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Katherine Jackson

I Need Help from the Doc

Who Killed My Son

1/20/2013 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0114-katherine-jackson-conrad-murray-tmzKatherine Jackson is reaching out to the man who killed her son because she needs him badly for something ... TMZ has learned.

Katherine is in the throes of a wrongful death lawsuit against AEG, claiming the company negligently hired Dr. Conrad Murray and failed to properly supervise him.

Here's the problem.  She needs Murray on the record, explaining how the arrangement went down, so she's subpoenaed the jailed Doc. Katherine wants Murray to acknowledge AEG masterminded the plan to bring him on board.

It's ironic, to say the least, but Katherine is dealing with some bad options. She can go after Murray, but he doesn't have a pot to piss in. Or, she can try to bring him into the fold in order to go after the deep pockets -- AEG.

Now the real problem -- Murray's not cooperating. His lawyers, Valerie Wass and J. Michael Flanagan, are fighting the subpoena, trying to get it tossed on technical grounds.

So Katherine can persist ... and a judge could order Murray to tell all. But she doesn't want to unnecessarily antagonize the Doc, because a hostile witness is often a bad witness.


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Really Luz?

Now mind you I do not hate the Jacksons, but not one of them with the exception of Janet has managed to make it on their own.

Joe has not supported Katherine for years. Michael was the main financial glue that held that family together.

Katherine is out for one thing and one thing only.

Cold Green Cash.

540 days ago


I agree let it all come out in open court.
I am willing to bet a million dollars the evidence will vindicate AEG.

Sadly Michael begged for that propofol. He ran around calling people, trying to get someone to administer it. Murray the greedy dummy agreed.

What about the doctors who trained Murray?

Certainly if this had been AEG's plan all along they would have hired a good doctor that would have made it look like Michael died of natural causes so they could cash in on the insurance policy.

As for insurance policies all promoter get them.

They have to protect their investment and financial outlay. Do you realize the money that was going into this production...forget just the loss from losing those dates at the 02 arena.

AEG are not angels but they didn't murder or have a hand in Michael's death.

540 days ago


If AEG thought that Michael was soooooo fragile, then why did they sign him for the tour?

Yea, uh huh, they knew exactly what they were doing.....

540 days ago


Shes a greedy bitch didnt she make enough off dead michael

540 days ago


Well, mind you. How do you know Joe hasn't supported Katherine for years??!!
Just because he doesn't go to work everyday from 9-5, doesn't mean he hasn't contributed to what the family is today. They all did! It's a family business. Way before there was Michael Jackson, they were The Jackson 5 and The Jacksons! When Michael decided to accept the offer from ABC to go solo, Katherine and Joe talked to him, and Michael agreed to help supplement the expected income the family would lose by breaking up the group.
If you look at the others in comparision with Michael, of course, they didn't attain the level of success Michael did. But that doesn't mean they didn't achieve some level of success.
Jermaine is a very good singer/songwriter with several records recorded. LaToya has always earned her money. She's a very active entrepeneur with reality shows, Janet I don't even have to say. And how do you know the others investing in show business from the comfort of their homes, not necessarily on a stage? They are not stupid.

540 days ago


Katherine knows that when she's gone her leeches...I mean children won't have a source to live off of, since they apparently don't want to work for a living. Sad to see that Katherine is no different than her worthless husband Joe. Disgusting people.

540 days ago


She's got balls expecting him to do anything to help her sorry ass.

540 days ago


All right Luz.

Then you tell me how Joe has supported his family over the past decade or two.

Janet purchased his Las Vegas home for him. Michael purchased Hayvenhurst.

Money from the Jackson 5? Honey that is long gone and whatever royalties they earn from their past recordings are slim.

Jermaine is a has been. Has not recorded anything worthwile in decades. Only thing he can do now is try to be an MJ impersonator.

LaToya I must admit is somewhat creative in her business dealings.

Randy,well who knows what Randy does. Marlon is into Real Estate and Jackie works for the Estate. Tito has his music and often times tours on his own or with 3T.

Other than that, none of the bros have been as successful as they were during the Jackson5 era.

There again, Michael was the glue...

540 days ago


Another desperate Branca Weizman smearcampaign. They terrified the lawsuit will prove them in cahoots with AEG to collect life insurance on fraudulent claim. AEG dropped the case after the email leak , Branca still believes in miracles. On top of that conflict of interest Weizman working as a counsel for AEG against the insurance company meanwhile working for the executors. Branca tell me where do your loyalties lie are you working for AEG or for Michael Jacksons estate

Where do your loyalties lie?
Is that your alibi?
I don't think so
You don't care
You'd do her for the money
Say it's fair
You sue her for the money

540 days ago


Isn't it hilarious that the one who has more nics that could ever be counted, claims that I am darn near every fan that posts on this site.

Crackin up........

540 days ago


Katherine stay away from Murray or else go straight to find a burial plot, this man KILLS !!

540 days ago


There is evidence that suggests MJ was murdered...

540 days ago

Spicy mag    

Jacko was a musical genius, and also a sad drug addicted self mutilating homosexual basket case. He killed himself, RIP.

540 days ago


Wow Mrs. Jackson, what big hairy balls you have.

540 days ago


gee............mommy and family...........let poor micheal rest in piece...stop trying to get more and more money!!!! they're all greedy!!

540 days ago
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