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Kim K to Instagram:

Don't Mess with My Pics

... OR ELSE!!!

12/20/2012 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Instagram's problems could get A LOT worse ... 'cause the app's #1 user -- Kim Kardashian -- is telling friends she's considering LEAVING unless its new policies are drastically revised, ASAP.

Instagram has been under serious fire this week ... after the company announced a new terms of service policy (T.O.S.) which seemed to give the company power to sell user photos to outside companies without having to compensate the user. Instagram says the widespread interpretation of the policy was simply not true ... they're NOT selling user photos ... and apologized for the "confusing" language. Instagram says it's revising the wording and will release a new TOS in the near future.

But Kim K isn't convinced ... at least not yet ... and is telling friends she's thinking about shutting down her Instagram account, going to a rival photo-posting company ... and taking ALL OF HER FOLLOWERS WITH HER.

It's a big deal ... considering KK has the most followers of any Instagram user at 5,726,343 ... way past Justin Bieber (4,366,729) and President Barack Obama (1,834,079).

Plus, if Kim goes ... her family members could follow ... and Khloe, Kylie, Kendall and Rob are also in the Top 10 most followed on the site.

One source close to Kim tells us the reality star is planning on waiting to see the revised  T.O.S. before she makes her final decision ... but unless she sees some radical changes, she's outtie 5000.


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News Flash     

When Kim K talks people lis...laugh

583 days ago


This is exactly why I don't use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. I joined Facebook to look up a guy that was stalking me, and the next time I checked I found my name as well as many of my email contacts on his page as people he may want to 'friend' or something like that!

As for Kim, this greedy, self-aborbed, spoiled brat should be paying instagram for all the friggen space she takes up with her stupid pics, not to mention the free publicity! Talk about conceded!

I hope she does leave. The time she spends on 'photo shoots' could be spent bringing awareness to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (which most of her family seems to have).

583 days ago

News Flash     

Kim K needs to go back into the cave she crawled out of. That would be Pimp Moms bagina.

583 days ago



583 days ago


Ridiculous, stupid slut.
Hey, Kim, no one gives a rats about you or what you/who you do.
Why don't you threaten to leave the planet if we all don't bow down before you?
Get a clue; you are nothing and no one cares whether you are alive or dead.

583 days ago


And I'm going to need for media outlets to refer to her as what she is: a porn star. I was shopping the other day and a girl, around 10 or 11 was in line with her mother and sister. She saw a magazine ( that are usually on the shelf racks at the cash register). The little girl literally jumped up and down and picked up the magazine and said to her sister "Look the Kardashians!! Ooh they look so pretty" The fact that this girl knew who they were boggled my mind first of all. And second of all why are little girls getting so excited for and looking up to a porn star and her dysfunctional family? Is this seriously the world we're living in?

583 days ago

Melissa B    

Who the hell follows her? Stop following her & clicking on her stories & we can rid ourselves of her. I aided in helping her by clicking on this story, but we need to spread word fast. We need to make this a movement.

She laid on her back & displayed her lack of dignity & self respect by releasing a se xtape for FAME. Just for fame. You have to be very shallow & desperate to do that. Not to mention how many people she's banged to get to the top. She is so trashy. She may be pretty on the outside (she's losing that w all of her plastic surgery) but she's sh it on the inside. She's like a pile of sh it that is wrapped up in pretty fancy wrapping paper & fools us. But just plain sh it on the inside.

583 days ago


Gee Golly Gosh,....what am I to do? Life going on without Kim,......yeah,.....Amused to no end that she has convinced herself, of her self importance,.....

583 days ago


Oh no, I'm not going to benefit from it? Ppl already love me, they will follow me anywhere. Pimpmomager needs to get on it. Her azz wad literally opened for the public to see, urinated like a fire hydrant by a dog. It's OK though she got money, luxuries, 'fans', and attention.

583 days ago


I seen the Kardashian family once .They were all laughing and pointing at the book The Scarlet Letter

583 days ago


Boo hoo attention starved tramp! Please go away!

583 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Is this P.O.S. capable of reading a T.O.S.?

583 days ago


Some one needs to mess with Kim... Make that azz an attitude way smaller!!!

583 days ago



583 days ago


Kim you know darn well you are getting paid to be on Instagram. You are a money hungry Ho. So you know you can't stop that gravy train.

583 days ago
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