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Fashion Icon Tory Burch LLC

Black, Bisexual Ex-Employee

'I Was Treated Horribly!'

1/4/2013 1:06 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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A black, bisexual woman has sued her former employer -- the company run by high-end fashion designer Tory Burch -- claiming her manager and co-workers put a big fat target on her head because of her race and bisexuality.

Jessica Jones filed the lawsuit, claiming she worked at the billionaire designer's flagship store in Bev Hills from July 2011 to July 2012 -- and during that time, Jones claims she was called everything from a "disgusting" homosexual to a "n***er."

In the docs, Jones says her manager and co-workers treated her like dirt, telling customers and clients not to work with Jones because she was gay. Jones says her manager referred to Jones' girlfriend as "that thing that comes to visit her at work."

On her lunch breaks, Jones says her manager would regularly ask if Jones was getting fried chicken.

Jones claims she was eventually forced to resign because of the treatment she received.

Jones is suing Burch's company -- as well as her manager and others -- for unspecified damages.

Burch was not accused of wrongdoing herself in the the lawsuit and she is not named as a defendant.

Calls to Burch's rep were not immediately returned.


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I don;t believe her, she is using every cliche out there.

659 days ago


Not buying this story

659 days ago


So, in other words, girlfriend, you were hired to do a job. You didn't get that job "DONE" so you were reprimanded and given an ultimatum to step up to the plate and deliver. You figure because you are both BLACK and BI-SEXUAL that gives you a crapload of leeway to putz around and not do what was hired of you. They then asked for your resignation after a year? Right, NO ONE in this day and age puts up with this kind of garbage that long. Fashion industry? I find more Gay's in that industry than anything else, the only REAL Heteros seem to be the models. Not buying ANY of this story.

659 days ago


BILLIONAIRE fashion designer I have never heard of?

659 days ago


This wasn't the "fashion industry". It was a store, where people of all types work: gays, bisexuals, racists, sexists, homophobes, etc. I could understand you all's beliefs if she worked directly for Burch, but it was her store. With that being said, I can say that I believe her. Despite what many think, just because some people are accepting nowadays, that doesn't mean that all people are. I have seen the worst of it and I'm probably younger than most commenters. To the people saying if they hate black people, why did they hire her. This is not the 1900s. It is 2013. All stores figure that they need to meet a quota. The owner of Hollister prefers skinny white blondes but there are still one or two black workers in every store. It's not about who you like, it's about appearances. And to the people saying she needs proof: do you think people will really jump to back her up? This economy is in a slump and no one is trying to risk their well being over someone else. It's sad when there are so many frivolous lawsuits that we can't stop and take the time to acknowledge the real ones, so we lump them up with the rest.

659 days ago


Another MONEY Fast scheme hope she loses and has to pay all court costs....

659 days ago

Jericho Morton    

Arms open, pals up, hands out. "Pay me for my disgusting public displays of perversion!"

659 days ago

your own luck    

This is hard to believe since this manager that supposedly treated her so badly also hired her. Hmmm.

659 days ago


and I'm to actually believe this BS!!!!?

659 days ago


I call BS. I lived near there for years and it's just not credible that the the manager and employees could have been so openly homophobic and gotten away with it there since a vast majority of the clientele would have been offended by that. (What they thought in private, who knows.) This place is a mile from the mostly openly gay city in California.

659 days ago


This fried chicken reference is tired, old and stupid. Southerners LOVE fried chicken, all races. In fact, please tell me what non-vegetarian, non-dieter does NOT like fried chicken? Or orange soda for that matter? In fact, while I'm at it, let me throw in watermelon! All these food references are RIDICULOUS!

659 days ago


If the woman who sued the manager and employees didn't mention the designer's name, why did you, TMZ?

659 days ago


she doesnt look half black or half gay-
so who told?

659 days ago


It sounds too ridiculous to be true, but then again, doesn't she have to pay all the lawyer and court fees if she loses? She is going after the manager and employees, and not the designer, so I doubt they are rich.

If I were a customer and heard that going on, I would 1) Complain to the owner, and 2) Offer to give the employee a signed statement of what I heard. Maybe she has recorded proof?

659 days ago


I cry bull**** on this. Wonder why this "woman" was hired in the first place? She sounds like a real joy.

659 days ago
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