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Justin Bieber

Accused of Animal Cruelty

... By Hamster Org.

12/20/2012 2:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber issued a DEATH SENTENCE to his pet hamster PAC when he gave it away to a screaming fan (who promised to love and cherish it forever) outside of a concert earlier this month ... this according to the California Hamster Association (yes, there's actually a California Hamster Association).

TMZ spoke to a rep for the group ... who tells us Bieber committed an act of "animal cruelty" when he gifted away the animal ... even if his intentions were good.

The CHA tells us ... hamsters are fragile creatures that "often succumb quickly to illness and death," especially when faced with "sudden environmental change."

In short ... "The moment that hamster was handed off to a screaming girl in a harsh, frenzied environment was likely the moment it gazed at the short path to its doom."


So what should Bieber have done instead? The CHA says if Justin no longer wanted the pet, he could have left it in the care of an animal shelter or rescue center ... so they could've handed it off to a responsible new owner in a safer manner.

As for PAC, he's currently alive and well in the care of Bieber's 18-year-old super-fan Tori ... who has vowed to treat the animal like a tiny rodent god.

So far, no comment for Bieber.



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Seriously!!! They actually created a organization for hamsters. Is there anyone sane left in this world??

670 days ago

Syrian Hammister    

Dear TMZ fans - I'm the unnamed representative and hamster advocate. Let me get a few things straight. 1) Yes, we are aware that there are other more important things in the world. 2) Yes, we are aware of the tragic events in CT. 3) No, we do not spend our days thinking only about this. TMZ asked us to comment and we did, and we were honest. 4) Teaching that life has value takes many forms, especially where children are concerned. Don't dismiss the small lessons. 5) If you happen to be a fan of the Bible, recall the phrase "his eye is on the sparrow". Ours is on the hamster, it's just our thing, we don't force it on anyone, and again, TMZ came to us, not the other way around.

670 days ago


The creature isn't even native to the land. Take the pole out of your anal cavity and know that the hamster is still alive and doing well. Bet these lunatics were just frothing at the mouth when they caught scent of this.

670 days ago


Someone tell me y this f@g look just like a girl

670 days ago


Ear rings, a necklace and I swear he's wearing lipstick. Lookout gerbils, here he comes.

670 days ago


When is this idiot gonna come outta the damn closet already?!!

670 days ago


Hamsters are dumb ass ****. Pet rats are better. WHO CARES!! Where's the cow and chicken association cause there getting ****ed up right now. And Justin bieber is really pretty wowzers he looks like he should be in twilight or something. He's a mezmorizing.

670 days ago


Leave the little lipstick lesbian already, he probably didn't give a **** about the hamster anyway, the punk ass fool.

670 days ago


I had a lot of hamsters and my baby just pasted away I loved my hammie and they are cool

670 days ago


Is he trying to look like Marcy Darcy on purpose ?

670 days ago


Well, they have a point. For all he knew, she could have been looking for a hamster for a satanic ritual or a fancy dinner entrée or to feed her pet rat or for scientific research torture. He was lucky that she instead is someone who will take good care of the wee beastie for whatever time the little guy has left. Still must have all been a shock for the hamster, and suggests Bieber didn't really care about his pet. Best wishes to the hamster.

670 days ago


Reading through earlier posts, I'm surprised that so many people think the hamster organization is being ridiculous. Obviously TMZ googled and found a website about pet hamsters and asked someone there what they thought about a hamster being handed out to some stranger on the street, and they quite rightly pointed out that it's a stupid idea. Why are people surprised that there are hamster organizations? There are organizations for every kind of pet imaginable: cats, dogs, raccoons, snakes, turtles, lizards, squirrels, ferrets, gerbils, fish, birds, etc etc etc. Why not hamsters? Such organizations typically deal with info about care and feeding, housing, medical issues, how to choose the right pet for your cir***stances - and I suppose when asked by TMZ, they'll say a few words about abusive situations for that particular pet and what better alternatives there are when you no longer want the pet. By the way, shelters do sometimes handle more than just cats and dogs. And they do need to take some care in handing over a pet of any sort, because there is too much abuse, both intentional and unintentional. No reputable shelter wants to find out later that they've been supplying animals for vivisection or other "research", and they also don't want the pets to be abandoned again. If your pet gets lost and ends up in a shelter, you will appreciate that.

Bieber did a stupid, impulsive thing that fortunately worked out all right for the hamster. The organization was pointing out that hamsters are not just toys that you can trade on the playground or toss in a dumpster. They do react to changes in their environment, including loss of a companion (human or otherwise). I hope Bieber doesn't have other pets, though, he's not ready for one. He is still very young.

Oh, and for all of you snearing that he "looks and sounds like a girl" as though that's the worst thing ever-- first of all, contrary to what your friends tell you, girls don't have cooties. Secondly, every male on the planet spends their first couple of decades mostly looking and sounding like a girl - deal with it.

670 days ago



669 days ago


Oh no a stranger got a hamster, how is this different from picking one up at the pet store?

669 days ago


Yes, tmz very helpful. look handsome.

669 days ago
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