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Gabriel Aubry

No Charges

(Officially) in T-giving Brawl

12/12/2012 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gabriel Aubry was officially told today what we already reported ... he will NOT face criminal charges for the Thanksgiving Day fight with Halle Berry's fiance.

Instead, the L.A. City Attorney's Office has decided to hold an informal hearing with Gabriel to discuss his brawl with Olivier Martinez.

TMZ broke the story ... Halle, Olivier and Gabriel's attorneys all agreed to settle the matter and avoid a messy criminal trial.

As we told you, investigators believe Gabriel was actually the aggressor ... despite getting his face bruised and bloodied during the the fight.

1212_aubry_beatup_tmzGabriel could end up getting anger management classes after the City Attorney hearing -- or simply told not to do this again.

No date's been set for the hearing.


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What a crock of shyte! Gabriel again starts shyte yet walks away! He should ONLY get supervised visitation until (and if) he gets his anger issues resolved!!

650 days ago


As always Money Talks and Bull****e walks. Halle Berry is trouble starting from the getgo with David Justice.. I will never watch or especially pay to ever see another film she is in..Finito!

Halle Berry paid off the cops b/c you know we all turn our cameras in a different direction after being stalked..yeah sure that makes sense. Such BS!
Harvey Levin being her neighbor that makes sense too as to why he is kissing her azz.
Media makes me sick when a neighbor like Harvey Levin who writes this crap gets paid big bucks to lie and side with Scarey Berry and her boxing killer hands nut lover Oliver Martinez.
. Just wait till Halle Berry starts whining as she always does about the abusive new guy (OM) who she will turn on after he gives her a beating. Who the helll is going to listen to her crap this time? Halle Berry is a headcase..a rich headcase. I work with many women and i don't know any who have respect for her including myself which is obvious. Respectful ppl hate payoffs ..plain and simple.

650 days ago


If were Gab, I'd sue this guy for everything he's worth unless he's sponging off of Halle. I'd also get my attorney to have the trouble maker deported for good.

650 days ago


The most beautiful woman in the world is clueless. Halle stop acting like a pre teen olivier is controlling you. You need to grow up open your eyes olivier is always running from trouble do you need a guy that.bad

650 days ago

For Sooth?    

I loath how you keep propagating the "Aubry as aggressor" theme to bolster your pal Hard Hearted Halle. This man could easily have died from the injuries he sustained from a brutal, brutal, beating. And what of the issues of Martinez? You are notably ( read as cowardly) struck dumb by his behavior.

I reiterate - I Loath Your Cowardly Coverage of this story for Hard Hearted Halle! And in years to come, so will Nahla. Golf clap.

650 days ago

What the?!?    

I have a hard time beliving Gabriel is the aggressor. Olivier coming out to face Gabriel when he shouldn't have is being aggressive. If the nanny had gotten the child and Olivier stayed in the house, none of this would have happened.

650 days ago


NO MARKS on the hands is a weak ass premise - to Gabriel not starting that fight - You can hit a mthfkr one time (which Gabriel did) and come out with a fuk'd up face and clean hands (like Gabriel did) cause it was like he stepped his ass into the ring with Tyson or some sht. PLUS witnesses saw Gabriel's ass start that sht.

650 days ago


He had his ass handed to him by an older, smaller man. He is contrite and feeling somewhat humiliated. HOWEVER, his ego is much bigger than his ability and he will lose it again... and again... until someone wakes up to the fact... it's HIM, not Halle who is the bully. He is a bruiser, an abuser, and an all round loser. He got off and now, he is thinking about how to work around Olivier and get to Halle... who really bruised his massive ego when she cut him loose. IF he was a man, he would not be getting 'child support' from Halle for $20,000.00/month. I mean really??? Nahla is young now, but she will figure it out soon enough and then what will he do to save face and earn his keep?

650 days ago


First off, I will ONLY BELIEVE Olivier's statement IF HE and the dirty slut (Halle) can produce Video of Evidence. Unfortunately, she *Claims* she doesn't have it, so until then I am on Gabriel's side. I can't believe the type of injuries he sustained, one thing is for sure, it is CLEAR EVIDENT that the FIRST Attacker had more advantage to Gabriel. That's what usually happens in any fight, usually the first one to attack catching the other party off guard, has more advantage due to being unprepared,unless Gabriel had some sort of weapon or a stun gun. It's always good to carry it and a swiss army knife! You'll never know when you need it.

650 days ago

Who cares5000    

Nobody cares about Halle Berry. She is not a star and nobody give s dang about stupid white boys fighting over her or all the retarded custody battles. NOBODY CARES TMZ, stop covering a non-celeb.

650 days ago


When you get your ass beat that bad and you were the instigator, getting charged with anything is a slap to the face, literally.

650 days ago


Why does TMZ report "$LIST" people?

650 days ago

For Sooth?    

And for the folks that are using "ass whoop'in'", clearly you are trailer trash or just base and don't understand the BRUTALLITY of what happened, or worse, you are celebrating it. Do you not feel for Nahla? Or is "gutter" your reality? Either way, you are way out of line in terms of celebrating the way in which Aubry was manipulated by Halle and Martinez. there was no way that they would let Gabe's court win go unpunished, sans absconding with Nahla in the dead of night. Let's see what Hard Hearted Halle tries next.

650 days ago


Harvey still stalking this girlyman.

650 days ago


It sucks to be Aubry. Getting his ass handed to him, his face F'ed up, then has to worry about charges being filed against him. What were the charges going to be? Hitting froggy's hand with his face? Lol!

650 days ago
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