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MJ's Doc Arnold Klein

I'm Prince Jackson's Dad

... Maybe

1/17/2013 2:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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0117-arnie-klein-facebookDr. Arnie Klein -- Michael Jackson's famed dermatologist -- has just taken credit for fathering MJ's son Prince Jackson ... sort of.

Klein posted the cryptic picture on his Facebook profile yesterday, showing Prince side-by-side with an old photo of Klein when he was younger -- presumably to show the resemblance.

Under the photo, Klein wrote the caption, "hmmmmm" -- a wink at people who've been saying for years that Klein provided the sperm that fathered Prince and Paris.

You'll recall, Michael Jackson's ex-wife Debbie Rowe gave birth to Prince in 1997, and daughter Paris the year after. MJ's third child Blanket was born to an anonymous surrogate in 2002.

Debbie was Arnie's medical assistant back when Michael was a patient -- but she's never spoken publicly about the identity of the father.

Arnie has previously denied being the dad, telling Diane Sawyer, "To the best of my knowledge, I am not the father of these children."

So we gotta ask ...



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What an idiot. What is he even trying to prove from this? He has never been a father to any of these three children, regardless of whether they share DNA or not. Biology doesn't equal family.

605 days ago

Teresa Caudle    

How CRUEL could this Arnie Klein be to throw something out there that could be so hurtful to Prince! Doesn't sound like something a REAL father would do to me! Besides, I never heard a word that there was any doubt about Prince's paternity!! Are they trying to say MJ was gay or something?!! Why would he not be the real father?! I think it's MORE crap!! That even in death the haters cannot leave him and NOW HIS CHILDREN Alone! Truly sad these people even exist!

605 days ago


I hate to say it but I knew it as he was getting older I could see he looked like this dr sadly to say, I love MJ with all my heart but he did not raise those kids, the nanny did, MJ had way too much on his shoulders to take care of three kids I would say Blanket is a Jackson, not sure by MJ but he looks like the only one the others are purely from Debbie and jewish

605 days ago


I think Arnold is feeling alone and helpless. he is sick and with many problems. Maybe it was that he found a way to draw attention to the family of michael.
if michael was here would help for sure.

605 days ago

Franny Marian    

Please do not tell me that any of you think Michael Jackson is the father of these children? Have you never seen a picture of Michael J. BEFORE he turned his skin white? He is black, very dark with an afro haircut. Just because he turned white from coloring or that fake disease he said it was does not mean that you can change your genes. He is black and those kids are white or at least half white. I never saw the boys but that girl is not black. Sorry you freaks but in the long run, does it even matter?

605 days ago


So Mr. Publicity, Do you seriously have nothing better to do then post an article like this?? Work must be very slow for you right now??..You are just another ignorant ass bipolar news man trying to make a fast buck....Ignorance is very bliss isn't it..DUH.

605 days ago

bubba wills    

oops...there goes Michael Jackson 's fortune ...the plot thickens ...and the real crimminals are revealed and cover stories are prepared.

605 days ago

bubba wills    


605 days ago


This is mental and emotional child abuse of a 15 year old minor by TMZ and Arnold Klein. Harvey Levin nor anyone at TMZ considered the feelings of Prince Michael Jackson by publishing this photo and creating an article around it to fill a damn slot in their page for the day? Therefore, I plan to forward this article to attorney Margaret Lodise, the Guardian Ad Litem, of Michael's three children and report TMZ to the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services. Anyone that does not support child abuse, please do the same.

605 days ago


Michael is dead and hyenas still want his money. They will never go away.

605 days ago


"MJ" was a child molester who preyed on innocent,vulnerable children i can only hope "his own" 3 didn't fall victim to his sick desires! that said,judging by the pic only Klein appears to be the bio dad but WHO CARES?! "MJ" was (before he bleached himself to holy heck) african american & the children obviously are not so is this some sort of a surprise to people?! it sickens me that this is considered news!!! if it weren't for the fact that im unable to sleep & have nothing better to do i wouldn't even comment on this but someone's got to say it...the man was a danger to children/society & the world is a better/safer place now that he's down where he belongs for all of eternity!!!

605 days ago


Michael Jackson is the Father of all three of his children....end of story. Anything other than that is just tabloid rumor and gossip.

605 days ago


I knew he had to be that kid is his double, look no body loves MJ as much as I do, but you seem to forget he was a very troubled human being, afraid of his own shadow, he was too childlike to take care of three children with all the dangerous things that were happening to him, mostly the kids were with the Nanny NOT MJ, he was a very sick man, the fact he had a drip in the house was not right for the kids, The lies the setups, Mike just needed a friend someone he could trust the last thing he needed was 3 kids to take care of in his state of mind.

604 days ago

T. Stewart    

Biological or not???? As far as I'm concerned, a father if the person who stepped up to the plate and has been there since day 1~ not the sperm donor. This would be Michael Jackson. He was there for all of those kids, financially as well as emotionally. He was a great father ! Unfortunately, his life was cut short like many of the other "Hollywood Greats." Why try to come forward now Dr. Klein unless you're wanting to pay some back child support or something. If not, I suggest you figure out some other way to make some $$$.

604 days ago


The whole World knew that Jackson had not biologically fathered these kids. But he did love & care for them. He gave them everything he could.The sperm donor has done nothing for them their whole lives, so he should Butt Out & Shut Up.

604 days ago
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