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Katherine Jackson

I Need Help from the Doc

Who Killed My Son

1/20/2013 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0114-katherine-jackson-conrad-murray-tmzKatherine Jackson is reaching out to the man who killed her son because she needs him badly for something ... TMZ has learned.

Katherine is in the throes of a wrongful death lawsuit against AEG, claiming the company negligently hired Dr. Conrad Murray and failed to properly supervise him.

Here's the problem.  She needs Murray on the record, explaining how the arrangement went down, so she's subpoenaed the jailed Doc. Katherine wants Murray to acknowledge AEG masterminded the plan to bring him on board.

It's ironic, to say the least, but Katherine is dealing with some bad options. She can go after Murray, but he doesn't have a pot to piss in. Or, she can try to bring him into the fold in order to go after the deep pockets -- AEG.

Now the real problem -- Murray's not cooperating. His lawyers, Valerie Wass and J. Michael Flanagan, are fighting the subpoena, trying to get it tossed on technical grounds.

So Katherine can persist ... and a judge could order Murray to tell all. But she doesn't want to unnecessarily antagonize the Doc, because a hostile witness is often a bad witness.


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Brigha from UK    

MJ was displaying his negative attitude against AEG by telling his fans that AEG added more dates to his tour....I try to look from the legal perspective when it comes to the lawsuits and not the people involved.
I agree with you. I too try to be objective,
But I think AEG dodged a bullet in the Murray trial and lots of questions went unanswered.

If MJ was medication dependent (which I firmly believe he was) then AEG took a vulnerable man and placed him in a situation where he simply was not able to survive. They exploited his impairment and duped him into signing an impossible contract whilst he was not fully lucid. The emails indicate that they were fully aware of MJs 'problems' and tried to keep Lloyds Insurers in the dark. Tragically, they used Michaels only tangible asset, the ATV catalogue as leverage to force him to perform.
Sounds immoral to me. But illegal? We don't know yet - maybe non est factum may be significant.

I realise that KJ may not win this action, but hopefully the truth should emerge. Even if AEG win finacially, the negative publicity will damage them far more..

Good talking to you too!

649 days ago


What a weird, F'd up family

649 days ago


She is so greedy.
MJ hired Murray, AEG didn't even know who he was or want to pay the expense.

Crazy, sad.

649 days ago


What a lot of people don't understand, Yes Michael wanted Dr Murray, why? because he wanted a Dr that he trusted. He did trust DR Murray for what ever reasons , personal i am sure. But Murray knew what he was getting into and he became caught up in the sensationalism of it all. AEG never gave the Dr what he asked for to take care of Michael. Remember he jimmy rigged a set up because AEG would not pay any bills. AEG held Michael hostage financially knowing full well he was in weak shape and needed time to get himself together. He was ridiculed and shamed into doing what ever was needed to do THIS IS IT. Remember the heartless quote for someone at AEG saying MJ KIds better enjoy these lolipops as they are paying for everything, Just gloating and making a mockery out of MJ. The point is Dr Murrey was a real DR and could have taken good care of Michael. But!! He anyone that lets their patient die while talking to his lady,s and brings them into Michael's home to shag while Michael's children are in the house obviously did not care about Michael. He became a yes man for AEG, look at the way he acted after Michael died, the cover up with the bags of items, the security tapes missing, the denial about propofol. Making secret recordings of Michael. Yes i agree AEG might have been involved somehow, look at how Dr Murray is behaving even after conviction, he still claims he is innocent and does not have any remorse. Yes he is sorry , but sorry that he is in this situation , He has been trying to get out of jail since he was sentenced. He is behaving like a man that took the fall for someone else and knows he will be out of jail soon enough. This Dr knows more than he is saying by the way he is acting. AEG might not show him any concern because it would link them , but truthfully they do owe him some back pay, regardless, so AEG looks mighty suspicious to me also because of the way they are behaving. Katherine has every god given right to pursue what she and her family feel is right , regardless of money, she has every right, just like me or you. The Jackson family are not just famous because of Michael, They were the Jackson Five for many years and each one of the Brothers and sisters have a career in the industry regardless, they have their own money. Even Jermaine. They have had their fair amount of Gerry Springer moments but what family doesn't. My advice is, If you did not listen to the evidence, do the research. You will learn so much and have a better understanding of why this is so important. Katherine needs our support , Justice for Michael.

649 days ago


Dr. Murray was hired by MJ to be his personal doctor. MJ demanded that Murray should get paid from the production costs of "This is it!", therefore the contract should have been signed by AEG, MJ and Murray but in the end, it was just Murray who signed the contract on June 24, 2009.
I think, it was Randy Philpps who tried to convince MJ to get rid of Murray because if he would need medical help during his time in London, they could consult physicians from the famous Harley Street but MJ refused.
I don't think, Katherine Jackson's lawsuit against AEG will be successful and trying to get Murray's testimony to kinda substantiate her allegations makes her look even more greedy.
I can't help it but isn't it strange to seek help from the person who killed her beloved son?

649 days ago


How about she put the blame where it rightfully belongs, squarely on the shoulders of her dead, junkie son.

649 days ago


Yes, yes, yes,

More lawsuits, more MJ's dirty secrets come out.

I love it. I am going to buy a pop corn machine, and watch this show!

649 days ago

Genghis Khan    

Gee why would the guy you railroaded into jail not want to cooperate? Bunch of idiots.

MJ called the shots, I always thought blaming Murray was a joke. MJ was a drug addict plain and simple.

And the mother (and whole family) are nothing but money grubbing psychopaths.

649 days ago


What a greedy bitch...all she wants is money, money, money. Give it up, nobody forced MJ to take the pills.

649 days ago


America land of the unaccountable:Our forefathers would be proud of this nations path to oblivion

649 days ago

Hannah H.    

Hoax? Manti Te'o Scandal?
TMZ, Thank you for The King Of Pop Coming Back Prep!

649 days ago


Sorry I totally disagree with "LOU" and "BRIGHA FROM THE UK".

Michael wanted Dr. Murray ONLY BECAUSE HE AGREED TO GIVE HIM PROPOFOL. Not because of his expertise in "cardiology". AEG had nothing to do with it. They don't "hire" doctors for their other acts.

Michael insisted and they caved but Michael would be paying Murray through his expenses.

This case has no merit. You people are blind. Michael, who I really love, blew through hundreds of millions knowing he had the catalog. He didn't want to tour ever again, he didn't even want to do this show he just needed the money.

Katherine is greedy, greedy, greedy, greedy.
AEG had no reason to kill their cash cow.

Who cares if the emails called MJ a "basket case" or whatever...HE WAS ONE. HE WASN'T SLEEPING, fake sleeping on propofol isn't restorative. See how you function on 2 days without sleep while otherwise stressed. AEG had NO idea what was going on and I'm really sick of these lawsuits going for the deepest pocket.

Katherine wouldn't even pay her creditors when she lost the lawsuit to the Koreans, again selling out her son. She just tried to hide assets until 20 years later when she couldn't hide anymore.

649 days ago


I hope AEG FIGHTS TO THE BITTER END and refuses to settle even a small amount on Mrs. Jackson.

The Jackson's think that this suit will hurt their reputation but it won't. Michael was a grown a@@ businessman who knew what he was signing up to and for.

Clearly he was stressed and a little behind schedule, I'm sorry he didn't see a real sleep specialist but Murray and Michael are the only culprits in his tragic demise. RIP

649 days ago




649 days ago


(Singing) Money money mooonney...Mooooonnney.. It's what it's all about with the Jackson family...Her son is dead and his kids have no parents...Be a Grandma lady!!!!!

649 days ago
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