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Lindsay Lohan & Family


12/27/2012 6:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan and her family celebrated an arrest-free Christmas in New York -- but one family member was conspicuously absent ... you get three guesses.

While Michael Lohan celebrated the holiday in Florida with his on-again-off-again-on-again GF (now fiancee) Kate Major, the rest of the Lohan family got festive at Dina's house in Long Island -- including Lindsay's grandma and siblings Ali, Cody, and Michael Jr.

We're told other family and friends were present as well ... and it was actually fun -- drama free, as they gorged themselves on a massive Italian feast.

As for the tree -- we're told money did NOT grow on it.



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U IZ, that didn't work? Sorry bout that!

666 days ago


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666 days ago


Shut up Marvin your loser.

666 days ago


Jail or no jail. Lohan will always have the IRS.

So will her brothers and sisters. Every tax return filed, if taxes are filed, will be watched. That red flag that doesn't go away. Enjoy for many years to come.

666 days ago


I hope the IRS is investigating the entire Lohan clan. Blohan probably hid money with all of them.

666 days ago


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666 days ago


What an adorable bunch. The whole family together for jingle balls, rum balls, and speed balls. (What are the odds they snuck into somebody's house, took a quick pic for tmz and scrammed before the owner came back.)
Little sis looks ghostly and please tell me that it's a photo blip/wardrobe blip, or anything other than she's knocked up as a reason for that poochy look. Or is that a sign of starvation? Blo is scanning for loot and looks like she's already been in the stash of holiday "goodies." Dina looks pre-hammered, Nana looks festive and like she's ready to run for cover, and the guys look like they just crawled out from under something. All seems normal for the dysfunction junction Lohans.
Still, as goofy as they and the photo surely are, I think I'd rather look at that than the obnoxious look-at-me photo the Karcrapians put out every year. Damn, what a choice! Well, fa la la, Lohans, and hope all of us had a swell Christmas. Soon it will be time to crash into the New Year and Blo is just the one to do it.

666 days ago


Hey all! Just checking in.

It is amazing that Lindsay earned millions of dollars and has nothing to show for it. She doesn't own any real property--the IRS liens confirm that. And we know that she leases her cars. Obviously no investments.

Great job taking care of your "child" momager Dina!! (I'm placing most of the blame for this on Dina because the $$ started flowing in well before Lindsay was 18)

666 days ago


I think we h8turds agree that LL is, along with her other issues, a completely dislikable person. I know this is just from pics but Ali seems to me to be a tortured soul who is being eaten alive from the inside out.

There are tons of blinds which seem to point to Lindsay getting Ali hooked on drugs--probably heroin and coercing her into hooking. She's just 19 and has no spark of life in her eyes. She is not LL in looks or temperament. It's the latter which keeps LL delusional but is killing Ali. (IMHO)

666 days ago

Chief Gall    

Please allow me to annoy haters for a few minutes and then I'm gone. Many of you have seen the BravoTV clip, but here it is again. You probably don't want to look and fans and supporters know exactly why. It's because Lindsay looks so freaking good. She looks great!!
How many haters become really angry when Lindsay looks good? Raise your hands. That's a lot of hands. SUPER MAXIMUM LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lindsay at varound :40 .


666 days ago


And another thing... I have problems with trashing Cody too. Junior showed promise by actually graduating from college but in the end he joined the family busines--Grifters R Us. Cody is still a blank slate. Where did the pro surfing thing come from? All I know is that LL dragged him to a surf shop around the corner from my house--which meant I shared the road with her--a frightening thought.

666 days ago


That pic is a promo for The Blowhan Familly's upcoming Lifetime remake of (The Night Of The Living Dead}.

666 days ago


She will be in major trouble if the Feds decide she has been hiding and underreporting income or falsifying returns by claiming fictitious deductions. But otherwise, they just want the money and will work out a payment plan. It does seem that the amount is not in dispute, so it's not about good faith deductions that were simply disallowed (hard to get the IRS to make a ruling ahead of time, so the general advice is to take the deduction if you think it's reasonable, they'll let you know if it's not). She has to regularly pay estimated taxes in installments, just like me, so she really shouldn't have this trouble at all. I just put the required percentage of each check aside and don't touch it until the estimated tax payment is due. Especially if she's been grabbing cash payments to avoid liens by her many creditors- she apparently has been assuming the money is all spendable when it's not.
She is not liable for taxes on Charlie's money. If it is a gift, he has to report it because it is above the $13,000 per year per recipient for gifts that is allowed tax-free for the giver. The excess ($87,000) is subtracted from the lifetime limit for the giver (1 million? ) for no tax, past that point the excess is taxable for Charlie. If it's a loan, neither of them owe taxes on it but Charlie will owe taxes on any interest she pays. If it is an interest-free loan or the interest rate is below a specific established level, she has to consider the difference between reasonable interest and actual interest as income, but I can't remember all the rules about that. The Feds don't worry about friends and family loaning small amounts on a handshake, but this is a major transaction between unrelated people. If she still has an accountant, all that should be figured out for her. But considering she's in this mess because she didn't just pay the #%|$& taxes on time, I wonder if she has anybody at all working on her tax return other than her mom... Or worse, her dad. If her dad has helped her hide money by setting her up with unreported foreign accounts, they're both in big trouble. He's the only one in the family that I would suspect has the knowledge and contacts to do that, although her mom and siblings would let her run her money through their accounts without malicious intent (putting them all at risk of scrutiny by the IRS, I see audits in their future...). It also will depend on how thorough the Feds are in investigating both Lindsay and her family (as the most likely ones helping her hide funds). I don't know if the amounts are big enough to warrant such thoroughness. Maybe. Lord help her if they start going over previous tax returns with a flea comb... for years when she made really big money. No statute of limitations if fraud is suspected, I think.

666 days ago


Please no more lilo in 2013! Stop please. Puked way too much in 2012!

666 days ago


Totally off topic but there is a full moon and it's right above the skylight in my bedroom and it's really beautiful. (It's too late for me to fully articulate my thoughts but you get the gist.)

One of these days I'm going to have a hearing on the same day and in the same courthouse as Lindsay. My new assistant Maddy and I will have to do some observing and report back!

666 days ago
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