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BCS Announcer

Pissed at ESPN --

I Did NOTHING Wrong By Ogling Miss Alabama!!!

1/16/2013 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

BCS announcer Brent Musburger stands by the fire in his 73-year-old loins -- telling TMZ, he's NOT SORRY for showering Miss Alabama USA Katherine Webb with compliments during the big game between Alabama and Notre Dame ... because he didn't do anything wrong.

Musburger was arriving at the airport in Palm Beach, Florida Tuesday when we asked if he thinks his comments about QB A.J. McCarron's GF were inappropriate -- and Musburger made it clear ... the answer is NO.

In fact, it was pretty obvious Brent has a beef with ESPN for issuing an apology for the whole thing -- but he still issued a pretty politically correct statement about the Worldwide Leader. 

"Individuals say what individuals say. And corporations do what corporations do," Musburger said ... adding, "Obviously, they felt it was the right thing for them to do."

In case you missed the broadcast last week -- Musburger unleashed a barrage of compliments at Webb when the camera cut to her in the stands, ogling her for a good 30 seconds ... and calling her "beautiful" and "lovely" ... comments people criticized as "creepy."

In Brent's defense ... she's really, really hot.

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No Avatar

OH NO!    

Old guys gotta have something to live for.....you can't harsh on their boners. You are going to be old one day too.

643 days ago

News Flash     

Just because his office looks like a milk truck turned over, ESPN owes no apology.

643 days ago


Old dude called a beauty pageant girl lovely. what the hell has happened to our society? What's next? An old lady is going to call a kitten cute?

643 days ago


ESPN was wrong, much to do about nothing.

643 days ago

BB not bb    

She looked upset, as did the little boy next to her and the woman in front of her, but he just kept on. She looked embarressed and uncomfortable. Maybe he was trying to sound hip, or maybe he was just a dirty old man.

Football is a boring game so maybe it even leads to babling.

643 days ago

BB not bb    

What he said was very sexist. He said that any boy who throws around a football would attract this one woman. That makes her sound very shallow and cheap. It makes her sound like some sort of prize for winning a football game, like just another trophy.

If he had meant no harm, he would just apologize for getting carried away. Instead he sticks by his guns like he is entitled to look at women as prizes and just good for looking at.

There are alot of dirty old men who just stare down women like they are alone and looking at a porno movie. It is very upsetting. Maybe she has had alot of these guys harrassing her and is fed up already.

Sometimes you don't know what will offend someone, but if you do offend them, you should just apologize if you meant no harm.

643 days ago


Say nothing and do your easy as flushing job ya crow!

643 days ago


I`am sure he`d like to put on her underwear and run drunk and nude in the hotel hall ways with her boy friend and the football team like he do

643 days ago


him bill clinton and the governator should have a lovein the hallways in thier ladys undies again REUNION!!!

643 days ago


sound off to watch any games he mickys

643 days ago


It was the "wow!" and the "woah!" that were unprofessional and creepy, not merely saying she was beautiful. It would be weird for a broadcaster to say "wow!" and "woah!" every time a pretty girl was on camera.

643 days ago


What's wrong with calling a girl (who is beautiful) beautiful? To bad 89% of American women aren't beautiful... and are jeolous. :(

643 days ago

BB not bb    

Alot of Christian types think watching football is a good way to rest on a Sunday instead of reading the Bible or gathering with others to fellowship. The don't seem to take too kindly to added sexual content, other than adult women in miniskirts doing acrobatics on the sidelines.

People had a major mental malfuncion when Janet Jackson had a wardrobe malfunction at the Superbowl and people actually saw a female nipple. They complained about the effect this would have on a child having to see a woman's nipple.

I kind of expect old men to be creepy any more, so this might have gone right past me.

643 days ago


Maybe if he was ogling a guy he would get a raise and a promotion.

643 days ago


The Camera Stayed on her for 30 seconds: HE was doing his job and continuing to talk about the visual that was being broadcast. A fine broadcaster doing his job. This is not a story TMZ

643 days ago
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