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Ke$ha's 'Die Young'

PLUMMETS from Charts

After Newtown Massacre

12/18/2012 6:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ke$ha's new hit "Die Young" has fallen on deaf ears ... after radio stations around the country yanked the song from their rotation after the Newtown tragedy ... TMZ has learned.

"Die Young" clocked in at #3 on the radio playlists on Friday (the day of the shooting) ... reaching 167 million listeners nationwide, this according to Mediabase, a company that tracks radio airplay.

By Saturday, the day after the shooting ... airplay dropped by 3 million listeners ... a sign that stations were slowly pulling the song off the air.

By Monday ... "Die Young" took a huge hit on the radio ... dropping down to 148 million listeners ... a 19 million drop from what had been a pretty steady rotation before the shooting.

One music expert tells us ... a drop of this magnitude is extremely rare. The last time a song plummeted this quickly is when the Dixie Chicks were banned from country radio ... after insulting President Bush.

We reached out to Ke$ha for comment -- so far , no word back.


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BB not bb    

I haven't watched the Keisha video nor heard the song and I am not interested in doing so. Who cares about pop songs when you are dealing with a real life tragedy? This is so going off topic. What will they ban after guns, pop songs?

640 days ago

BB not bb    

They tried to do this to heavy metal and blame it for teen suicides but those people fought back. They went up against Sharon Osborne when they tried to blame an Ozzy song on some kid killing himself. Music may be influential to a degree, but it is not responsible for other's behavior. I don't think that it should be made political.

640 days ago


How about yanking all those BS songs about weapons, money and violence? Oh America, where have you gone?

640 days ago


Don't like this girl. TRASH!

640 days ago


Keisha is right....Let's make the most of it cause we gonna die young.

We don't know when some nut will open fire and kill us all so let's enjoy our life and make the best of it cause we might just die young!!!!

That's a good message to us all.

640 days ago


Poor Jenelle from Teen Mom 2, the only thing she loves in this world is listening to Kesha! If they wont play her music on the radio,she is just going to now sit in front of her computer watching it off YouTube and continuing to not raise her child.I found the song annoying from the start, so it doesn't affect me either way.

640 days ago


Why are they worrying about "Die Young" when there's "Titanium" about getting shot at? That's been out since the Aurora, CO theater shooting.

640 days ago


She sucks anyway

640 days ago



640 days ago

BB not bb    

The song is okay but the video is pretty vile. I looked away after awhile. I think they are banning the song because it is upbeat in the face of tragedy, and the point in the media seems to be to make everyone feel depressed and overwhelmed.

It is quite illogical in fact to believe the little kid in the picture of Adam carried out a massacre and killed his own mom all on his own. This is more media brainwashing like in the Zimmerman case to turn people against whites and take away guns.

Are you sick of being played for fools yet? A party song isn't hurting grieving people, it is boosting the spirits of those who don't want to roll over and die.

640 days ago

really! really?    

I've never heard the song or watched the video BUT... is it possible that rather than a public outcry against the song, people simply turned off their radios to watch TV coverage and then spent time hugging/ appreciating their own children after the tragedy?

640 days ago


People still listen to the radio?

640 days ago


I live in Vegas and that song was played on the hour tonight...give me a break...really!

640 days ago


That's bull****!!! Don't think she sould suffer... Because of someone else's stupid actions!!!!!SMH......the song has nothing to do wit all this that's going on

640 days ago


Americans are phuqin stoopid! This song has no relevance on what happened just because some ahole, whack job decided to open fire on a bunch of kids, The knee jerk reaction is the pussification of America and its ridiculous notion that this will fix everything. It's like Hollywwod cancelling premiere events because of this. It had nothing to do with the hundreds of people who were involved with making these films. Respect for those doing their jobs and continuing to soldier on despite the tragic happenings is what we should be focused on. It happened.

Yes, it's sad and tragic. Yes, it's out of our hands and cannot be changed. Yes, we have no control over misguided a holes that are either mnetaly disturbed or complete sociopathic so why take it out on the reast of the world? Tragedies are happening every day around the world but where's the hue and cry? 1000's of people killed in Africa every day but not one story on CNN, MSNBC, or FauxNews. Hard to be a hypocrite it seems. These guns didn't shoot themselves, some irrationally minded, misguided individual is to blame and taking it out on society is not going to fix the problem. Let's look at mental health reform and see if that can't start a evolution of weeding out the crazies. It's just a thought. YMMV

640 days ago
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