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Bethenny Frankel

I Want Child Support ...

From My Ex!

1/7/2013 9:58 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bethenny Frankel
means business, even in divorce.  She wants Jason to pay child support and a lot more ... TMZ has learned.

TMZ broke the story ... Bethenny filed for divorce last week against Jason Hoppy.  Now we've learned ... Bethenny -- who is reportedly worth between $25 million and $55 million -- has filed legal docs asking for the following from Jason:

--- Child support ... retroactive from the date she filed for divorce
--  Medical, dental, optical, therapeutic, and orthodontic expenses for HER and her child
--  Life insurance that makes both her and the kid beneficiaries

She also wants Jason -- who made lots of money in real estate --  out of their marital residence for good.  Bethenny is asking for exclusive occupancy.

And there's more ... Bethenny wants primary physical custody of 2-year-old Bryn.

Bethenny also wants the judge to enforce their prenup dated March 23, 2010 ... signed 5 days before they got hitched.

A source connected with Bethenny tells TMZ ... "This is a preliminary step to move the process forward.   She wants to work this out privately and amicably.  All Bethenny cares about is that it works out the best way possible for Bryn."



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All he has to do is have the judge(s) review her show. She signed the do***ent 5 days before the marriage? She made alot of promises, she BROKE her vows, she was/is a bitch. This guy tried everything, and in fact his behaviour is that of a abused spouse. THE proof is on tape. Jason, get a good attorney, defend yourself. She should PAY you! She should divide her money with you for putting up with her !

612 days ago


No doubt about ti, she is a bitch from hell.

612 days ago


She's angry...and I wonder why.

611 days ago


and you wonder why guys shy away from commitment . This crack pot greedy bitch is why. This 55 million $ bitch wants more. Sorry Ladies but this is why call some of you the C word.

611 days ago


Really? So how does All Bethenny cares about is that it works out the best way possible for Brynn include Orthodontia for Bethanny ? How will Bethany having Primary Parental guardianship be the best for Brynn. I truly hope both the Judge and Jason wipe the floor with that whack job

611 days ago


go back to the bulimic clinic Bethenny... go find your self .. in a pile of vomit

610 days ago


if you ever watched Real Housewives she trapped that dude!

603 days ago


What an ugly Jew she is!

600 days ago

J Hufford    

Bethany needs to grow up. When Jason came into her life she had a chance but not now. With her it is all amout herself. If she really carred about Bryn she would stay married to her father who is the best thing that ever happened to her.

503 days ago


Bethenny is a Bithch an everyone is seeing Exactly who she really is it just too bad Teresa had got the Trademark of SkinnyGirl for Teresa's Book before Bethenny did an there was nothing that Bethenny could do about it ,'So that's why Frankenstein was so up-set at Teresa then Bethenny started to talk all kinds of BS about Teresa an Bethenny was the one that got Teresa's brother Joe an sister-n-law Messy Melissa on the show to hurt Teresa what a shame to go through all that " Trouble" to hurt someone line that, that's just to show ya how sick Bethenny really is an how far she would go to bring someone down. Bethenny is a very sick girl that needs a lot of help .

361 days ago

j00009 David    

What a bitch, he should of never signed a prenuptial.
Step 1 get pregnant.
Step 2 She protect "her" money before the wedding.
Step 3 dump the guy. (make it look like it was his fault)
Step 4 make it all about the child, she had enough money stashed away to support several hundred children, but she wants more.
Step 5 get on a public platform so she can belittle him.
Step 6 keep the child from his fantastic parents

273 days ago


Jason should sue her for all she is worth. I used to love her and now I have lost all respect for her. I don't think
she should even have custody of Bryn. Boy, all those
millions sure went to her head.

196 days ago


Jason should sue her and sue for custody of Bryn. I use to lover her. Watched all her shows, but now I can't stand her. She is a greedy, greedy person. She should pay you.
He was nothing but good to her and I believe he really loved her and all she wanted was the publicity.

196 days ago

William Foresman    

yeah, right...

196 days ago

Comment king     

Well obviously you are not going to get any sort of real child support if it is a shared custody ordeal so what she is really doing is trying to find anyway possible to make this mans life a living hell because she can't accept that it did not work out. Obviously the man is a talented hard worker who makes real money and is a responsible Dad. He obviously had a child with a woman who deserves to have one as well but the relationship failed. I say split them down the middle and if they can't work things out enough to be good parents because she believes she has the right to now hijack and control his life than hopefully an intelligent experienced judge gets the case kicks her out and tells her to pay and let's him keep the child under full custody rights. Times are changing. Grow up! Your show is made for idiots or young teenage woman who don't get it! #pest

196 days ago
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