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Britney and Jason

They Broke Up

Over Kids

1/12/2013 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears
and Jason Trawick broke up primarily because she wanted to have more kids and he didn't ... TMZ has learned.

Sources directly connected to the couple tell us ... Britney, who is 31, loves her boys and desperately wants more kids.  Jason, who is 41, is "in another place" and does not want to start a family -- although he loves Sean Preston and Jayden James.  We're told the former couple argued frequently about family and this ultimately proved their undoing.

Our sources say ... there's something else -- dealing with the Britney empire wore at Jason and "took away his individuality."  Jason wanted to maintain his identity and one of the ways was to expand his business by taking on more clients (he's an agent) and making more money -- this didn't sit well with Britney.

As for settling up -- we're told it's simple.  There are no outstanding financial issues.  Sources say the house Britney just bought -- $8.5 mil in Thousand Oaks, CA -- was purchased solely with her money and Jason has no claim to it.

Short story -- it's a clean break.


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She has proven to be such a good mother so far??? Good for him, at 41 why start a family now with someone who could crash anytime and go thru what her children with Kevin went thru. You can breed kids, but it doesn't make you a mother.

629 days ago


At least he has a little integrity. If it was k-fed or this other dude she was messing with they would have knocked her up as much as she wanted to get her as a meal ticket. He is not the baby daddy type he can make money on his own.

629 days ago


I have never been a Britney fan per se....she is not a particularly good singer, but she used to be a great performer. I think it's unfortunate that this relationship did not work out. Whatever else Jason was to her.. he at least seemed stable and to have her best interests at heart. Sometimes it's not all hearts, flowers & fireworks that make a couple.. sometimes it is simply trust, companionship and love...the kind that accepts the good , bad & ugly of the other person, Britney's past choices have not been the best....but her personal and professional life have been on a positive upswing since Jason came into her life... I just hope this is not the catalyst that will send her back the other way, I hope that her father and those around her will continue to keep her healthy & happy.. she does have 2 little boys to raise.....

629 days ago

your own luck    

With Jason out of the picture, watch the downward spiral begin again.

629 days ago


If she is moving to Vegas even for a year, does this mean her father has to pack up and move with her or does he just cut off her access to her bank accounts while she is in another state??. Her son sean should be an adult in 11 years, so maybe when she is 42 years old and her father cant conserve her anymore due to his age, maybe her own son can when he is 18??? lets see what the next britney decade brings.

629 days ago

She need jail time     

Jason made the right decision not to have kids with her. No man want to have kids by someone who is sick. He prob know her stituation and saw her as a mother. She need to focus on the two kids that she does not have custody of. He will find someone though and they will have a family.

629 days ago


She's bat-sh!t crazy so she really doesn't need to be bringing any more children into this world but kudos to her for not "accidentally" getting pregnant, ala Bridget Moynahan, to try and keep him.

629 days ago


I'm sure she'll find someone to breed with.

629 days ago


she already has two kids that she does not have custody of . so how can she want more kids ???

629 days ago


britney knew that simoon was going to fire her, britney knew that jason was breaking up with her .. this was rumored three weeks ago.. britney now had to divert the attention to vegas and come up with some reason she was able to quit xfactor before she got fired and able to move away from jason as he was leaving her anyways.. i dont believe she will sell out each night in vegas for a year. im sure in a month or less we will hear she has chosen to not go to vegas and in the mean time it has diverted attention away from her getting near fired and dumped by her bf.

629 days ago


Isn't Jayden James the name of a porn star? LMAO.

629 days ago


The last thing Britney should be doing is having more kids. If you aren't mentally capable of managing your own life you shouldn't have kids.

629 days ago


if she wants more kids, there all kinds of men out there will to impregnate a white woman with lots of money is 32 or kanye west.. im sure he would give britney babies..

629 days ago


Brit should be glad that Jason does actually want to work and not leech off her. Unfortunately she is very needy and clingy and does not realise that him working and being independent is a good and healthy thing for their relationship. Hopefully the time apart will make her see sense.

629 days ago


He can now hang Frankie G. All ends that ends well.

629 days ago
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