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Britney Spears

VERY Close

To Closing Vegas Deal

1/13/2013 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0111_las_vegas_britney_Spears_articleBritney Spears' team has almost locked an enormously lucrative deal which will make her a fortune in return for appearing in Las Vegas ... TMZ has learned.

TMZ broke the story ... Britney is seriously considering picking up stakes and making her residency Las Vegas -- something just made easier after her split with fiance Jason Trawick.  She's been negotiating with one of the Caesar group properties to appear in a Celine Dion-type show.

Sources connected to the negotiations tell us ... from Brit's standpoint, "The deal is a go. There are several stipulations that could throw a monkey wrench in the deal, but it's basically done."

One of the outstanding issues -- exactly what Britney will be doing.  There's back-and-forth over whether she will just perform on stage at a big theater multiple nights a week, or whether she will also make appearances at functions in the hotels, nightclubs and pool day clubs.

Our sources say the money being negotiated is "astronomical" -- more than Celine's $100 mil a year.


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...LOLA---Please dislodge yourself from Brittney's VAGINA.

If you had any concept as to the rigorous demands of doing Vegas shows back- to- back--then you would also know that Miss Brtt-Britt will not last three mounts before suffering her humph-teen and final mental breakdown or worse.

What's best for Miss Spears is to go somewhere and take care of her growing boys--and count her money and her blessings.

Anything more than this would be considered unnecessary PUSHING IT.

And as for individuals who "CLAIM" to be "LOVING FANS" of hers----the real truth is that none of you are actual fans in the least.

You so-called fans won't be content until Brittney keels-over dead -trying desperately to relive her heyday years.

You frauds should never forget what happened to Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley when they foolishly were talked into launching comebacks by all their so-called fans, handlers, and moochers

And what's really putrid is that you all will have the nerve and audacity to shed waterfall tears for your dead icons--when it was actually you all who kill them by pushing them way past their expiration date

You people are swine...Artofwar

646 days ago


Who will be her "minder" with Jason gone? Surely she won't be left without a substantial management team keeping her functional and on only the "correct" drugs. I guess her father's job isn't over, nor are his commissions as her manager and custodian.

646 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

If by "close," you mean as soon as she drops 30 pounds, then yeah, maybe....

646 days ago


If they pay her more than $1, then they're idiots of the first order. Lip synching, autotune & shaking her flabby ass are not worth $100 million...

646 days ago


I've always loved Britney. I've never liked her music or what her PR/management tried to market her as but I've always felt bad for her. She seems like a good soul who was trapped in a nasty situation and I hope things go well for her.

646 days ago


Can't believe she would get paid more than Celine!?!? Celine actually has talent!!!

646 days ago


What corner ?

646 days ago


Omg. TRUTH I have spent huge amount of time trying to respond to your response of my post about Britney. It won't post as a reply to your or my post. I have replied to others with no worries. Maybe this one is too long? I'm pretty new electronically and not sure the why of this but it's late. Will attempt tmrrw.

646 days ago



646 days ago

Johnny R    

I think this will be great for Britney, there is some speculation that she is not well and she can't manage this move but as a musician myself whether she is well or not if Britney doesn't continue performing she might as well roll over and die. The show may fall apart or it could be great but either way its great that she is taking chances and living her life.

646 days ago


Lip Syncing Slot Machine!!

646 days ago


How can she make millions working but not take care of her own kids?

I hope all the money is worth missing out on her kids!

646 days ago


Too sick or bipolar drug addict to take of her own kids (with lots of domestic help!) but healthy enough to work?

Just asking????

646 days ago


For Mr Truth. You didn't have to copy and repost your comment to me but I'm glad you did so no one missed your brilliant repartee. It was the highlight to my day for sure. At first I thought someone had p e e d in your cheerios but the problem was I didn't realize your expertise in the music biz. I GET it. Britney is a washed up has been who will crash and burn in Vegas. Her success was years ago and has no relevance today. Why her father is sitting her up to be humiliated is what I don't get. How can he miss her mental erosion? Just not medically qualified I guess. Blinded by the desire for her to make more money for him to manage I'm sure. I did say in my post that I had NO idea how Britney would translate in Vegas. As a music maven I'm sure you know best so I hope she doesnt get this contract because Britney seems sweet and I would hate for her to be on stage and no one show up. I mistakenly thought that after her public break down, then Circus, getting back up on stage and performing in Femme Fatale grossing 70 million dollars in spite of not having sold out arenas-UK poor show but extra shows scheduled in the New York area-was a success in itself but of course you are right. Success is judged only by the amount of money one makes compared to others doing comparable work. Sorry I forgot that. Oh the KNEE surgery. Yea that's rough as Adrain Peterson showed this year. No hope for being as good again after that. As for all her fans being morons, I'm positive you are an expert on that subject of morons, so I'm sure you are right there also. One last little thing that I have to disagree with you about. Just one! The stfu. I support your right to run your mouth as you see fit even if I disagree with you, whether you support mine or not. Note: this post is wiki free but not beotch free.

646 days ago


This crazy fool could never do a live nightly show. Only crazier people then Brit would want to see the show and how many crazy people do you know with $100

645 days ago
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