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Conrad Murray

I Want Out of Jail


12/18/2012 3:49 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray wants out of the pokey immediately while he appeals his conviction ... this according to court docs obtained by TMZ.

Murray -- who was found guilty of killing Michael Jackson -- has been in jail since he was convicted 13 months ago.

The Doc claims in the docs that he's not a flight risk ... partly because he has a small child who lives in L.A.  Murray also says he doesn't pose a danger to the community, and believes he was wrongly convicted.

Dr. Murray has tried this before and was shut down, but he's entitled to make his case for freedom once again.


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I agree w/ mazor and also if he is held responsible for Michael jackson than y is anna nicole smiths dt still walkibg the st he provided her the drugs she OD'd on so he killed her and he is free he didn't not kill mj he was such a huge star they weren't going to let him die a druggie just like they didn't want to believe he was a child molester

584 days ago


Enough of this waste of skin.

584 days ago


Will HE come back for Christmas???!!!!!

584 days ago


Will HE come back for Christmas or not?!!!

584 days ago

your own luck    

I am sooooo tired of hearing him whine. Conrad, you are going nowhere except to hell.

584 days ago



584 days ago


It's pretty simple--if you don't want to be in jail, stop killing people.

584 days ago


What TMZ did not report is that Conrat's lawyers also asked for an extension for filing the appeal. Court already told his lawyers that there would be NO MORE EXTENSIONS and the appeal would have to be filed by Dec 21, 2012.

THIS JUST IN. The application for an extension has been denied.

Looks like ole Conrat won't be home for Christmas this year.


584 days ago


Wow.... YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED, YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL!!!!!! I am sure that MJ would much rather be a part of his childrens life as much as his children wanting him to be here. but unfortunately he cannot do that Mr Conrad thanks to you. Suck it up and do your time, Just be glad that you got as easy as you did.

584 days ago


This a**hole doesn't deserve anything except to be hooked up to his own Propofol drip.

584 days ago


Well we hope you rot in hell after you slip on the soap, See, we can't all get what we want.

584 days ago


Above all else, what's truly sad, is no more Michael Jackson music,.....but what is truly pathetic, that Dr. Murray is soooo delusional,....he truly believes that if he barks enough, he would be released,....parole of course,...but he's so convinced hr is guilty of NOTHING,....he has yet to realize where he is and why he is there. Even more sad, there is absolutely no remorse and no regret,.....and sadly for his child, this is the legacy he has left this poor unfortunate child.

584 days ago


Really ConRat Murray!! I'm quite sure Prince and his syblings would love to have their father ... Your and Evil vile wicked humanbeing.. you care nothing about the life your patient.. I wish G-D could pull back the curtains so ppl can really see what a RAT BASTARD U really R! All your greedy jazz cared about was $$$$$ Michael needed to be hospitalized... U $$$grubbing bastard... Did it ever occur to your stupid jazz to put Michael in the Hospital.. He had upper respiratory problems U wit jackass... he couldn't ****ing breathe .. he needed CPR ASAP.. Your concerned about seeing one child .. You Dog!! What about the rest of the ones you fathered .. You worthless piece of ****!!! Merry Xmas ConRAT Murder Murray!

584 days ago


I hope a fat nasty ugly hairy dude with butt worms rips your bug eyes from their sockets and skull f***ks you!!!

584 days ago


MJ been dead sense his hair caught fire and doctors got him hooked on painkillers... The real criminals are MJ's brothers sisters mother and father management and MJ!! For letting his obvious addiction escalate to the point where it it got.... As bad as it sounds MJ would have killed himself a looooong time ago without dr Murray... Was it morally a good thing to do but ether was everyone around him turning a blind eye to his addiction so they could continue the gravy train...

584 days ago
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