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Lindsay Lohan

I Admit It ...

I've Lost Control

12/16/2012 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1214_lindsay_lohan_01Lindsay Lohan has hit rock bottom yet again and she knows it ... finally admitting her life has gone off the rails and she desperately needs professional help ... TMZ has learned.

Lindsay's telling friends, she thought she had turned over a new leaf back in March when she completed the terms of her sentence in the jewelry heist case ... and Judge Stephanie Sautner maternally warned, "Stop the nightclubbing and focus on your work."

Lindsay clearly ignored that advice ...  and now we're told she's inconsolable -- repeatedly calling her lawyer Shawn Holley in tears.  In classic Lindsay form, she knows her life is out of control, but she's blaming it on others, saying she has again hooked up with a bad group of people and had run-ins with "opportunists" who have tried to provoke her.

As for drugs and alcohol ... Lindsay is still adamant ... she doesn't have a problem.  As they say, there is none so blind as those who will not see.

Lindsay believes her real problem is that she never stuck with counseling, but thinks regular appointments with a professional could be her salvation.  It's probably not coincidental that counseling is now the only possible way she can avoid jail for the new crimes and probation violation.

Finally ... Lindsay is confessing to friends she has a big problem with impulse control ... in other words, she doesn't think before she acts.   She thinks a shrink can help her in that department.

If she did, maybe there'd be no such thing as "Liz and Dick."


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Crazy in the head, great in bed!

642 days ago


She is beyond help! The Liz and Dick movie was total trash thanks to her!!

642 days ago


Isn't interesting these losers are always sorry and suddenly admitting they are "out of control" when they are put on the spot after the fact. Pleaseee...just lock her up...Spare the rod, etc....

642 days ago


I'm's hard to believe anything she says at this reason to believe any counseling would be any help...all the things that she is citing...I'm sure should have been discussed in one of her rehab stints before...I think celebrities give rehab a bad rap...are celebrities so out of touch with reality that they can't police themselves that they have to check into rehab...and the length of time they spend there is laughable...not long enough to solve any problems.

642 days ago

Sandra Blair    

Dear Lindsay and the Haters!
Lindsay hand over your drivers license an get yourself into rehab for 6 months. You messed up again, along the way many people hurt you. Your parents haven't done well in their job of being a parent. Lindsay whether the public will say it or not. You gave us an our kids many years of enjoyment in your many movies. I want that Lindsay back. You can be a brilliant actress again. Your family or a good friend should get your storage locker and put it away till you are cleaned up. To the IRS and all the other lechers in Lindsays life, leave her alone. There are very few people who have really helped in a good way. Charlie , your lawyer, and the judge who sent you to the morgue to work. I pray you or your team will read this. Jail isn't the answer. Give up the keys, booze, go to rehab and pray that the judge will send you to rehab. The IRS will leave you alone. Get rid of the house and hopefully a good friend will get your storage locker back and only return when you have changed your life and get bacl into good acting. You were a gem as a child, your a human being and deserve to get well. I am from Canada and our beliefs are to help others help theirself not hate you. Good Luck.

642 days ago


Dear Lindsay

We don't care.

Love the rest of the World

640 days ago


Maybe she will keep pumping up her lips to the point she can't speak anymore...Lesson 42, blessed silence.

639 days ago


She needs to stop hanging out withthe people she is currently with and stop going out to clubs like a 19 yr old. Time to grow up and do soemrhing valuable with your time lindsay.

639 days ago

Monica White    

You think??? When do you think she figured this one out? Before or after the arrest?

627 days ago
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