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Katt Williams

Quentin Tarantino Has No Business Using the N-Word

12/29/2012 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1229_katt_williams_QT_videoIn between getting out of jail and getting in the middle of a parking lot brawl, Katt Williams took the time to talk to TMZ about "Django Unchained" ... and threatened to beat the crap out of Quentin Tarantino if he gets the chance.

Williams didn't voice his opinion in a polite way like Spike Lee did. First he threatened to punch QT in the face, then told us, "Quentin Tarantino thinks he can say the N-word. But I checked with all of Ni**adom and nobody knows where he got his pass from. I hope he didn't get it from Samuel L. Jackson and Jamie Foxx cause they aren't going to help you when I see you."

When our photog tried to compare QT to Steven Spielberg (who made "Amistad" in 1997), Katt shot back, "Quentin Tarantino is no Steven Spielberg. Steven Spielberg doesn't wanna be black, Quentin Tarantino thinks he is. So when he meets a real ni**a, we'll see if he is or not."

Quentin, you've been warned.


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Last time I saw this guy he was hiding behind a trash can like a bitch.

641 days ago


Is it just me or does he look a hot mess I've never seen him look like that. you falling off katt!

641 days ago


really? It's a damn movie shhhhheeeeeeesh

641 days ago


Man truth is TMZ is the only thing exploiting don't see Katt fox news or your local channel 7 or MTV as much as you do on TMZ. him or Lindsay or Charlie...TMZ some exploiting mofos. Just saying. I feel bad for Katt.

641 days ago


Yes, Katt Williams is a real "N" and I didn't have to check with anyone. He is angry, threatens violence and uses drugs. When he does hurt someone the justice system will be at fault. How many crimes does he get to commit before they lock him up?

641 days ago


Actually I think it is written into his business plan.

641 days ago


Ok TMZ, enough with the Katt whoever posts. Who really gives a rats a$$ what he does? This guy is a thug who doesn't realize what he had. Same with all the sports "celebrities" you post about.

641 days ago


Well Katt, Spike. I'm glad you could make your money with your stand up white jokes (that I laughed at...because apparently I have a sense of humor). And your controversial films hating on whites (that I got and understood). But hey, that's me...apparently you both are so repressed you can't understand someone as great as Quentin Tarantino...oh or maybe he is just better than you and you can't take it. Lighten up and shut up.

641 days ago

shut up    

did he even say the n word or was it just written in the script? either way jamie foxx had no problem with it

641 days ago

go away    

why so much reporting on this guy??t is this all a part to promote scary movie ??? noone is going to see that awful movie especially with Lohan in it

641 days ago


T to say "who can" and "who can not" use the "N" WORD... Maybe he should PREACH TO ALL THE RAPPERS that keep this "N" word perpetuated lile "LilWayne... hmmmmmmmm theres a flippin idea!!!! Peace out jigga!Screw KW... EVERYONE USES THE WORD... INCASE HE DIDNT GET HE FLIPPIN MEMO!!!! so I'm so sorry he feels the need to excersize the ro

641 days ago


I hope he tries and QT beats the **** out of this burnt match...

641 days ago

Menace to society     

Shut you're mouth you low life s***bag if I could stop you from wasting good oxygen I would you are the last person to give an opinion on anything

641 days ago


Firstly, you Mister Williams are the last person to be telling anyone what to do. I've seen your face on here way too often getting busted for something. Secondly, you've obviously never seen a Tarantino film, and you obviously are not aware that he could give two rips about what anyone thinks.

641 days ago


Maybe you and Spike Lee should go hold a pity party. Please guys, it's a movie! This is NOT where your outrage belongs.

641 days ago
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