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Lil Twist

Bad Influence

On Bieber

1/6/2013 12:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0106_Lil-Twist_instagram2Justin Bieber is under the influence ... of a rapper named Lil Twist -- and the rapper may be leading JB down a dangerous path.

Twist was with Bieber in a Newport Beach hotel room last week, where, we're told, the rapper was happily rolling blunts for J.B. and others.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... JB and Twist have become tight ... and have been smoking together on a number of other occasions.

0106-lil-twist-justin-bieber-instagram-article-2-nye-3You'll recall ... Twist was speeding on the 405 Freeway New Year's Day in Justin's Ferrari when he was pulled over by cops.  A photog was killed trying to snap pics of the traffic stop.  Prior to the accident, Twist and Justin had spent much of the day in a room at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills -- where Justin frequently gets a room.

Twist's Twitter profile pic makes it  clear ... he's a fan.

Sources involved in Justin's life who care about him are deeply concerned that Twist has become a powerful negative influence in his life and feel very strongly Justin needs a clean break from the rapper or else bad things are going to happen.

FYI ... Lil Twist is signed by Lil Wayne and close knit with the Cash Money and Young Money crews.


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if anything twist is a positive influence making bieiber cooler. Tmz your a joke your like a funny bad movie keep up the comedy. Whoever idea it was to post this **** is 2 funny lmao

657 days ago


im sure lil twist or whatever his name, is not forcing Bieber to do anything he doesnt want.

657 days ago


All of yall shut up yall r in CALIFORNIA yall have more weed than anyone else in the world let the MAN get his puff on

657 days ago


Lets stop the blame game, Lil Twist is also a teenager like Justin, we teenagers do this all the time.

657 days ago


Come on, If you idiots think that just because Bieber might try smokin a blunt, that we need to demonize and attack everyone who does so and is in his life? In my opinion, the little **** could use a toke to calm the hell down and realize how much of a self-obsessed ******* he really is.

657 days ago


Lil Twist is not the last justin has smoke with or will smoke with. We also blame the black kids for every bad. Justin is not perfect, he is a teen and that's what we do, all part of growing up.

657 days ago


These loser who took the picture forgot about the corona bottle. I see what the riches are doing keeping the weed still illegal BUT THEY FOR GOT THE BEER. Oh well it's legal I guess let him drink underage. HAHAHAHH world is so blind.

657 days ago


So low, now Scooter is throwing the black kid under the bus.

657 days ago


I'm a Justin Bieber fan,(you can bash me for that some other time) but even i agree, you can't blame Twist for his actions! Justin is 18 now, a grown adult, he knows right from wrong!! Do i like him hanging around Twist?? NO, but not just because of the weed smoking, or that he's black!! but Justin can choose whoever he wants to hang out with!! If it gets him into trouble, nobodies fault but his own!!

657 days ago


Justin's manager just tweeted saying"alot of BS out there.. And im thinking he is talking about this post, considering Twist was with Justin last night at his concert.. Doesnt sound like they are trying to get Twist away from Justin!!

657 days ago


To: Justin's mother...what were you thinking handing your son over to these thugs when he was so young and impressionable at the time. You have lost him now. The thug mindset has evolved in him from the examples he has had for so many years now. I blame you for letting him go, no matter how bad he wanted fame, you should never have taken him out of Canada while he was still developing and growing, because now he has American values, not Canadian values. He may have apologized to the photogs family, but he also criticized the guy the day after he died. That's not the Canadian way. That's the heartless American way.

657 days ago


I bet you ANYthing lil Wayne or Nikki will have a verse pertaining to Justin. 'Got caught lighting up, don't give a f*** like Justin bieeeeberrr' I can already hear it. On repeat. Over and over.

657 days ago

The Ghost of John Lennon    

Bob Dylan had heard one of our records where we said, I can’t hide, and he had understood, I get high. He came running sand said to us, “Right, guys, I’ve got some really good grass. How could you not dig a bloke like that? He thought we were used to drugs. We smoked and laughed all night. He kept answering our phone, saying,This is Beatlemania here. It was ridiculous. We were smoking marijuana for breakfast during that period. Nobody could communicate with us; it was all glazed eyes and giggling all the time. In our own world.

657 days ago


So you are gonna rewrite the same story in how many ways now!?

657 days ago


Maybe they were in Colorado where it's legal

657 days ago
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