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Kourtney Kardashian

I'd Let My Kids Breastfeed

from Kim's Boobs

1/15/2013 2:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Kourtney Kardashian
says she's super excited her sister Kim is with child ... because Kim will be able to use her mom boobs to feed Kourtney's kids ... in addition to her own.

Kourt appeared on the "Today" show this morning with Kim and said she's not weirded out by the idea of letting her kids suckle from multiple Kardashian teats.

Kourt explains, "That's what they did back in the day."

TMZ spoke with a rep for the La Leche League -- an international breastfeeding awareness group -- who says, while it's true wet nurses were used in the past, it's less common today "due to awareness of pathogens that can be transmitted in milk."

In light of those health risks, LLL says they wouldn't advise improvised boob juice sharing ... and says it's "not permitted to suggest an informal milk-donation arrangement, including ... cross-nursing."

Fun Fact -- Salma Hayek used her mom boobs to feed a bunch of random babies in Africa a few years ago ... and didn't receive one single complaint from the babies.


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Im armenian and very embarrased for all the great armenian people and our morals to help others,sad for the genocide, But never have i seen or heard in my 60yrs of people like this sooo filthy and immoral and like pigs , i get nauseated, and filthy rich What con artists like spears slut dancing million $ freak, by mentally sick parents 4 5 kids a mother from hell, kris k kids with a lust for black big D***s, kim is a real slut, her ass is repulsive, embarrasing ass yuk and the way she shows it off sticking it in our face, yuk again They are so patethic and cant see it God sees it pay day will come, i se kim as very stupid and dumb non educ her clothes and empty , useless, like spears , boy are thet ever sick sinners mom also and making people sick

616 days ago


What a sick, sick woman.

616 days ago

curious george    

These vapid, brain-dead, attention whores are just disgusting. Who the hell in their right mind would take anything they say and actually think there is merit in it? Why do people keep interviewing these idiots.

616 days ago

bring back recent posts now Kim is playing the .....I have fertility issue card?????????????...gawd...she is insulting all of the women who DO have this problem...she will go too any lengths for attention headlines....and she is lying thru her teeth...I thought you had too be trying for a couple of years..and she was still on the pill when she suckered in Hump....shameful woman...

616 days ago


I want to breast feed from Kim's milk bags.

616 days ago


If I was the baby I'd want

Kim's Boob
Kourtney's Boob

616 days ago


WHO CARES! It's all a publicity ploy by the KARDASH team to get people talking for her new show

616 days ago


Did anyone else pick up on Kim's lack of any happiness or excitement that she's having a baby? In fact, she seems bummed about it. Creepy disturbed woman. ew

616 days ago


Oh dear,they are running out of stupid things to say.....

616 days ago


I think it is coming to light! Seacrest is desperately trying to keep his formerly "cash cow",(K family),alive, by having the MEDIA adulate them & glorify them, This attention has become confounding to the public, because in general, everyone is sick to death of that family It';s all about attempting to maintain the "money flow"of the status quo. See the writing on the wall,Mr.S.

616 days ago


Thank you for all the laughs, , i needed that, now back to my normal life reading drinking water eating organic food, and thanking God for my great armenian mom and how i turned out to help people learn to live alcohol cig and drug free, and be role model parents learn fro the trasharians, what shame on my cultuire thye need to get out of our face and tmz asap, get our life back , detox from the trash news, ty ,

616 days ago


TMZ just let kimmy know that i'm in for a gallon and a half anytime. If we could hook up THE NOZZLES to OCTOMOM'S BROOD....Kim could fire away with her syrup sacs.....and Octo could be held in reserve with her suck bags. Since all the k girls f%&k ni$%# s shouldn't the milk be chocolate ????

616 days ago


Those fame whores try to get their name in the news every day and they are disgusting.

616 days ago


In context, it's not bad. People did it many, many, many years ago and it's their choice if they want to partake in that. But...I think there are things that should stay private and this is one of those things, but these are the Kardashians we're talking about.

616 days ago

some guy    

Kid: Mommy, where do babies come from?
Kim: Uummm... maybe you should just watch this tape that mommy made.

616 days ago
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