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Obama to First Lady

I Got a ...

Whole Lotta Love

12/27/2012 10:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

President Obama got down with the First Lady -- mouthing the lyrics to a classic, and filthy, Led Zeppelin song during the Kennedy Center Honors ... and it might be the most badass move a Prez ever made.

Barack got his pimp on while Lenny Kravitz sang "Whole Lotta Love" as a tribute to the surviving members of Zep ... who were hailed during the KCH that aired last night.

While Lenny was jamming the camera cut away to the Prez and Michelle Obama a couple of times ... including once when Barack lip synched the chorus, "want a whole lotta love."

Interestingly, there was no cutaway to the First Couple during the following lyric:
- I'm gonna give you every inch of my love, gonna give you my love

Or ...
- Shake for me, girl. I wanna be your backdoor man.

Bet W never pulled that move.  Clinton on the other hand ...


No Avatar


That was one of the best tributes to a band that I have ever seen! Loved it! If Lenny produced that rendition he did an excellent job!!!

633 days ago


I really love them as a couple..they seem so down to earth and you can tell that they truly love each other.

633 days ago


Michelle has her mean face on again..

Anyway, shouldn't Obama be working right now? With the financial crisis going on and all....?

I will say that Lenny Kravitz was bad ass in this clip..

633 days ago


President golfing, doing magazine interviews, going to I guess Americas problems are last on the list. Remember folks, this is who you voted for.

633 days ago


Sadly, those were the only words of the song the President knew. Unfortunately he is more dumb a** than bad a**!

633 days ago


they make me ill to look at them, just money hungry evilness people!!

633 days ago


I don't want a "cool" president.. I know it might be cool for young people -- in their teens and early 20s to see, but if that's why some voted for his man or what they admire about this man -- then we're in deep cr*p.


I want someone mature, responsible, level-headed and a hard worker.. Bill Clinton was notorious for working long, hard hours.. Bush worked long days as well..


Obama seems to enjoy his celebrity status, celebrity friends and functions involving these people.. as well as endless vacations, ball games and other activities... way more than he enjoys hard work and his vital role as Commander in Chief.


I've seen people post on various sites and twitter -- about how COOL he is.. C'mon people-- it's not about being COOL.. It reminds me of the role parents play in their kids lives... It might be more fun to be the cool parent, but that's not the way to instill ethics, personal responsibility and personal growth -- in your children..


Obama needs to get back to work.. This is so far off the charts of being obnoxious - it's not funny..


We're in a financial crisis and he spends time on late night talk shows, concerts and a whole list of other events...??? GET BACK TO WORK!!

633 days ago


You may not agree with his politics, but, you can't deny it, President Obama has swagger!

633 days ago


oh cool cool...he is hip with the kids who arent even old enough to vote and the college kids who can vote..who cares if he sucks as a president.he sings songs and fist bumps he should be president.... sadly that is how the youth thinks today

633 days ago


singing and dancing while WE go over the cliff.
so get your food stamps, sit back and call your friends on your free cell phone. poor people voted for him..wanted free stuff.. oh yeh, and dont forget your condoms, they are free too.. good luck people. we will need it.

633 days ago

BB not bb    

Wouldn't it be nice to have a president who would lip sinc to Amazing Grace? Led Zeppelin is a deeply satanic band. They prayed to demons to get their music and they recorded it in the home of Aleister Crowley. There are satanic symbols all over their album covers.

What does this say about the president, antichrist maybe, man of perdition? It was bad enough having George W. inviting Ozzie to the White House. Ozzy almost fell on the floor.

Obama has a whole lotta love for America alright. That is why he is always at concerts and interviewing pirates instead of working on crises under the jurisdiction of his position. He went from a golf outing to a Lenny Kravitz concert. He is not Paris Hilton. What is he doing in terms of service to the peopel of the USA????

633 days ago


This makes him one of us right? A bad ass president for the bad ass people? Real inspiring and assuring; knowing our president can party with the best of 'em.

633 days ago


This may have been broadcast last night but it happened a couple weeks ago. Letterman talked about it and had Led Zep on his show. How is this considered news? It's just a TV review.

633 days ago


OMG - TMI ... stop please!!!! You are neither cool nor "bad ass" however that should apply to you.

633 days ago


Obama spent exactly FOUR HOURS of actual 'Family Time' while in Hawaii - 20+ hours were spent Golfing and the rest of the time goofing off with his friends, like that golf buddy of his who was arrested for soliciting a prostitute.

633 days ago
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