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Katt Williams

'How Do You Keep Kids

Safe Without Guns?'

12/29/2012 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1229_katt_williams_video_2As Katt Williams left jail last night after being locked up for gun-related child endangerment, he groused to us, "How do you keep kids safe without guns?"

TMZ broke the story ... Katt was arrested and his 4 kids were taken away after his house was raided by cops, who found numerous guns and illegal drugs.

Williams told us the guns were secured in a locked box, adding, "If the police come in and raid my place and break into my gun boxes, you're gonna find guns! I'm not in a gang, what difference does it make?"

Katt also told our photog there were no drugs at his house -- well ... he admits there was weed, but says, "Weed is not a drug."

So we gotta ask ...


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Oh poor, poor Katt... We are watching you slowly lose it like Britney and Lindsay. Man, get it together. As for the guns, if they were kept in a safe and it was legal for you to have them (which I'm guessing it wasn't) then there is no problem with having them... And for the weed, I bet you lived here in Washington state where I can walk around with an ounce and the coppers can't don't nothing hahaha

633 days ago


you keep kids safe by taking guns out of this nuts hands...responsible people can go along with there business

633 days ago


Something is not right with this story. If what Katt's saying is the truth this is fishy. If Katt wasn't charged with any gun charges that means the guns are legal, and wasn't Katt just let go after a traffic stop because he has a prescription for medical marijuana? If he didn't receive any type of drug charge that had to be what they found. Are u gonna tell me he's the only American with kids in the home that legally own guns and legally possess Mary Jane? Don't know about this one. They were better off saying we took the kids bc this dude might be crazy!

633 days ago


if the guns are legal and locked up, I don't understand, if there were drugs in the house and guns all over then I understand, but I just really wish Katt will stop the bleeding, and get to the root of all his outburst......I really really like him, and know early on in his career how much he loved his kids, so this may break him, espeically if they were taken and put in the systme as oppose to a close family member!!!

633 days ago


All ya on this man nuts need stop hatin.Whatever he do wit his life is his problem.He gotta deal wit tha **** none of y'all r n his shoes.Walk a mile n his shoes n then talk...

633 days ago


I would think his mental instability would endanger his kids. Where were CPS when he was arrested the first three or four times.

633 days ago

Go away, Katt Williams!

633 days ago


I'll tell ya: get the drugs out of the house, then you probably won't have a need for the damend guns.

633 days ago

FU TMZ    

I'm not gonna lie, there is something fishy about this whole situation. All the times he has been arrested and he never goes to court? And if the guns are legal and all else they found was weed? and they took his kids? something fishy for sure. This is California right? the place where everyone and their mamas have a "medical" mj card.

633 days ago

really! really?    

It's not guns or weed that make Katt's crib unsafe.... it's Katt. He has serious impulse control problems and if he assaults fans, Target employees, & strangers on the street, what happens if he loses patience with one of his children?

633 days ago


Katt is being set up and ****ed with by white people in control In entertainment and in the government. He tells the truth and if you are black and a truth seeker in this country - you are ****ed! I am white so I am not playing a race card here. As a white child raised in a republucan world against my will, I can't tell you how many times I saw my friends' dads take out loaded guns while drunk, while both the gun and the dad were loaded. Katt is alleged to have locked up guns and weed. Weed IS NOT a drug. It is not an offense to possess weed un 2 U.S. states now AND if you have a script in CA you can possess weed! What the **** is the wrong with what Katt is doing except not backing down to bull****. They took his kids!!!'WTF? since when have white people been that concerned about the welfare if a family if black children? And in top of this, I have worked with Katt on his concert videos. Katt was a prince to everyone on that set - minion p.a. to director. His worse offense was that he was late everyday but so are all of the performers I work with. At the end of the show, when everyone was wrapping the set, Katt came around to personally thank everyone - no matter what the race - and handed each ine of us a hundred dollar bill on top of what we were getting paid. Why doesn't the press print that story about Katt? He lives his babies! Give them back!

633 days ago


Fyi, weed IS NOT a drug (not n my home), & I heard KattW., has a prescription 4 it anywayz. He's right about the guns, how many ppl have guns 4 safety reasons??!! (especially if his was locked up) Oh, & I cant believe im on Katt's side... for once!! Must be more 2 this story!

633 days ago


That answer is simple... Use your brain first, charm, quick wit and understanding how the rules of society work second... Work-out and learn how to use self defense properly is 75% psychological and 25% physical... Unless you pay someone to protect your big foul mouth...?

633 days ago


Who the hell does this little Guy think he is?

633 days ago


Kat saying "just weed" is like other addicts saying "I was dehydrated" .... you know Kat is LYING

633 days ago
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