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Johnny Manziel

Popping Dom

After Big Bowl Win

1/6/2013 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0106_manziel_launch_wmHeisman Trophy winning quarterback Johnny Manziel -- aka Johnny Football -- celebrated his team's recent big victory with a bottle of Dom Perignon -- the only problem is ... he's 20.

Manziel and his Texas A&M Aggies destroyed Oklahoma in the Cotton Bowl on Friday, 41-13. On Saturday night, Manziel hit up Avenu Lounge in Dallas and as you can see in the pics ... he rather enjoyed himself.

We're told when the pics were taken, Johnny was hanging out with a small group of people in an area behind the DJ booth.

Manziel doesn't turn 21 until December and the club is a 21 and over place.

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Leave it to a butthurt longhorn to come in and tell Aggies how dumb we are.

594 days ago

The Ghost of John Lennon    

A dentist in London laid acid on George, me, and our wives. He just put it in our coffee or something… He gave us it, and he was saying, I advise you not to leave. We thought he was trying to keep us for an orgy in his house.

594 days ago


He's an athlete. Rules don't apply

594 days ago

The Ghost of John Lennon    

The first time I had acid, a light bulb went on in my head and I began to have realizations which were not simply, I think I’ll do this, or I think that must be because of that.” The question and answer disappeared into each other. An illumination goes on inside: in ten minutes I lived a thousand years. My brain and my consciousness and my awareness were pushed so far out that the only way I could begin to describe it is like an astronaut on the moon, or in his space ship, looking back at the Earth. I was looking back to the Earth from my awareness.

594 days ago


Quick....call the FBI

594 days ago


If he were black, most of you commenting would say "what do you expect?". I'm just calling as I read it.

594 days ago


Yo TMZ leave the misguided righteous indignation to Nancy Grace.

594 days ago


Haha pic reminds me of back in school when a dude learned how to fill his mouth with lighter fluid and then light it and blow fire, until the last time he did it...he lit the lighter and WOOF!...flame went up and caught his hair on fire, burned off his eyebrows and bangs and gave him a bad burn on the forehead
For some reason he chose to stop doing the lighter-fluid-flame thing. Can't imagine why :D

594 days ago


Marc Jacobs tortures a young girl for 5 years. He steals her fashion design, fooles her with love promises and marriage, meanwhile ignore her person from the fashion world. Read the article with the details: http://styleangelique.blogspot.hu/2012/12/marc-jacobs-godfather-in-sponge-bob.html

594 days ago


Hmmmm…20 year old freshman!!!! My kid is 20 years old and is a junior.


594 days ago


Geeeeez TMZ give it a break. So what!. I don't condone the age thing per se, but how about you spending more time on the kids 14-17 doing drugs, having babies, gangs, dropouts from middle school to high school and crap that affects all of us.

So instead you decide to find something about a Heisman trophy winner, quarterback of his college team, known for his ethics and graduation from yes, "college", with a bright future and appearances that he puts his name to people and things of value. This is your best!?

If that's the worst of him, TMZ should be ashamed of themselves. Come to think of it, lately TMZ has really crawled into the sully sewer, searching, digging, .... for world peace maybe . I thought TMZ was better than that

And get this. I have no dog in the hunt. Johnny who??, plays for a Texas team, seems to win and is successful.

So if you're going to attempt to undress someone in front of the public, I'd suggest: Do a better job of it, or maybe others will undress the TMZ staff just for reciprocal joy

594 days ago


So, TMZ was on the scene and was not able to get 1 picture of him actually DRINKING? That might have been worth a story. Instead, you have him holding a bottle. Excuse me while i yawn....

594 days ago


Nice Nine

594 days ago


it's ok...his daddy was there too!

594 days ago


But football player can do whatever they want in freedom. rape women, drink and drive while drunk. They are protected.

594 days ago
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