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Lindsay Lohan

I'm Staying HOME

on New Year's Eve

12/29/2012 12:56 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1229-lindsay-lohan-tmzNO, IT'S NOT OPPOSITE DAY ... Lindsay Lohan will be one of the few people NOT getting sloshed this New Year's Eve ... telling friends she's choosing to stay in instead.

According to our sources, LiLo is hell-bent on starting the year off right -- and making a good impression on the judge hearing her case -- which means no parties, no clubs and definitely no drinking on the last night of 2012.

It's a far cry from her past NYE extravaganzas ... where LiLo got her party on at shin-digs all over the world, including St. Barts and Italy.

But this year, we're told LiLo's plans include a small, quiet dinner in London -- where's she's visiting -- and then it's straight back to the hotel before the ball drops to chill with family and friends.

And in other news ... pigs can fly.



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Chief Gall    

LOL...just went to and the overwhelming majority of the tweets on each page on the I Love Lindsay Lohan link are positive tweets about Lindsay Lohan. You've proven absolutely nothing, ilg.

632 days ago


Lindsay don't look to good in those pictures ...her nose is all red and blotchy....either she's got a heavy head cold and has been wiping her nose ever two minutes or shes been sniffing to much.....and she looks plain worn out and used even if she is smiling for the camera.....Did that old man walking next to her give her that muskrat coat.....that is awful looking.....wonder how many muskrats died to keep her ass covered ?......and I am not being overly critial take a look at those pictures ...........See what I mean.....I see she got her a goofer who's just as sleazy as she is.....the girl in the skin tight leather pants and fur behind her.....must be the back up girl in case Lindsay needs a break....very trashy .......

632 days ago


Oh Red Cloud... How wrong you are. I've proven that the stats are inaccurate. You're making claims with inaccurate stats. But I expect that from you.

Just like you said the majority of people that tweet Lindsay back are positive. Of course they are. They are her fans who tweet her back (take Nicole for instance, I doubt there is a day that goes by that she doesn't tweet Lindsay). The tweets to look at are of the general public, and the way to do that is just type Lindsay Lohan in the search box. THERE you will see what the general public thinks of her.

632 days ago


My god. That is hilarious. It looks like she's wearing his dead wife's coat!

632 days ago


Hate to burst your bubble Gall but I can sit up a web site today with Adolph Hilter on it and get thousands of hits and comments from fools who like and admired him....and not allow one negetive comment on it.......You Sir are one of the biggest number freaks I have ever seen..... and to think there are thousands out their just like you....
Shudder !!!!!!!!!!

632 days ago


21 to 0 go GIANTS!!!

632 days ago


Lohan wasn't invited to any party. The only party she will go to is the one she tries to crash.

Love how shes pulling this stay at home crap to try and impress the judge...Sorry Lohan to little and way too late.

Wonder how her spirtiual advisors letters to the judge is going.

632 days ago

Hot Farts    


NO LINDSAY LOHAN STORY HAS PAID TATER $10,000.00. The amounts of the deals attorneys do for celeb baby pics and Kardashian placements in mags and such are known to me. TMZ does not pay that way. The amounts are miniscule in comparison. Only networks, reality stars, some PR trade offs and people trying to "polish the turd" ever place stories on gossip sites. Real actors are smart enough to maintain their excellence by remaining enigmatic so that play varieties of roles and be believeable in them...they dont tweet of FB either. Best example is Denzel.

632 days ago


You know Marvin,
Lindsay wasn't any prettier then any of the other girls in her batch of Hollywood starlets that came out of the group...Line the up side by side and you would be surprised how much they look alike......thats cause the used the same mold the to turn them out whether they have red hair or blonde hair etc they all end up with the same nose ....the same cheek bones the same puffy lips at look like pigs as*s and the same hair do's long or longer.....there is not one that stands out...clones all Hollywood Barbie Clones of a old mans wet dream and a guy boys fantasy.....and my lord let one break out of the Mylie Cryus and her short hair and they go crazy.....the only reason she stood out was because she made being a whore her career and sleeping with the right old men...who she is now blackmailing to keep her and her family a float....and her ass out of jail....
Hell I've seen prettier woman walk though my classrooms every year for 40 yrs or more...Girls who make her look like the Red Headed Stepchild.....and I see them every time I go into town...Lindsay just ain't that pretty.....
But she does have one thing some women don't have.....and that is a over active sex pharamones that men just can't resist....she's always in Heat. !!!! and any male recognizes that smell...she's the b*tch dog that all the male dogs in a 5 mile radius follow....and believe me men may like that smell but another woman find its highly unpleasent and stinky as hell........

632 days ago


New Thread. Giants look great!

632 days ago


Lohan isn't going anywhere until after her court dates. Depends on what the judge is going to do.

This judge could pull her passport like Sautner did so she would comply with her probation requirements.

That's the only reason Lohan complied by the skin of her teeth right down to the final day just so she could get her passport back.

Hey 4 charges, on 1 day on 2 coasts and all in under 9 months since she left Sautners courtroom.

Lohan, have a happy new year. Not a thing will change only will get worse like it's been doing. Who the hell is she trying to kid.

632 days ago



JAILBOUND actress Lindsay Lohan’s lawyers are set to argue she should not go to a regular jail because she suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

LiLo could end up in a psychiatric ward instead after being diagnosed with the mental condition, say close pals.

The Mean Girls star is facing up to 245 days behind bars in the New Year after her probation on two drink-driving convictions was revoked by a judge earlier this month.

Her lawyers intend to claim she needs psychiatric treatment for the disorder, which doctors say is the source of her wild behaviour.

According to experts, NPD affects less than 1% of the population in America.

Sufferers are obsessed with issues of personal inadequacy, power, prestige and vanity.

A source said: “She was beside herself with dread when she first got the diagnosis but now she has begun to view it as her ‘get out of jail free’ card.

“She wants her attorneys to ask the judge if she can be placed in a medical evaluation centre.”

Lohan, 26, will learn her fate at Los Angeles Superior Court on January 15 when she is expected to be formally charged with three new offences stemming from a car crash after which she allegedly lied to police.

Eight days prior to that she is facing an arraignment hearing in New York over her alleged nightclub assault on self-styled psychic Tiffany Mitchell, who has said she may also press civil charges.

Although Lohan has been imprisoned six times since her first arrest in 2007, she has served less than two weeks in total at LA’s Lynwood jail.

The pal added: “Lindsay has been warned that this time there are unlikely to be any acts of leniency by the judge.

“Things could become very tough indeed for her.”

632 days ago


yeah right. that means there will be room service for coke and vodka.

632 days ago


Am I the only one who REALLY takes offense to Crackie TRYING to play the "mental illness" card? Cuz that bitch is FINE, she's got a nasty substance abuse problem and very well may be a narcissist but since WHEN does that give ANYONE the right to punch ppl, hit them with cars, lie to the cops, the list goes ON. I HATE THIS WHORE!

632 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Madison, your app's are ready !!

632 days ago
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