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Lindsay Lohan

Dear Charlie, Sorry I Never

Said Thanks for the $100k

12/15/2012 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1215_charlie_sheen_lindsay_tmzcomposite2Lindsay Lohan sent a belated "thank you" card and flowers to casa de Charlie Sheen for that $100k check he gave her -- this just days after he called her out for being ungrateful.

You'll recall ... Charlie did an interview this week and put LiLo's manners on blast, claiming the actress never actually thanked him for the money he gave her. Not a text, not a phone call ... nothing.

Now sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ ... LiLo didn't mean to be rude and the reason she never got around to thanking Charlie personally is because her phone broke and she lost all her contacts  -- including the actor's number.

Besides that, we're told Lindsay got distracted trying to deal with her slew of legal problems -- like getting arrested in NYC and the new criminal charges filed against her stemming from her PCH crash -- and she simply lost track of time.

But she made up for it ... we're told LiLo saw Charlie's comments and immediately fired off a "thank you" letter and a bouquet of flowers to his house ... as both an apology and show of gratitude.

Usually the best way to thank Charlie is with hookers, but flowers are nice too.


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Sorry I never said thank you Charlie .Can I borrow another 20 .

645 days ago


She didn't know how to reach him, because her phone was broken? But as soon as it became public knowledge that she hadn't thanked him, she found a way to get him touch with him. Ok, sure.

645 days ago


BULLCRAP! She saw the negative press from his own mouth and is trying to save face. PLUS I bet she's trying to shake him down to pay the rest of her debts. F-ing spoiled two faced bytch!

645 days ago


What? Does she want more money now. What a waste.

645 days ago


Oh by the way, her lies are so easy to spot. Well everything out of her mouth first of all. But she never lost her phone either.

645 days ago

get real    

Lindsay Lohan, you are an unforgiveable waste of DNA. This is the grossest thing I have ever heard about you.

645 days ago


i am soooo sick of her making excuses! just like any other drug addict

645 days ago


Please Charlie, don't let her shake you down for the rest of the money she wants. Think of the issues your poor twins are going through these days, not some washed up kvnt.

645 days ago


just so you dumb h8turds know, 'sources' close to lilo stopped talkin to tmz a long time ago, so that crap about the phone i don't believe,its tmz tryin to make you fools believe her people still talk to them. i do believe she sent flowers and a letter cos thats the sorta classy thing lilo would do, not cos tmz say it. the only people who sell crap to tmz is her douche dad michael lohan and lilo doesn't talk to him either.

645 days ago


I know Andy........!!! And the slugs are already crawling out from under their rocks ..........Think I will roll this chair out onto the deck and enjoy the sun shine that has just broken though the cloud layer's suppose to rain later on so even cold I need the sunshine...
But the good news is I get to keep my foot... !!!! Yipe !....the infection is clearing be back on my feet in a few days......

645 days ago


She just cannot stop with the lies. It's like breathing to her.

645 days ago


Wow just wow. WHY does she lie when she doesn't even have to. The truth would have been better than her phone broke. Didn't any one know how to get in touch of Charlie for her? Didn't anyone have a phone she could of Tweeted him a thanks? Did she drop the phone in the toilet as she was puking and lost all the numbers? Did she drop it in the gutter as she was stumbling to her car, then ran it over? See the truth that she was too damn lazy and entitled to even want to take the time to call, doesn't make you sound like a complete wasto on something. It just shows the true you, the inner Lindsay that doesn't care about anyone or anything except self gradification. You lose again Lindsay.
The lie meter has just started smoking and the needle has gone off the charts.

645 days ago


Smart loosing your phone, that way the people you have ripped off cannot contact you. She is running a ponzi scheme, but running out of new people to screw out of their money. She will be married to a 55 plus year old millionaire in a few years, trading ass for a lifestyle.

645 days ago


"I lost my phone" LIES, LIES, LIES! Does anyone believe anything that comes out of her mouth? She is an ungrateful, spoiled grown woman!

645 days ago


tmz, its about time you started giving us some news about other people, your obsession with lilo stinks just like the h8turds here, love ya lilo this WITCH HUNT will end soon then the obsession with miley cyrus will start

645 days ago
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