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Lindsay Lohan

I Am NOT Doing

'Celebrity Big Brother'

12/30/2012 10:59 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1230-lindsay-lohan-ffnCameras follow Lindsay Lohan everywhere she goes, but she's not about to live with them ... telling friends she has no interest in doing "Celebrity Big Brother."

With LiLo arriving in London yesterday (see above), the rumor mill spun into overdrive ... saying Lindsay was in town to film the super-popular British show.

But according to our sources, the idea is "completely untrue" and total "nonsense." As one source pointed out ... how could she lock herself in a home for a few months when she has a court date next month?

If anyone locks up Lindsay Lohan, it won't be TV producers ... it'll be a judge.


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wow... looks great.........Happy new Year LiLO..........

661 days ago


First off gals--nail polish for court tomorrow. Do I go with "Deeply Violet" which looks almost black--a really dark purple, "Plum's The Word" which is light purple or "Raisin the Bar" which is a bit frosty and a smidge closer to pink than purple? Ironically, I didn't make the LL connection until I started typing.

On to the topic--I agree with Delmar. I'm all for leaving Ali in peace. There is something desperately wrong with her.

661 days ago


Lindsay looks really happy.

661 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

OK John. Did you see the twitter pic of her leaving the private club with a couple of men? Of course she is happy. She is loaded and well paid. She will end up dead in an alley.

661 days ago


@Delmar... I'm glad Ali isn't there. But I seriously doubt that POS Dina hasn't impacted Ali's mental well-being. When I literally ran into Ali in front of Bendel's in NYC in 2008, she was already sexualized beyond her years-make-up plastered on,hair full of extensions and dressed in little more than some "semi-opaque" leggings, a skimpy shirt, and platform heels. She looked nothing liked 14. At the time I didn't know who she was so I googled her and ended up watching that POS reality show of theirs. That POS Dina was attempting to turn that girl into her next moneymaker even back then. Now fast foward to present, and Ali is literally STARVING HERSELF TO DEATH to be successful in a profession that sexualizes women. Let's hope that the POS Dina didn't hook Ali on adderall like she did Crackie. I have serious doubts that Ali isn't taking adderall-she's deathly thin at this point-but even if she's not, she alreadyhas a severely distorted self image and an eating d/o at the very least.

661 days ago

Where Are All The Real Celebrities    

Kim Kartrashian is pregnant.

Wanna bet Lindz will take this lying down (standing up, or on all fours) and announce her own blessed news two month from now.

661 days ago


Lindsay having a child would be all sorts of wrong. Fetal alcohol syndrome for starters--she could end up in jail just for that.

I'm by no means a Kardashian apologist but they are not the Lohan's.

661 days ago


Seeing her in that coat has made me lose the last shred of sympathy I had for the self absorbed twit.

661 days ago


Wow. LiLo is looking like Nancy's mom from A Nightmare on Elm Street (played by an older Ronee Blakley) only a little more drunk and dirty.

661 days ago

Suzy Q     

After looking at the Daily Mail article (I see they had new Mum/daughter eyebrows and teeth put on) I thought of a line from an old movie, The Dream Team, where Michael Keaton steps out into the night after smashing up a restaurant, breaths in the air, and says with a smile:

"Ah, it's great to be young and insane!"

Maybe that motto can be sewn onto her next fur coat. She's only wore 3 so far. (The Dan'l Boone Capcoat, the Black Ferret coat, and the Gray Goose Coat).

661 days ago

Dr Samuel Weiscrak    

D(ouche)-Man "where's PETA with a can of red paint/blood"

Why paint? There's no shortage of real on their hands! Where are they??? Right now they're busy killing thousands of cute cuddly animals at their VA HQ's concentration camp, er "rescue shelter" you dumb f*ck!

PETA KILLS ANIMALS! Tens of thousands of cute cuddly animals in the last 10 years alone! They immediately murder over 90% of the "rescue animals" that come into their so-called "shelter" as soon as they arrive, then stack the corpes up in a large walk in frezer they purchased especially for storing the remains of their murder victims



The kill rate at their Virgina Headquarters animal "shelter" is the highest of ANY rescus shelter in the Virgina area, FAR HIGHER< and the number of "rescued" pets they adopt out is a pitance of those the take in, the rest are MURDERED. Why!? Because it cost money to keep them alive and adopt them out, and PETA and their deranged found Ingrid Newkirk would rather spend that money of ridiculous publicity campaigns and stunts, that's why!

"Hypocritical Animal Rights Group Brings Pet Death Toll To 27,751

Washington, DC — Today the nonprofit Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) published do***ents online, obtained by a Freedom of Information Act request, showing that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) killed a staggering 95.9 percent of the adoptable pets in its care during 2011. Despite years of public outrage over its euthanasia program, the notorious animal rights group has continued killing adoptable animals at its Norfolk, VA headquarters, at an average of 37 pets every week.

According to records from the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, PETA killed 1,911 cats and dogs last year while placing just 24 in adoptive homes. Since 1998, a total of 27,751 pets have died at the hands of PETA workers.

"PETA hasn’t slowed down its slaughterhouse operation, even as the group continues to lecture the American public with its phony ‘animal rights’ message," said Rick Berman, CCF’s Executive Director. "It appears PETA is more concerned with funding its media and advertising antics than finding suitable homes for these dogs and cats."

Despite its $37.4 million budget, PETA employees make little effort to find homes for the thousands of animals they kill every year."

661 days ago

Where Are All The Real Celebrities    

So Ima, in her humble opinion thinks it's a good idea to turn Fido and Fluffy into coats.

Woof , woof Meow, meow lmao

661 days ago


More like, I'll sleep with a celebrity big brother to stay relevant. Frank Stallone.

661 days ago

Linda Martin    

The above comments were pretty nasty. Too bad the author of this rag, has too much time on their hands.

661 days ago


Twetted 11 hrs ago:


My old friend @lindsaylohan in @boujis tonight...would of said hello but your security looks like stress haha

661 days ago
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