she was running the show that day.

588 days ago

Made it Past 27    

Black eye or not, Gabriel is way hotter than that Oliver guy, Oliver isnt cute!

588 days ago

Sue from jersey    

Halle gets the hottest guys!

588 days ago


I smile every time I see this picture :)
- - - - - - -
Learn how to pick your fights sissy boy... I know you are used to unleashing your wrath on women and getting the upper hand over the weak ones, but boxers are a little different from your usual targets :) KARMA BlTCH

588 days ago


It would be ridiculous for Gabriel to have to get anger management classes when Oliver started that fight according to Gabriel and his injuries are totally consistent with his story, not Oliver and Halle's story. Oliver is the one who needs anger management classes attacking him from behind for no reason! LAPD you suck! They were probably paid off by Halle to come their ridiculous conclusion. They apparently only interviewed people associated with Halle since it was her house and just took their word and Halle and Oliver's word even though Gabriel was beaten to a pulp and Oliver only had injuries on his hand. Gabriel had no injuries on his hands. How convenient the security cameras did not catch the fight since they were pointed away from the door area. They probably planned it in advance. Give me a break.

588 days ago


TMZ keeps chanting the same song about "investigators" without names, meaning they are just Halle's friends on the force who didn't bother investigating further than Halle's mouth. There is absolutely no evidence that her ex "started it" but clear evidence that her current boyfriend went way beyond any semblance of self-defense was was never touched by the ex. The ex said he was jumped from behind while heading to his car, and his wounds and injuries are consistent with that. The ex also told police to get the surveillance video to confirm his story, which hardly sounds like someone who "started it". Of course, the video was conveniently unavailable because we are supposed to believe that Halle (worried enough about stalkers and paps to want to move to France, and trying unsuccessfully to paint her ex as a guy with a violent temper ever since she acquired the new Boyfriend) would leave entrances to her home, and the area where her supposedly "anger issues ridden" ex regularly appears to drop off the kid, comported unprotected by security cameras.

588 days ago


I predict a future tragedy among this trio. Halle was nasty to try and take Gabriel's child to another country, which would sever his relationship with his daughter. Add a new boyfriend to the picture, and it's two on one. The new boyfriend should stay the hell out of their family issues, and Halle should not be inciting the new boyfriend against Gabriel. Women who do that create cir***stances like this.

588 days ago


That btch Gabriel should have been charged for STARTING that sht - got a free pass cause he got his ass whooped - However that ass whoop'n is going to be attached to Gabriel's ass forever.

588 days ago


Why would Gabe start a fight when he knows security cameras are around and after he won his case in court?

588 days ago


Lesson: Before you start a fight and get your a** whopped please learn how to fight first. Gabriel, Oliver is a real man and not some women nanny that you thought you would just push over.

588 days ago


Clearly he didn't start the fight if he had no marks on his hands. The only concern should be for little Nahla. She deserves better role models. These idiots need to get it together.

588 days ago


It doesn't matters what happens in California. The poor is punished, and the rich walks

588 days ago


I really don't understand how Olivier didn't get charged - lets pretend Aubry started it, he went overboard on beating Aubry up and it was a one sided beating. That's not OK

588 days ago
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