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La Toya Jackson

My Dogs Only Drink Fiji

12/17/2012 11:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

La Toya Jackson wants nothing but the BEST for her two dogs -- telling TMZ, her little flea bags drink ONLY Fiji-brand water.

La Toya was out in Beverly Hills Sunday night when we asked her all about her two pups -- named Prince and Paris ... after La Toya's famous niece and nephew.

And that's when she dropped the bombshell -- telling our camera guy, her furry friends ONLY drink that ridiculously expensive Fiji-brand artesian water in those clear plastic bottles.

And they still probably lick their own butts.


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I only drink bottled water. That's what I give my birds also.

639 days ago


yeah, this is why we shouldn't be taxing the wealthy more. How will they afford bottled water for their dogs? How many children in third-world countries could eat for a year on the money she blows on a month's worth of water for her dogs? And I'm a dog lover — I have 11, all rescues. She and others like her are an embarassment to the human race.

639 days ago


Not sure where so many posters get the idea she is living off of MJ's money when none was willed to her and she's entrepreneurial and has made her own bank for decades...




LaToya sure wants to deny that. She would tell you it was just 5 years ago that she posted for playboy.

A slip of your tongue, rabid? you dated her!!!!

639 days ago


"And they still probably lick their own butts."

Right before the mutt's owner hugs the critters and kisses them as the beast "kisses" back and slobbers and scrapes its debris-laden tongue over the mutt's owner's face and the most idiotic owners accept the dog's tongue into their own mouth.

Kinky idiocy.

639 days ago



You should know by now that Oh Well (and all his alias) is a psycho with a Michael Jackson fetish - which is why they follow anything related to Michael! As is his fellow haters! Which is why they come here to spread their lies and garbage about Michael on a consistent basis!

639 days ago


My parrots only drink bottled water, but not FIJI. The tap water is my town is foul-tasting for people and pets.

639 days ago


LaToya has always worked for her money.


If you really think posing for playboy is work, then I think people who make money by lying on their backs work much harder. Maybe you should change your profession, or actually, don't quit your night job!!! Yes night job!!!

Hey, I hear you girls make a lot on tips around this time!!!

Lol Lol Lol!!!

638 days ago


Michael Jackson inducted into the Dance Heritage Coalition
(17-12-2012) Founded in 1992, the Dance Heritage Coalition (DHC) is the sole national non-profit organization in the USA dedicated to do***enting, preserving, and creating access to materials do***enting America’s dance legacy. Since 1999 the list of “America’s Irreplaceable Dance Treasures” included 100 dancers. Noone had been added to the list since....until last week. Michael Jackson was among new 12 honorees.

The other honorees include: Jacques d’Amboise, Jane Dudley, Garth ***an, Frederic Franklin, Loie Fuller, Carmen de Lavallade, John Martin, Sophie Maslow, Daniel Nagrin, The Rockettes, and Maria Tallchief.

They were nominated by a national survey and vote in 2012. The original intention was to add 10 new Treasures to the original 100. However, in recognition of extremely close voting and in honor of the year 2012, it was decided to bring the number up to 12. Afterwards the nominees were confirmed by the Dance Heritage Coalition (DHC) Board of Directors. The 12 figures are celebrated online along with the initial list of 100 in an Online Exhibition of Dance Treasures.

The list of “America's Irreplaceable Dance Treasures” encompasses individuals, organizations, and dance styles, and is intended to heighten public interest in the magnificence and richness of America's dance heritage and the imperative to do***ent and preserve it for future generations. “America’s Irreplaceable Dance Treasures: The First 100” was created by the DHC in 1999 from nominations submitted nationwide and vetted by a panel of experts; the Treasures formed the basis of the DHC’s traveling exhibition, which visited seven locations from 2004 to 2009. With the closing of the touring exhibit in 2009, the commemorative materials have been expanded and collected on the DHC’s website. A separate webpage is devoted to each of the Treasures, with essays, resource lists and curated visual materials. New pages for the 12 latest honorees have now been added to the online exhibition, which was launched in July 2012.

Michael Jackson's entry in the press release pf the DHC reads as follows:

Michael Jackson - The pop star who created the best-selling album of all time (“Thriller”), he has long been recognized as an exceptional dancer who combined elements from various vernacular dance styles to create a signature vocabulary and stage persona; his choreographed music videos broke ground in the development of this form.

638 days ago


The most worthless Jackson. Turned on Michael he is turning in his grave to know that his mom is giving her money. Can't stand that ugly B

637 days ago



Oh,Well: Sorry to break your heart, but Michael is not worm food. He is buried in a beautiful, highly upscale marmol casket



Sorry To Break Your Heart But If You Knew Anything About Decomposition You Would Know That We ALL
Have Parasitic Organisms Deep Inside Of Us & When We Die These Organisms {Worms} Eat The Body From The Inside Out.

While It's True These "Worms" Can't Eat Plastic & Rubber So I Guess Your Statement Is Partially True.

But For The Most Part
.......MJ IS WORM FOOD.....
........{I feel sorry for the worms}

637 days ago


*o* blank stare

637 days ago
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