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Lindsay Lohan

'Canyons' Article Was

Pretty Accurate

1/11/2013 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Lindsay Lohan admits ... she was a bit of a pain in the ass on the set of "The Canyons" ... but she's adamant she did NOT drink and drive. 

Sources close to the actress tell TMZ ... Lohan is well aware of the article published in the New York Times chronicling the madness that went down during the production of the movie.

Lohan is telling friends ... most of the stories in the article are TRUE -- she was late a few times, she was nervous about getting naked and she argued with producers ... but LiLo says stuff like that happens all the time on movie sets, so it's no big deal.

But we're told Lindsay says the allegations that she boozed on set and got behind the wheel of a car afterward are totally bogus. She claims she's not that stupid and irresponsible.

When there WAS booze on the set, sources close to Lohan say it was provided by the director Paul Schrader -- who would often pour vodka shots for the crew at the end of a shooting day. Lindsay swears she didn't partake in the alcoholic festivities.

In the end, Lindsay says she's not mad about the article -- and still has a good relationship with everyone she worked with, including producers, co-stars and even the director -- who she claims has already approached her about a new project.

The feeling's mutual for 'Canyons' producer Braxton Pope -- who called TMZ Live yesterday, and did verbal backflips to say how "excellent" Lindsay was ... and claimed the benefits of having her in the film "far outweighed" the challenges.



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Only in Holly wood can you show up late, be argumentative with the boss and walk off the job, and still be a sought after commodity.

560 days ago

Latch Johnson    

She talks as if she knows that driving under the influence is something wrong and she would never think of it. But hasn't she been arrested for just that on multiple occasions now? I'm sure she did it this time too.

560 days ago


You can like or dislike Lindsay Lohan but you can't ignore facts and the facts speak for themselves, she does not drink and drive, she has learned a hard lesson since 2007.

560 days ago


Well well well, Lindsay just ratted herself out when she said most of the stories in the article are TRUE. So it is a fact that she tried to steal the Taylor bracelet and have a fake made. BUT she did not drink and drive. Even with free vodka shots after work she turns down her favorite drink ? Lindsay Lohan lies like a dog, and has the fleas to prove it too!

560 days ago


@ Sam
Who- everyone. Not in London they are famous for tearing celebrities apart.But in the US only a very small portion of her problems have been reported. How about an expose on how she makes 100,000 for just going to a" party"? In this article from the NY Times-who was the strange man with the gifts? Her open and notorius drug use?
How about her mother acting as her "manager". Yes we talk about this stuff her but if a competent investigative reporter dug deep -all of her secrets would be exposed.Bitcho commits more crimes and nasty deeds in one day than most people could do in a lifetime.

560 days ago

queen bee    


560 days ago


What that article does is to connect the dots between her public incidents. She's clearly not a victim of some bad luck or a few mistakes. She's a 24hour full-on self entitled, lazy brat who's insensitive to the existence of others and she can't act either. She's constant bully *******.

Worse she doesn't have the the tiniest bit of self awareness or, God forbid, remorse.

"Taking responsibility" for you action means acknowledging them, contemplating the consequence to others, saying sorry, making it right and not doing it again. It does not mean calling a tabloid to get paid for producing some new crocodile tears.

560 days ago


Lindsay can't function because when she was 45 days old she can remember her drunk mother accuse her father of hitting her when she sloppy bumped into the freezer. Righttt

560 days ago


You got that too. !!! LOL........

and Richard.......why and I illogical.....? pointing out a fact....that is proven again and again and again.....The one accusation that causes Lohan Inc to flip out worse then any other is using the word Drink, Drunk. or alcohol.....its the Match that sets the fire every time....

560 days ago

Where Are All The Real Celebrities    

Can't wait for Dina and Michael's take on the article.

Get you waders ready everyone cause the schit storms a comin lol

560 days ago


If that's what happens on sets all the time, then I'm very happy I never went into acting. I would never ever behave that way.

560 days ago


As for Braxton Pope. He's got all his cash on the line with this experiment. He's got to back up his film. If he pisses on her, they all get wet.

560 days ago


Lindsay Lohan aka Bitcho is an arrogant, self obessed bitch. That is her downfall. The reason others overcome their addiction problems are because they admit to having a problem and they are professional and are still able to get trhe job done -like a Charlie Sheen or a Keith Richards.
Lindasy is going to have to have a personality bypass and intense treatment for her addictions and various mental disorders. Bitcho has got to want to do all of these thing herself. At this point she is so far up denials ass she can see it's adam's apple.For the defenders of this bitch -you are not doing her any favors defending her-all it takes for an addict to keep using is just one statement or act that they can rationalise and say they are fine. So be a fan but don't be an enabler.

560 days ago

pattycakes not to be confused with pattycake    

She is getting way too long of tooth for all these antics. It's not cute and she isn't real cute anymore. She's getting older. It's such a shame rag mop can't show her how to grow up. How you guys like the name Rag Mop Duina. I like that! Check back later gotta do my chores and feed my critters.

560 days ago


So it seems finally Lohan has realized that the best way to lie is to mix a bit of truth in with the lies and admit to some of the minor non lawbreaking stuff rather than just deny, deny, deny. Well that might have convinced me in 2009 but not today. Too little, too late Liarhan, we all know you were drunk as a skunk.

560 days ago
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