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Katherine Jackson

I Need Help from the Doc

Who Killed My Son

1/20/2013 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0114-katherine-jackson-conrad-murray-tmzKatherine Jackson is reaching out to the man who killed her son because she needs him badly for something ... TMZ has learned.

Katherine is in the throes of a wrongful death lawsuit against AEG, claiming the company negligently hired Dr. Conrad Murray and failed to properly supervise him.

Here's the problem.  She needs Murray on the record, explaining how the arrangement went down, so she's subpoenaed the jailed Doc. Katherine wants Murray to acknowledge AEG masterminded the plan to bring him on board.

It's ironic, to say the least, but Katherine is dealing with some bad options. She can go after Murray, but he doesn't have a pot to piss in. Or, she can try to bring him into the fold in order to go after the deep pockets -- AEG.

Now the real problem -- Murray's not cooperating. His lawyers, Valerie Wass and J. Michael Flanagan, are fighting the subpoena, trying to get it tossed on technical grounds.

So Katherine can persist ... and a judge could order Murray to tell all. But she doesn't want to unnecessarily antagonize the Doc, because a hostile witness is often a bad witness.


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She needs to let it go already. She's setting a bad example for Michael's kids and, besides, just how much money does one old lady need?

641 days ago


At some point, enough drama is enough. Time to move on and enjoy her life and family in dignity and peace. How much more $$$ do these people need? So Jackson family extended members will not ever have to work again? WTF is working for your own money and own self support? Greed and laziness will carry your azz to a definite early grave.

641 days ago


Lawsuits evil family members etc will never tarnish the King Of Pop.

Trolls lets recap

Murray will be found innocent (Wrong)
Murray will never do a day in jail (Wrong)
MJ was a drug addict, check coroners report (WRONG)
Fbi files will show he was a diddler (Wrong)

MJ was never convicted of anything so keep grasping at straws your track record speaks for it'sself.


641 days ago






641 days ago




641 days ago


OMG Katherine,I respected you until recently,please leave it alone
I feel like Katherine needs a conservater to manage her now that she is so elderly

this also makes me wonder about the rumur of a Michael death hoax because only Michael would have the nerve to wanna do business with Conrad at this point to "get" AEG...could Michael be behind this ?
either way I don't think Michael is "resting in peace" anywhere because of the complications he had in this life

641 days ago


desperate for money since her's was partially take away when the guardian thing went down. This whole family just needs to silently deal now. Dredging up more drama isn't going to help them heal. money will not bring back MJ and will not help them heal.

641 days ago


Go for it mrs Jackson! You are doing the right thing! You, (the children and the family) deserve answers.
And if mr Murray have the answers don"t hesitate and
make him answer. Losing your son, and not knowing the real story is too much to stand. I have so much respect for you, beeing the mother off Michael Jackson must be sometimes hard, but you have always been there for Michael and the family. You are like a rock in the surf. Always keeping the family together no matter what! God bless you!

641 days ago


All this is is a grab for cash. No more, no less. And the estate needs Dr. Murray now. Hmmmm, funny how money changes the tune when he's needed.

641 days ago

Brigha from UK    

.....Michael was a grown a@@ businessman who knew what he was signing up to....
I agree with quite a few of your arguments. However, Michael was not the astute businessman he had been in the 80's. He had been through so much since then and his functioning appeared to be impaired. Karen Faye said that MJ often signed contracts and legal do***ents without even reading them.

AEG must have been aware of this. Remember how Gongaware said 'prepare to talk fluff to MJ, and advised his colleagues not to inform Michael of the true figures for TII as 'MJ likes to think he is worth more than that'? I think that AEG knowingly took advantage of MJ.

So, how can you claim with 100% certainty that 'Murray and MJ were the only culprits in his demise' Okay, you may well be right and AEG may be completely exonerated of all blame. But the only way to find out is with a trial.
I agree with Jeanette. If he were my son, I would want answers. I'm feel sure that is KJs real mission, not just money.

Like you, I also hope that AEG refuse to settle out of court. But, I suspect they have a lot to hide, so I predict that they will try their best to avoid the courtroom.

641 days ago


No one will ever know the truth as to what went on prior to Michael's death.

Murray will not talk nor will he implicate those who may be behind the scheme. Now if money was involved he might consider it. But even then would it be the truth?

Karen Faye said this. Karen Faye said that. For someone who has spilled her guts regarding various personal matters of MJ, I take what ever she says with a grain of salt.

641 days ago


"I want all the money I can get my hands on"
The bread winner is no longer around.
The rest of the family depends on this money.
I have nothing else to do with my time.

641 days ago



Karen was in cahoots with bro Randy at one time. She has also spoken in the past as to how well endowed Michael was. The info can be found if you search for it. I believe she cared for MJ but her past at times suggests otherwise.

Michael had not been in contact with Karen for many years. So now all of a sudden she is witness to all his financial dealings?


641 days ago


I have never understood why this family is so targeted for hate and negative publicity! Their only sin has been working hard for what they have! Katherine is entitled to use her share of 40% of whatever the estate produces as she sees fit, and it's her right. I feel it's vulgar and inappropriate for people to bring the money issue into this, Jacksons don't need money! This is not about the money, but justice for her son! I don't know where people get that Katherine is this meek woman! Katherine Jackson is the strongest person I've ever seen, that's why she's the matriarc in charge of the finances. No one is bullying or manipulating her, Jacksons are very intelligent people. As for Joe, I don't know where people get the idea that he doesn't count. Of course he counts! Joe is the man of the house, her husband of more than 50 years! The father of her 10 children. It would be stupid to be married to someone for that long, and then die alone in your old age just because someone said so. Those two will die together, and if reincarnation exists, they will come back together. Plus Jehova's Winess religion does not recognize divorce. People get over it!

641 days ago


WRONG, Katherine is NOT entitled to 40% outright, merely 40% of the interest generated from the trust. After her death this 40% reverts to the children with the children getting 80% of the proceeds. Later on the kids can access the assets of the trusts but in a graduated fashion.

Katherine in entltled to her 40% of the interest /profits generated and can do what she wants with that but game over when she dies.

And yes she is greedy. It would be one thing if AEG were responsible but clearly they are not.

Randy and Jermaine are the worst parasites of the bunch. They need to live large on someone else dime as they frittered away their own money.

And no, the rest of the Jackson's arent' rich just Janet.

641 days ago
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