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CT Shooter Adam Lanza

Learned How to Fire Guns

... From His Mom

12/16/2012 12:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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1216_adam_lanza_mom_abcMass murderer Adam Lanza learned everything he knew about firearms ... from his mother.

Adam's mom, Nancy Lanza -- who was Adam's first victim -- was an avid gun collector who reportedly bragged to friends and neighbors about her weapons and took her son to several firing ranges to teach him how to shoot ... in the months leading up to his deadly assault.

One of Nancy's neighbors, Dan Holmes, told the NY Post ... Nancy was a gun enthusiast ... an avid collector ... often taking her kids to the gun range, infusing them with her obsession with firearms.

Adam used several different guns when he opened fire on Sandy Hook Elementary school earlier this week ... all of which were registered to his mother.


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It's was not the gun it was the fool behind the gun...simple

676 days ago

Kailey's Mommy <3    

Wow.. What is happening to the world?

676 days ago


Just because she was teaching him how to shut guns doesn't mean she expected him to kill 28 ppl

676 days ago

richie boiadro    

taught that little basterd how to use a gun and he shot her first...think she might have done something wrong with a kid who had anti social problems in the past...

676 days ago


I have guns. I'm from Virginia so I have to have guns to keep the W.Virginians away. But I'll give mine up if you give yours up. You first.

676 days ago


Now thats a "WTF !?!" for the day.

676 days ago

Home Skillet    

Unless you're involved directly in combat or are a member of a SWAT team, there is ZERO reason an American citizen needs to be in possession of an automatic or a semi-automatic weapon. Period.

676 days ago


Shooting ranges in the area show no records of them being at their ranges. The neighbors comment (of which media ran with the words driving range) actually said she and the kids sometimes had target practices. No words of a shooting range even mentioned.

676 days ago


I think it's time that Americans let go of the "Our founding fathers gave us the right to bear arms" argument. Your founding fathers also owned slaves and denied women many basic rights (like the right to vote).
Some laws are outdated and MUST be changed to reflect the world we live in today, not 1812!
There is absolutely no reason why any civilian needs to own an assault rifle.

676 days ago


stick to rappers beating on people instead of false stories about what the neighbor said

676 days ago


".... infusing them with her obsession...... " Enjoying shooting at a gun range must be an "obsession" now? Lol. Sounds more like a hobby, and a healthy one for mentally stable kids to enjoy.

676 days ago


Welcome to the U.S.A.

676 days ago


What's up with the word "Sandy" being a lot in the headlines. First hurricane sandy. Now this...

676 days ago


I certainly hope that the tone of this story doesn't imply fault by the mother. Her own son shot her. She didn't conspire or force her son to commit such a heinous crime. I am from the midwest and it is common place for kids and parents to go hunting. It is their legal right.

676 days ago

I am Spartacus    

this was a very odd and disturbed kid. There were clear signs that this kid needed help and was an outcast but nobody stepped in because they either weren't allowed to or did not want to deal with it and now 26 people are dead.

676 days ago
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