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Fashion Icon Tory Burch LLC

Black, Bisexual Ex-Employee

'I Was Treated Horribly!'

1/4/2013 1:06 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

A black, bisexual woman has sued her former employer -- the company run by high-end fashion designer Tory Burch -- claiming her manager and co-workers put a big fat target on her head because of her race and bisexuality.

Jessica Jones filed the lawsuit, claiming she worked at the billionaire designer's flagship store in Bev Hills from July 2011 to July 2012 -- and during that time, Jones claims she was called everything from a "disgusting" homosexual to a "n***er."

In the docs, Jones says her manager and co-workers treated her like dirt, telling customers and clients not to work with Jones because she was gay. Jones says her manager referred to Jones' girlfriend as "that thing that comes to visit her at work."

On her lunch breaks, Jones says her manager would regularly ask if Jones was getting fried chicken.

Jones claims she was eventually forced to resign because of the treatment she received.

Jones is suing Burch's company -- as well as her manager and others -- for unspecified damages.

Burch was not accused of wrongdoing herself in the the lawsuit and she is not named as a defendant.

Calls to Burch's rep were not immediately returned.


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This is such an obvious cash grab. Who in LA fashion has a problem with race or sexuality. Seriously. Get a clue.

657 days ago


Sounds like what happened was the girls she worked with Gossiped a lot. They definitely said those things but not to her face. They probably called her nasty things but not to her face. They probably referred to her girlfriend as 'that thing' but not to her face. They gossiped about her and someone (also in the circle) told her. There was a snitch among them and the "black, bisexual employee" got humiliated. First, she can't sue co-workers for gossiping behind her back. That's not harassment. So many of us would get sued too! You know it! She just wants money for being embarrassed. Maybe she shouldn't have told everybody her personal business and let her gf walk in

657 days ago



657 days ago


A hot bisexual girlfriend is every man's fantasy!

657 days ago


yeah, cause they're are no gay designers.

657 days ago


the calico is not fresh

657 days ago


This lawsuit will be thrown out faster than moldy guacamole.

657 days ago


From the nose down = Obama
From the eyes up = Vanna White

657 days ago


Probably did happen, but I wouldn't waste my life fighting haters! Why do you feel the need to F everything and everybody lady? Dang shame about some humans the will F anything and creature.

657 days ago


Wow, the race card and the lesbian card. She must want more money, so she will never have to work again. Whatever, I don't buy it. Those 2 cards are so old and I laugh everytime I read something like this. If you are black, get over yourself, if you are gay, get over yourself. No one cares anymore.

656 days ago

steve hoyt    

Tory, truth is an absolute defense.

656 days ago


there are some folks you definitely do not want to hire, some are trouble from the beginning . . . employers need a union that will help remove these liabilities from the labor pool

656 days ago


I can empathize. I was bullied and railroaded out of my TV station job in Canada. All due to the denial of my bosses which resulted in nothing getting resolved and all their mistakes were apparently my fault. Go figure, I was even doing the work of other staff members trying to be a team player. including spending 100s of hours of my free time helping out (which NO other employee would do). Yet when I finally complained about my work stresses, bosses just responded with logical fallacy games, and I was fired. Comments here reflect some of the same demonization that I experienced. Here I am, a victim of workplace bullying, yet my friends and family just giggle too.

656 days ago


Duh it's cause your black and bisexual

656 days ago


This why the unemployment rate in the african american community is 3x worse than any other. When they are able to instantly claim racism when they get fired it makes bosses and business owners think twice be for hiring them.

656 days ago
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