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Miss Universe 2012

Yes, I Drank Underage

... But I Don't Anymore

1/13/2013 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0111_olivia_culpo_underage_drinking_launchMiss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo tells TMZ ... she did engage in underage drinking during her freshman year in college (like EVERY college student) ... but the 20-year-old insists her days of illegal boozing are long behind her.

Just days after Culpo emerged victorious at the Miss Universe competition last month, photos of the beauty queen taking shots of hard liquor surfaced on the web -- a problem since she's not exactly 21.

We reached out to Culpo -- who told us, "Like many college students I was curious and did experiment with alcohol in college."

She adds, "I would be lying if I told you I did not experience what many students do during their college years.  I take responsibility for my actions."

Culpo says the pics were taken during her freshman year at Boston University -- but notes she hasn't had one drink since she won the title of Miss USA back in June.

It's too bad Culpo's parents weren't with her during the boozing sessions -- 'cause Massachusetts is one of the states where it's OK for someone under 21 to booze in a bar as long as that person is with a parent who consents.


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so what?
a lot of people drink when they were under age
especially in college
she will be 21 this year
leave her alone....only purpose this serves is to bring her down,
which bs...
fvcking up tight society

648 days ago


making a mountain out of a mole hill hoping it snow balls and she drops her crown so tmz can feel proud that they did something

648 days ago


find me a college student who has not had a drink.....really, drinking age of 21 is absurd- we can own a gun, drive a car, get married, fight for our country-

648 days ago


Old enough to vote, to kill for or be executed by the nation but not to have a beer. The land of the free, where people go to jail for drinking a beer on their front-yard...

648 days ago


Well, obviously it didn't cause her to turn into a heavy boozer or she wouldn't be able to stay in the physical condition needed for Miss Universe. Most college kids experiment, most don't turn into alco's. No biggie.

648 days ago


I have lived in MA my whole life and never heard of this. I just googled and it seems like the person researching this got it from one source. Even if that was the case underage drinking isn't right and I don't understand why it's so difficult for this country to find a single person who hasn't had a big scandal. Wher's all the good people?

648 days ago


I am sick of people saying "everybody does it." No, everybody doesn't do all of those things you claim they do. It's not a good excuse for YOUR behavior. It sounds like a weak, lousy excuse tried by a person of weak character who cannot own up to their own mistakes. "Everybody does it," even if it were true, doesn't make anything right. You'd be very surprised at all the people who do not do all those things some of you keep claiming they do, just to excuse your own lousy behavior. Sure, nobody's perfect, but that doesn't mean we're all out here engaging in your particular chosen sin or illegal activity. Own up to your own mistakes without trying to drag the rest of us down into the gutter with you.

648 days ago


Get a life lola!!

648 days ago


Miss Iowa was even better, saying she "only supports marijuana for recreational or healthcare uses."

648 days ago


This is the same woman that reprimanded marijuana use. Yet she’s been as she calls it “experiencing” herself.

648 days ago

There's a problem here    

This is news? Except for maybe a really into it Mormon who the hell hasn't drank "underage"? By the time most people are 21 half of them are done drinking already. You're a bunch of azzholes with this story.

648 days ago


It is legal drink underage I. Massachusetts with parental consent under supervision.

648 days ago


648 days ago


What's funny is some women/men can join military and die for our could.try....shot kill people....but those same people.can't drink until.they're 21?! Retarded!

648 days ago


Go to and let your voice be heard. It is a program about lowering the drinking age to 18. It's like a 12-year old going to an R-rated movie with his adult parents.

648 days ago
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