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Scarlett and Mila's Hacker


10 years in Prison

12/17/2012 1:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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The man who hacked Scarlett JohanssonMila Kunis, and others -- leaking several nude photos onto the Internet -- has just been sentenced to 10 years in prison.

36-year-old Christopher Chaney pled guilty to 9 felony counts back in March -- including identity theft, wiretapping, and unauthorized access and damage to a protected computer -- after hacking into the celebrity email accounts ... and dozens of others.

During the sentencing, Chaney -- who was arrested in October 2011 -- was also ordered to pay $76,000 in restitution to ScarJo, Christina Aguilera, and "Still Standing" actress Renee Olstead.

But 10 years is a walk in the park -- Chaney was originally accused of hacking into the email accounts of 50 victims ... including dozens of celebs ... and faced 121 YEARS if convicted on all counts.


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Lindsay Lohan Fan Forever    

10 years just for this . Ugh. Free Remy

683 days ago


10 years?? There are murderers and rapists who serve less time than that. This country's justice system is really screwed up.

683 days ago


Just goes to show you what money and?or fame can do. The little guy always su@ks hond t!t and gets the worst!

683 days ago


My GOD! The guy deserves a year of rehab. Not 10 years in a cell! This is INSANE! Sure he did disturbing things but drug dealers and teachers that have sex with their students get FAR less than this.

683 days ago


I agree that he should do time, but I think the time he spends should be used in a way that will help the internet become more secure. Catch Me If You Can comes to mind the system during that time was improved by someone who looked to exploit vunerable weaknesses in the USA's financial and airline sectors. I also think that people like celebrities are never really VICTIMS - as they are constantly exploiting themselves in ways that are ALWAYS to their own advantage! An example? Take any Men's magazine - like GQ - and see which stars willingly reveal whatever is expected for the right price. Pop Quiz time: Which High School Musical Star recently agreed to do a threesome in a swimming pool for a movie scene. Also, which Pop Singer can be recalled getting 'Dirty' enough in a music video to force you to distract the kids in the room. I can safely say I have not one photo of myself that has ever been taken that is vunerable for exploitation ... this guy who will now do 'time' somehow knew that he would find what he was looking for! Is that SURPRISING to anyone? When the careers of some stars start to wane, it is not difficult to predict that it will soon be coming off anyway, like Cher once proved on a Military Flight Deck not so long ago. Fake Outrage will soon be heard from the fans of the next 'Wardrobe Malfunctioning Celebrity'! The lesson here for me is enjoy the benefits of a non-descript life of obscurity - until you have a Crystal Meth Moment ...and decide to shave yourself bald in public :(

683 days ago


10 years? That seems rather cruel and unusual. The same presstitutes that cry about ***** Riot have no problem with letting Chaney rot in a prison for 10 years. How progressive! Maybe if Chaney was a really hot, well-bred Hollywood insider - maybe then he would have got some real "justice".

683 days ago


Thats so crazy.....a man in Canada killed his two kids by stabbing them with a knife each maybe 20 times and after less then 2 years he is a free man and might soon be a doctor again.....this man stole pictures from celebs and gets 10 years????? where is this world going to?????????

683 days ago


Funny how when a guy like Christopher Chaney does this it's criminal and gets sent to jail for an extreme amount of time but when the government does the exact same thing it's "national security" and they say you have no reason to complain about it and you can't take them to court for it. Not saying what he did was right, it's just ridiculous him being sent to jail for 10 years for it and nothing happens to the real criminals.

683 days ago


10 years?!!!!!!!!!! that's BS. he was wrong but that's way too long. judge is a crazy fascist

682 days ago


We need to give Lindsay Lohan this guys judge...Toss the book at her. Lock her up and throw away the key.

682 days ago


It does seem extensive.

682 days ago


What kind of GARBAGE LAWYER'S did he use? What an idiot or very poor?

682 days ago


Wow, 10 years? Let's hope Lindsay Lohan never encounters this judge in court or she is gonna face life in prison.

682 days ago



682 days ago


The government will probably give him a job

682 days ago
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