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'Honey Boo Boo'

Co-Star BANNED from Show

... The Man Is NUTS!

1/15/2013 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mama June
is puttin' her foot down ... BANNING Crazy Tony from appearing on future episodes of "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" -- all because he's TOO DAMN crazy ... even for reality TV.

TMZ broke the story ... Tony was arrested in Nov. for taking part in a dangerous prank -- which involved a man scaring people on the side of a freeway in a giant gorilla suit -- a move Mama June was none too pleased about.

The "HBB" matriarch tells TMZ ... as of now, she's not comfortable having Tony appear on the TLC mega hit in light of the stunt, saying "We love him as a friend ... but that was a crazy story."

She continues, "Not trying to be mean, but we want to keep it family oriented."

Mama also makes it clear ... despite people calling him "cousin" on the show ... Tony's not related to the family, saying "Crazy Tony's just a family friend ... who is just crazy."

We reached out to Crazy, who told us he's super bummed out by the news ... adding, "TV's changed that family."



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I am once again reluctantly impressed with Mama June. First the trust fund for her girls, now this. I completely underestimated her, for which I would apologize, should she give a hoot about my opinion.

459 days ago


Nice TRIPLE chin.

How about everyone turn off all this garbage reality tv and do something constructive with your time?

459 days ago

BB not bb    

See people want crazy. That is what makes the show attractive. If you cut out the crazy there isn't anything left. You just have some hicks. Saying they are a nice family is just throwing them a bone.

They want Buckwild to be the next megahit, but I don't see them as being crazy enough. When someone cheats on one of them, they just say, okay I won't date him now. It is not like Sam and Ron going nuts.

They try to act crazy with their stunts, but I don't think they are that crazy all in all. They do the same mud bogging thing as Uncle Tony. It seems crazy when you see this Thompson family do it, but when you see the Buckwild people do it, it just seems like teenagers.

459 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

The producers do all they can to make that hog mama seem like a down home girl but if you pay close attention you will see it's all about her. She uses that disgusting child and the rest of that family of trash for her own attention.

459 days ago

Fat Matt    

I'm putting together a plot to kill the entire Honey Boo Boo cast by feedi them cheetos at gun point....who's down? I need a wheelman...

459 days ago


why why why does anyone even watch this crap?

459 days ago


I had never watched this show until this week a friend told me to check it out. So I turned it on (I think Sunday night) and aside from being completely disgusted by their nastiness and the filthy home they live in (she was mashing food up with her hands, one daughter was picking her nose and looking at it...etc. etc. ) I was shocked to see and hear the mother and kids having their words beeped out multiple times because they kept swearing. So for the mother to say what she said in the quote above is completely hypocritical (I told my friend that I couldn't believe that this was supposed to be a 'family' show and there was so much swearing)! In the interview she said: 'She continues, "Not trying to be mean, but we want to keep it family oriented".'

459 days ago


My kids asked to watch this show. Once is all it took. They laughed the whole show. I was grossed out the entire show. Take this crap off.

459 days ago


Disgusting trash. The only people who aren't laughing at them or puking at them are the people who are trash like them. Who is this pig to talk about what's family oriented when she's killing her family with the food she gives them, when she's got a pregnant teenage daughter with a fatherless baby, when she's trying to pimp her youngest daughter out and embarrassing her on national TV and doing nothing to prepare her for the pageants, which are supposed to be what made them popular. This garbage bucket doesn't get to say what's family oriented or not, it's not her call since she obviously doesn't know what she's talking about. She's destroying that family and ruining all of their futures. Not that I care that the gorilla-suit guy isn't on the show, I don't watch that show anymore. I can say though, that June allows all types of hillbilly creeps around her children.

459 days ago

Violent Pope    

Inbreeders are funny.

459 days ago


Mama June may be a simple woman but she's got some common sense. Money in trusts for all the girls and getting rid of the crazy.

459 days ago


I have not seen the show nor do I want to, but by interviews that I've watched, I just can't seem to like this family. I've only heard one good thing come out of this morons (the mom) mouth, that she is setting aside money for her kids college education. The way that she has raised her children is the worst possible. They have no manners, they disrespect everybody, they don't listen and just plain could care less if they're liked or not. On the interview that I watched, they little girl was all over the set, stepping on the furniture, talking back to the mother and everyone on the set and the mother just giggled like it was amusing. WAKE UP BIG DUMMY!

459 days ago


I never wanted to see the show but i watched and was suprised how funny it was...dont judge. I found out from them that u can lose weight from farting... ahahahaha lol

459 days ago


This whole show should be banned.

459 days ago


Man, you KNOW you are fkd up when this sow and her piglets don't want to be bothered with you!

459 days ago
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