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Oksana Grigorieva Sues

My Lawyers Screwed Me

in Mel Gibson Settlement

1/17/2013 4:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0117-tmz-oksana-grigorievaOksana Grigorieva says she was sabotaged by her own lawyers in her settlement with Mel Gibson -- and wound up with a TERRIBLE custody agreement ... and now she's suing.

TMZ has obtained legal docs, filed by Oksana herself (without a lawyer) ... in which she accuses Ron Litz and Daniel Horowitz of negligently advising her to sign off on a bad deal back in 2011.

According to Oksana's lawsuit, the crappy deal she signed forbids her from pursuing any future legal action against Mel regarding their child without jeopardizing the monetary settlement she made from the actor. And as we all know about Oksana ... she LOOOVES to take legal action against people.

As part of Oksana's deal with Mel ... the actor had agreed to pay Oksana $750k in cash ... PLUS provide a house for Oksana and their daughter Lucia until Lucia turns 18.

Oksana says was also advised to sign a legal document that divested her of all ownership rights to her house ... a document she claims she never would have signed if not for the lawyers.

Oksana is demanding unspecified damages.

We spoke with Horowitz who tells us, "Why can't she just live her life normally and have a good life, raise the kid, live in the house, make music, be happy?"

He adds, "Why does she always have to be in a struggle -- especially with people who care the most about her?"



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587 days ago


SHE NEEDS TO SUE FOR A NEW FACELIFT, SHE LOOKS LIKE A RAG! I like Mel and he made a mistake like we all have made some..BUT she unlike his long time lovely wife and better best friend, Oksana is a working con artist who likes to sue, castigate men and try to award herself a prize without working. Her little girl is small and she can buy her own house one day or get one from someone else like she did Mel. The usual way, she sleeps with them then drives them crazy as she did her son's father and blames them all for hitting her .. by that time I'd be beating her up. She is simply a low life. I feel sorry for her kids and Mel that he evre met her. For her, she won't win over her attorneys when they did get a good settlement for her. She's the moron that turned down the milions from Mel he originally offered that now she'll never see. Good. He's a good man. Oksy is slime!

587 days ago


Does she know about her Michael Jakson nose?

587 days ago

Spicy mag    

Now Mel's rant makes sense.

587 days ago


750 stacks plus living rent free in a mansion? That's a pretty good deal for a skank baby mama.

587 days ago

What You Really Want To See    

In other news, Oksana fired herself as her own lawyer today. She will rehire herself tomorrow before she goes on to fire herself again. 'It's so hard to trust lawyers,' she said. "I'll keep firing myself until I find the one among my multiple personalities that is a lawyer... must get monetory...'

587 days ago


ox is so upset that the house will be provided utill child is 18, and she didnt get more money for herself. the whole reason for the tapes and lawyers, was because she would not directly have lots of money from mel. it was never about the child getting money, it was her getting money. and why didnt she sue tim dalton, for more money and a house? i think it was reported he pays 5,000.00 a month( no house), and she was happy with that.

587 days ago


Ms Aussie! Ms Aussie!

(jumps up and down to get attention.)

I've missed you! Hope you had a lovely holiday season. I wish we could get the old gang to show up on some random website. Wouldn't that be fun?! I'd name names of those I'd love to see, but I'm bound to forget some and I'd never want to do that. Still, it would be great to see all the old names and avatars in one place just one more time.

Have a lovely year and and even better life!


587 days ago


if the settlement was so bad then why is it taking her this long to do something about it? another reason stupid people shouldn't breed

587 days ago


Wasn't there always some speculation that her lawyers, or at least one; was screwing her? That makes this pretty old news. About a pretty old broad. old broad, anyway. Sadly, when you can't make your money on your back; you have to try to make it in the courts. Wonder how the sales for the new album are going?


587 days ago


Mel shouldnt look after her in anyway shape or form, he was never married to her . Mel has a commitment to his daughter and thats it. I think this bitch just wants attention and this is the only way she is going to get any..sheeesh send her packing to Russia and leave the baby with Mel. We are all so sick of her,

587 days ago


LOL! Ol' greedy Screw-and-Sue is at it again -- so much for her supposedly going to work for the Chernobyl kids charity in her free time. Why doesn't she sue all 50+ lawyers? Why only two? That should keep her occupied!

587 days ago


Just wanted to say "hello" to the old gang. Now back to lurking.

587 days ago


@Realist, is it considered malpractice for a lawyer to sleep with a client? Maybe that's her angle! His comment about always "struggling with people who care about her" makes me wonder. He deserves this and she still deserves to be charged with extortion then deported. Maybe Horrorweeny will help with that since he cares so much.

587 days ago


Can u say this b.i.t.c.h. Is a money hungry whore.... Bitched gave you money to live and die with... Go away...

587 days ago
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