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I Don't Fake It

When It Comes To Crawfish

1/22/2013 1:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

You're Beyonce and you just faked your way through "The Star-Spangled Banner" in front of millions of people -- including the President -- what's your next move????


After Bey "performed" at the Inauguration Monday, she and Jay-Z jetted down to New Orleans -- and the first thing they did that night ... was hit up the famous Mother's Restaurant.

We're told B and J noshed on some serious comfort food ... crawfish etouffee, potato salad, double grits, french fries, catfish, and calamari ... PLUS sweet potato pie and bread pudding for dessert.

Based on the menu, the meal set 'em back under $100 ... but we're told the two were "very sweet" and tipped "extremely well."

So at least their $$$ was real.


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Lip sync or not, that was beautiful. It's so much better when the singers don't use vocal gymnastics when performing this song (or any). It isn't necessary. Beyonce's version, on the other hand, was both subtle and strong. She did a great job. And she looked pretty too.

636 days ago

Mary Monroe    

I think it was really rude of her to lip sync she was honored to be there to sing so she should of did it live that's the whole point of being there. Kelly Clarkston nailed her performance and did it live with pride. At least if Beyonce did lip sync she should OWN IT and say that she did instead of trying to fool millions of people. As for Anderson Beyonce has no problem getting on stage it's her job it's what she does for a living she's no stranger to that.

636 days ago


What's sad is that her fans are so stupid they don't even know the definition of lip syncing. Even if she DID record it earlier (in a studio where her weak, shrill, off-key voice could be tweaked to within an inch of its life), and later mouthed along to it live on stage, that's STILL LIP SYNCING!!! If she is moving her lips in sync with an amplified track that is playing HER voice, it's STILL lip syncing. Geez, what a bunch of morons.

If the terrorists want to witness the fall of America, they needn't do anything but sit back and wait for black people to fully run the country. The nation will collapse within one week when these intellectually backwards people are in charge of things. And it's so sad because at one point in our history blacks were actually making progress (in higher education, jobs, etc.). Now, like happy pigs in slop, they are just wallowing in their collective ignorance.

636 days ago


Watch out New Orleans, Super Bowlers, she is going to bring her CD for you to listen to. (lol) Lot of money to hear her CD. Pay her with fake money (lol)

636 days ago


She should have sang live because of the occasion &...singing in front of the nation and our President.. In any other profession the real you is expected! This should apply to a professional trained singer as well!

636 days ago

Michelle Marie    

I have always thought Beyonce was over rated...NOW I AM SURE!

What a joke!

636 days ago

Michelle Marie    

If I had just proved I was a complete fraud I would hide behind my menu too!

And now we get to see her "perform" at the Superbowl?

I'll be in the beer line : )

636 days ago


so what if you did it's not like you can't sing

636 days ago


Who gives a f%

636 days ago


Beonce was wearing a wig, most likely. Does anybody cares?

635 days ago


Are we really that mad that she faked it??!! Raise ur hand if u really care, if ur hand is up Slap Yourself haRd!!!

634 days ago
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