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Ne-Yo's Ex-Baby Mama

Threatens Legal Action ...

You Blabbed, Time to Pay!

12/23/2012 11:23 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1222_neyo_tmzNe-Yo's former baby mama (we'll explain) is FUMING after the singer went on VH1 and blabbed about their baby drama -- and now she's hired mega attorney Gloria Allred to make him pay.

It's a pretty complicated story ... Ne-Yo used to have a relationship with a woman named Jesseca White. During their time together, Jesseca had a baby which Ne-Yo thought was his ... turns out, it wasn't.

The couple reached a settlement agreement in 2009 in which Ne-Yo coughed up $575,000 to Jesseca, who in turn officially said the kid wasn't his. Ne-Yo was originally listed on the birth certificate as the father, but his name was later removed.

As part of the deal, both sides agreed to a confidentiality clause, promising to never go public with the info. Fast forward to September 2012 ... Ne-Yo did an interview with VH1's "Behind the Music" and spilled the beans on the whole sordid ordeal.

Now, Gloria Allred has fired off a letter to Ne-Yo accusing him of breaking the agreement. Allred claims that because Ne-Yo falsely painted Jesseca as a harlot who lied, broke his heart and then vanished ... Jesseca has been defamed, ridiculed and harassed.

According to the letter, Jesseca has been unable to work, was forced to file for state aid, suffers from mental anguish and is "beset by nausea, vomiting and hair loss" thanks to Ne-Yo's remarks.

Jesseca is asking Ne-Yo to settle the matter amicably out of court (cough, cough $$$$) ... otherwise she'll be forced to pursue more serious legal options.

We reached out to Ne-Yo's rep -- so far, no word back.


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This story doesn't make sense, he paid her a half mil. to state the kid wasn't his? Why not get a DNA test, who the hell pays off a gold digger that didn't produce a paycheck? I'm scratching my head over this.

671 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Shouldn't someone ask this slut what she did with the $575,000? And now that her attorney has opened her quite large mouth aren't all bets off as far as "confidentiality".
As far as no longer being able to work . . . did this bitch ever have any kind of meaningful employment before being tortured with 575 large?

671 days ago


Ne-yos receding hair line and sexuality is all I'm worried about.

671 days ago


Where was the paternity test BEFORE he coughed up $575k?

671 days ago


I just don't understand this story at all. He paid her money..for what? And she took money from him for NOT being the father? And now she's going to sue, for what? Because he isn't the father?

671 days ago

You got half a million dollars for lying!?!? Gloria Allred is getting more phone traffic than emergency dispatch nowadays. I wonder if any of these gold diggers ever call her just to see how she is doing?

671 days ago

Rusty Shackleford    

the "harlot" got a 1/2 mill for free for him NOT being the father, and she is now broke and on welfare???

aww poor baby, i feel so sorry for the trash that blew through that much money without ever thinking of the future. poor baby, cant even tell when she gets knocked up who the daddy is. poor baby, has to have someone daddy and take care of her.

yea, i have no sympathy for people like that.

671 days ago


Gloria Allred naked on a cold day.
Gloria Allred naked on a cold day.
Gloria Allred naked on a cold day.

671 days ago

Ivan in Phoenix    

The dumb bizzatch has probably spent the 500K and wants a second helping from the guy who was too stupid to get a paternity test before paying her the first time around.

671 days ago


Not to be nitpicky, but who ever wrote the article started to misspell "Jessica." Just saying...

671 days ago


!!!!... WTF is wrong with this country!

671 days ago

brown dynamite    

So he basically paid her over half a million to say the baby was not his? Sounds like it is his and he paid her off. Don't like these lawsuits but dude signed the agreement. Time to open that check book sucka.

671 days ago


I'm beset by nausea and vomiting by looking at his picture. Pay up, beatch!

671 days ago

Zombie Whitney Houston    

Oh black people

671 days ago


The name was probably spelled correctly. You see, people think that using a traditional name and changing the spelling somehow gives them importance.

Very close to those who get tattoos when they are young: they end up being ridiculed most of the time. spelling or tats, it's a crappy way to stand out.

671 days ago
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