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'Scary Movie 5'

Lindsay REFUSED to Kiss Charlie ... Because His Mouth Grossed Her Out

12/21/2012 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Who KNOWS where his mouth's been??? At least that's Lindsay Lohan's explanation for shutting down a "Scary Movie 5" kissing scene between her and Charlie Sheen -- saying she refused to lock lips with him in the movie because of his spotty history.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ, she was supposed to kiss Charlie three times during their "Scary Movie" bedroom scene, but she ultimately refused to do it because of Charlie's wild partying past.

It's unclear what Lindsay was so paranoid about -- but we're told BOTH parties had to sign releases that they didn't have cold sores.

Lindsay's telling friends she warned producers ahead of time that she had issues with kissing Charlie -- who's had considerable dental work done in the last couple years -- but they didn't change the script until it was time to shoot the scene.


We're told they used a body double for some of the kissing parts -- with moderate success -- but otherwise tried to write out the kissing entirely.

According to sources, Charlie was cool as a cucumber about the whole thing, and never voiced any concerns with the rewrite ... or Lindsay's objections.

In fact, as we first reported, Charlie eventually gave Lindsay $100,000 to help pay off her taxes.



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LA Native    

Luv, you still around? I found some GIFs you might like and Merry Christmas to you and your family too!

671 days ago


She is so gross and I wouldn't have kissed her yuck mouth

671 days ago


As much *** as she's guzzled....lots of nerve on this broad.

671 days ago


Sorry but I could not kiss him for 1 million he just grosses me out. I will admit I watch his programs and think he is very funny. But kiss him? NOT!!!

671 days ago


Have we gotten confirmation from the Writer's and producers of this movie that is actually what happened? This sounds like an over inflated story to make her sound like she's still got some kind of Star power that she can refuse to do a scene and get a rewrite. I find that hard to believe for a 3 minute cameo.

671 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

So did Grant Bowler get combat pay for kissing that cesspool of pathogens known as Lohans mouth?

671 days ago


I'm starting to think Blowhan's part in Machette and wearing a Nun's Habit that she thinks she's become virtuous all of a sudden. Don't hold you breath Liho, the Pope isn't about to canonize you.

671 days ago


lets see.she doesn't brush her teeth. she doesn't bathe or wash her hair, she smells bad and she can't act..and she's diseased. tell me again why she calls herself an " A celebrity? come on laugh with me. ha ha

671 days ago


If there was a gun to my head and I HAD to choose. I wouldn't fvck Liho with Red Cloud d*ck. That being said I admit I wouldn't be thrilled at the thought of kissing ol Charlie but, for $100,000 I sure would give him a very nice reach around.

671 days ago


Crackie has dined on the pu*ssy cats of Paris and Samro and now she suddenly has a problem locking just lips with Sheen? Sounds more like she was just acting the diva on the SM5 set because the producers FORCED her to show up under breach of contract. LITTLE KIDS pull this "I'm not goin' to" all the time. The only "acting" Crackie can muster these days is to be herself-a spoiled obnoxious beyond belief cu*nt. But Judgement Day is coming soon. (Sung to the tune of that great 1979 song by Styx, Renegade)...OH CRACKIE I CAN HERE YOU A WHININ', YOU SO ****TY AND ALL ALONE...HANGMAN IS COMIN' DOWN FROM THE GALLOWS AND YOU DON'T HAVE VERY LONG..COME ON EVERYBODYAND SING IT NOW!

671 days ago


The big difference between Charlie and Bitcho is that Charlie knows he's a whore, he doesn't deny it and he owns up to his actions. Therefore Charlie more than likely visits the doctor on a regular basis. He also has children and I doubt Denise Richards would allow him around the kids if he was riddled with disease. Lindsay on the other hand is a pig that pretends to be pure and well she is a Lohan. Enough said. You may not want to kiss either one but my money is on Charlie to be the cleaner, disease free one.

671 days ago


Uh oh. It looks like DUIna's at it again. She's been calling and Tweeting all over Upper East Manhattan, trying to reserve a VVVIP lounge in any hotel that won't put the cones out. Probably she wants to see again who the users and bad influences are that will get gacked tonight on Linds' loot (and pink bag of drugs). Set the bar (pun intended) at a reasonable level, DUIna. Lower your Standards (obscure pun intended). Go for the Hey Baby hourly motel down in Alphabet City. They still have an ice machine and a phone booth.

671 days ago


If I were in Blohan's situation and Charlie gave me $100,000 I would kiss him, clean his house and make his Godesses a hot bath and some hot chocolate before I left.

671 days ago

Suzy Q     

Sorta watched a show last night where the guy was on a date with a fish lipped woman and she kept pursing her lips and it was indicated he saw a different, lower orifice when she did that and he was appalled.

I thought of Lindsay. Now everytime I see her do that fake kiss with her puffy lips, I'll see a........nother opening instead. Ewwww....

671 days ago


A little OT here.....Does anybody know what time the Mayan calendar kicks in.....GMT, Eastern, Central, Mountain, and Pacific time zone......LOL!
I'm hoping to get out of a stupid wedding tomorrow!

671 days ago
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