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Rapper Bone Crusher

I Was NOT in Motorized Cart

Because I'm Fat, Dammit

1/20/2013 3:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0119-bone-crusherRapper Bone Crusher wasn't rolling around a Minnesota mall in a motorized cart this week because he's fat -- despite reports to the contrary -- he tells TMZ, he's got a REAL reason for being temporarily handicapped.

Mr. Crusher tells us, he recently underwent serious knee surgery to repair an injury he sustained a few years ago in Germany, when he was performing for U.S. troops stationed abroad ... and stupidly jumped off stage.

Crush -- real name Wayne Hardnett, Jr. -- says he's been rehabbing the knee since the surgery and that's why he had to use the motorized cart. The rapper says he can walk just fine, just not for extended periods of time ... yet.

That said, Crusher -- who currently weighs roughly 360 pounds -- admits the photos that surfaced on the web this week weren't so flattering, telling TMZ, "I'm definitely trying to lose weight. I want to get myself back down to where I was on 'Celebrity Fit Club.'" 

Crusher says his goal weight is 250, and he's already lost roughly 40 pounds since focusing on his weight again.

And here's a fun fact: Crusher says he used to be a chef ... so he can't wait to start cooking healthy again.


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Wait . . . WHAT?? Does this fat fkn slob expect anyone to believe that garbage that he was in a cart cause of a knee he "injured" jumping off a stage? *IF* his knee hurts, it is cause he is TOO FKN FAT. I am curious though - why the fk did he wait til he was "roughly" 400lbs before deciding to focus on weight loss? Is he stupid??

644 days ago


It's not a perfect world

644 days ago


Don't crush that jazzy

Lose weight my friend we just lost
Robert F, Chew

644 days ago

BB not bb    

A little knee joint is not meant to hold up so much extra weight. I think he is nearly 200 lbs overweight. A normal person could jump off a stage and be fine, but a fat person puts that much more pressure on the knees.

People that big ususally eat all day preety much. You can't be that big and eat normal sized portions, even though fat people say they eat like regular people and still gain weight. Once they finally eat a regular meal it is after eating ten huge meals.

Those carts are good to have though if you are not feeling well. I know eating that much is very expensive also, espcially if you want chef quality food.

Some tiny people eat one meal a day. Smaller people eat very samll portions. What Americans even consider a normal sized meal stll might make alot of people overweight. They shoot for the most needed, as in a large male athlete sized portion.

I think there is too much focus placed on weight though. If people would mind their own business more, there would be less anxiety for people about what they eat, and thereby less mistakes.

People used to make a joke about weight and move on. Now they dwell and dwell on it like it is setting a bad example or is a sign of insanity that must be investigated.

644 days ago


That dude loses 40 pounds every time he takes a ****!

644 days ago


The fat sure didn't help, and almost certainly, contributed greatly to the injury. He really needs to eat less, and exercise a lot more. For his 6'2" height, he should weigh around 190 pounds to really be healthy. 250 is still too much..

644 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

Technically your were in the cart because your over weight. If you would have weighed your required healthy weight when you jump of the stage in Germany you would have hurt your knee. There for you were in that cart because of your weight. And also you couldn't put all you weight on your knee. So no matter how you slice it you were in that cart because of your weight. Keep lying to yourself. Look at the bright side. At least he didn't hurt his high knee.
Phishie from Philly

644 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

He ain't fat, he's just not skinny.

644 days ago

Jenny Ryan    

It's not because he's fat.. it's just because he hurt his knee by doing something that wouldn't have resulted in knee surgery if he weren't so fat. I see.

644 days ago

BB not bb    

People seem to have no clue what normal weight is any more. 190 is overweight for most adult men, unless they are very large boned and muscular. I think 165 is a better weight, but it would probably be called too skinny nowadays.

Some men that height have pot bellies with only 185 lbs. Is that the new normal? People waddle around like ducks any more. They aren't that far away from needing a cart.

644 days ago


He might as well kiss that knee goodbye if he continues to be that large. Also, he might be "around 360..." if he's like 5 1/2 feet tall. Any taller and he's packing around 400 easy. With that weight and his genetic heritage diabetes and high blood pressure is just around the corner, if it isn't here already. Neither of those things end well. Get on it big boy.

644 days ago


WHO???? Do these guys announce one day... "I'm a great rapper" and TMZ says OK

644 days ago


Putting someone down and making fun of them for being fat does not help at all. That being said...

644 days ago


He was in the scooter cause he SHARDS when he walks...

644 days ago


Fat liar. I saw him on a scooter last year at Walmart.

644 days ago
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