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Kim Kardashian

Mama's Working Out


1/2/2013 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Forget Lamaze classes -- Kim Kardashian's fetus is already getting its daily workout ... at the gym.

Kim -- who's roughly 3 months pregnant with Kanye West's baby -- took her barely-visible baby bump out for a cardio sesh this morning in L.A.

From the looks of it ... Kim's taking a page out of Jessica Simpson's maternity wardrobe playbook -- lots and lots of black clothing.

But we'll give her credit for the spandex. Then again ... she's only 12 weeks into this.



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If and I say IF this Poseur is in fact pregnant, can you imagine the Retinue that will be employed .
The stupid vapid bitch will probably think it is on a par with Kate Middleton as the babies are due at around the same time. Cue the cameras at the "Birth" Bitch will be too Posh to push, cough cough. Bastard will probably not experience one ounce of discomfort.Hope the docs insist that she has a"natural birth"

604 days ago


Still trying my best, to find out what she does for a living! Sure, showing your face at the opening of a night club for 6 figures is easy money BUT what does she really do????

604 days ago


Okay well I think all of yous are wrong who are u to be judging her because shes still not divorced and shes having a baby nobody is perfect in this world and yous ain't nobody to be judging her and her unborn child her baby got nothing to do with Wat ever is going on in her life and me. Being a mother o think yous are all selfish people wishing the worst for her baby ... if yous guys dnt like kim den when u see a story about her dnt ****en bother reading it yous need to grow the **** up because am sure yous ain't perfect ..REP

604 days ago


Notice how the most hateful comments are getting the most likes lol its twisted.

604 days ago


Isn't She Still Married To Humphries? Not OnlyDoes She Have A Huge Ego But So Does k Kanye. The Fool Bragged That She's A "Sup erStar" From Her Porn! What Idiots!

604 days ago


She is such a ho as all the others are. She has ****ed everybody and they Mama and Kanye should be ashamed of a bm like this. While she working out at the gym doing some damn cardio and getting her heart rate up sky high I hope nothing happens to the baby. This is really a true pic of here as far as I know they all are fake in their own little celebrity world. She and her fam popular why? Cause her Dad got O.J off and her Step-Dad was an Olympic winner. Please they don't even try to make a way for themselves it's sad and ridiculous that their FANS pave the way for them. I like my ****'s for for free and wll not put money in their pockets.

604 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

Good for her!
'Cuz she's gonna blow up like a BALLOON if she doesn't do everything she can to mitigate it.
She was interviewed at her New Year's appearance and said pregnancy was hard and "they tell me it's all worth it in the end".
Odd comment for someone who supposedly really wants kids, huh?
This is a PR stunt that'll last 18+ years, IF she really IS pregnant.

604 days ago


Its gonna be awesome to see how fat this already nasty pig gets!!!!

604 days ago


There's so many haters in this world. I really don't understand. If you hate so many things or people in this world, why are you still here. It's either you accept what this world has to offer or just get out. So many haters. It's really sad to see this

604 days ago


I won't be surprised if Kim and Kanye's relationship goes sour and they split up before Kim has her baby.

604 days ago


Speaking of Ryan Seacreast, have you ever checked out his mouth? He tries to hide in the dark on his show, but the guy has massive herpes sores....that's Vegas hookers for you....

604 days ago


She doesn't seem like the athletic type, Kanye gets hollywoods sloppy seconds. It won't last, couple years from now these two will be in court fighting over custody. They both will get bored with each other when the real work comes

604 days ago


Their both no talent morons....

604 days ago


She is only 5'0". She should be showing by now. Crazy ass Skankdashians...... I am sure Kris, the pimp/slut mother has something planned... at least for ratings.

603 days ago


Are botox and fillers safe during pregnancy? And I'm curious to see what happens during, and after, the pregnancy with all the fat that she's had injected into her behind.

603 days ago
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