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Alleged Sandy Hook Copycat

Threatens to Target L.A.

Kindergarteners for Death

1/8/2013 5:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The 24-year-old man who threatened to commit Sandy Hook type crimes in L.A. claimed he was hell-bent on leaving "dead kindergartners" in his wake ... yet he will not be prosecuted.

Kyle Bangayan posted threats on Facebook the same day as the Newtown shooting ... and claimed he was targeting L.A. schools ... this according to a search warrant obtained by TMZ.

Kyle allegedly wrote, "No really America, if you post one more Facebook post about the shooting at that elementary school, I swear to whatever f**king god you believe in that I will do the same goddamn thing."

The rant continues, "I have the guns, I have the incentive, and I won't commit suicide at the end, I'll just go to the next f**king school and the next and the next ..."

And he goes on ... "So I woke up this morning and said to myself ... Dang you know [what] would be really awesome right now ... some dead kindergarteners ... and Christmas early."

Kyle was arrested in L.A. after a tipster told the LAPD about the online threats -- and when cops searched his bedroom (at his parents house) they found six semi-auto handguns, two rifles and one shotgun.

Now for the kicker.  Kyle was released and the L.A. County D.A. said no charges would be filed, because the threats were not specific. 

A little unsettling .... don't you think?


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To me there is no greater act of terrorism, then threatening our children, or harming them in any way. I truley feel, that this person should be treated with extreme predjice. And by that I'm not talking about his race. He should have no bail, and jailed in place, that deals with mental health. I would be half tempted, never mind. What a horrible person. He needs dealt with. He needs to be made an example of.

623 days ago


This is outrageous! I have read a lot of things on TMZ that have pissed me off, but as a mother of a child in kindergarten, this makes me madder than hell. The prosecutor's office should be held responsible for ANY person that gets hurt by this horrible man. All the parents of kindergartner's in this man's vicinity should keep their kids home from school for their own safety, but also as a way to protest the prosecutor's decision.

623 days ago


Lock this nut up

623 days ago


Well I live in the LA area and will go looking for this guy and pull a Dexter. This nut needs to go!

623 days ago


What a nut!

623 days ago


And that right there is a big part of the problem, not guns, guns are so far down on the list of problems. Here's someone that has shown he's a bit unstable and is making threats but because he's not detailing every god damn thing in those threats they just let him go. Absolutely ridiculous!!

623 days ago


I wonder if the person who made this really intelligent (not) decision would feel good if one of his kids got taken out by this POS?
I am pro-gun but only in the hands of law abiding, productive citizens who act responsibly. This means they would use the weapons only in a defensive manner. This creep is mentally ill and should not have any weapons. His parents are idiots for allowing that arsenal in his room.

623 days ago

Kev the Realist    

Are there any freekin Gun laws in california? If so and this idiot legally owned guns then his license should be revoked on moral turpitude grounds. If the guns were illegal then why wasn't he arrrested....Somthing smells in your coverage of this case. You need to dig in and get more facts.

623 days ago



623 days ago


Americans and their beloved "right to bear arms".

623 days ago


Yes! VERY unsettling and extremely terrifying!!! Why??????

623 days ago


The parents must be proud.

623 days ago


Bit late on this TMZ, other news sites had this middle of December!

623 days ago


A uninformed cop should be on this douchbags tail everywhere he goes. He won't like it and he won't think it so funny anymore.

623 days ago


And he was let go just like that?? I hope they removed all those guns from this nutjobs home. He should be forced to undergone a psych evaluation

623 days ago
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