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Famed MJ Attorney


By Conrad Murray Voicemail

1/24/2013 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Mesereau
-- the lawyer who successfully defended Michael Jackson in the singer's 2005 molestation trial -- literally could not stand to listen to Conrad Murray's desperate voicemail yesterday ... telling TMZ, "This man is despicable."

Tom was out in L.A. when we played the recording for him, and after just a minute, Tom turned it off with a disgusted look on his face ... saying, "I can't listen to any more of this."

Tom then tore into Conrad Murray over his desperate pleas for sympathy -- saying, "This man is despicable. This man has never taken responsibility for what he did to Michael Jackson. He's always been a blamer. He blames Michael Jackson for everything."

Tom added, "[Conrad] wants everyone to feel sorry for his situation. He caused the death of one of the greatest artists in world history ... a kind, decent, wonderful, nice person. He caused his death and he's never taken responsibility for it."

TMZ posted the voicemail recording yesterday morning, in which Murray pleads with a friend to save him from jail -- saying, "I can't sleep now ... it's very hard ... I'm in constant pain ... can someone please help me please!?"


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LOL! That's rich coming from a guy that helped a child molester get away with his crimes. Too bad MJ never had to pay for ruining all of those little boys' lives.

584 days ago


This guy isnt serving time in Sing Sing .
He is serving time with DeBarge for crying out loud .
In County Jail
Paris Hilton held up better then this idiot.
He caught a lucky break that he isnt in state prison.

It is always about him ...
He certainly didnt bother to put his patients needs first.
How much of that garbage did he order anyway ?
Then doped him up and recorded him , in case MJ wanted to get rid of him..

He was all in , and he wanted to be paid like a rock star , with first class plane tickets , first class accommodations.

This was Murrays ticket to fame and fortune...
Maybe Murray decided to give him that crap that morning , so he could catch up on his paperwork and his strippers.
All Murray had to do is save up a half hours worth of ones dollar bills , he would spend in a strip club and buy an alarm, for his breathing.
It was that cheap and he could not be bothered..

He was more concerned the police might damage his mercedes, when they were trying to get into it , then about the man he killed with his multiple in-competences....

584 days ago

Cathryn Mazer    

Jackson was well on the road to his death before meeting Murray. We're talking about a man who, after suffering horrifying burns in a Pepsi commercial began a life long relationship with pain killing pharmaceuticals. He also with the encouragement of other 'medical professionals' cut his own face off in an attempt at beautification. Murray would have been the last in a long long long list of doctors Jackson used to fulfill his need for constant sedation. Murray may be despicable but ultimately was just a stepping stone in Jackson's epic path of self destruction which ended in death.

583 days ago


You know what helps with sleeping and aches, Propho- - - oh..wait...

583 days ago


Dr. Conrad Murray’s Baby Mama Sold His Jailhouse Sobbing Voicemail To Pay Her Rent
Posted on Jan 25, 2013 @ 4:43AM | By Jen Heger

WENNMichael Jackson‘s one-time doctor, Conrad Murray‘s baby mama Nicole Alvarez, sold a sobbing voicemail message that the former physician, who was convicted in the involuntary manslaughter death of the King of Pop, made from jail as he sobbed about not being able to sleep, to a tabloid website so she could pay her rent, is exclusively reporting.

“Nicole sold the voicemail message Conrad left for her to a tabloid gossip website for several thousand dollars so she could pay her rent. Nicole relied on Conrad to support her and their young child. She hasn’t been able to find steady work as an actress since she testified at Conrad’s involuntary manslaughter trial,” a source told exclusively.

PHOTOS: Michael Jackson Through The Years

During the voicemail message, Murray cries, “I can’t sleep now, it’s very hard, I’m in constant pain. Can someone please help me? I can’t use my hands anymore, I have no more use of my arms.”

Judge Michael Pastor sentenced Murray to four years in state prison, but because of jail overcrowding, Murray is serving his sentence at a county jail in Los Angeles, and he is expected to be released at the end of 2013.

PHOTOS: The Jackson Family Arrives To Dr. Conrad Murray’s Trial

As previously reported, Murray has been passing time in jail by writing a tell-all book in hopes that he will get a big payout from a publisher. There has been zero interest in the book after reps for Murray reached out to several publishers.

Meanwhile, Murray is “ever so hopeful that his appeal will be successful, and he will be let out of jail early on bail while his appeal is heard,” the insider said.

However, the chances of Murray being let out early “are really slim to none. Murray has been deemed a flight risk, and he has been denied several times before during the appellate process to be released,” a law enforcement source told us.

583 days ago

Dr.Conrad Murray    


♥★★★ HERO ★★★♥

583 days ago


Doctor Conrad Murray is really getting the easy way out. He is set to be released October 28, 2013! Not even serving 4 years because of overcrowding and CA's financial deficit This coward needs to stfu he has it good for a criminal. He showed no remorse for a person that killed a person, a man, a father, a son a brother. He is only caring for his own behind. I am disgusted with him . .

583 days ago


"He caused the death of one of the greatest artists in world history ... a kind, decent, wonderful, nice person."

I think I'm going to vomit.

583 days ago

Barb. A.    

Conrad s baby momma sells voice message to tabloid for thousand's according to radar online.

583 days ago

Brigha from UK    

So TMZ paid Murrays girlfriend thousands of dollars for this recording. Every one of our hits has put money in her pocket.
It's disgusting.

582 days ago



"I can't sleep now ... it's very hard ... I'm in constant pain ... can someone please help me please!?"




582 days ago


Yes, of course he's despicable. He killed MJ and now he's in jail where he belongs. For years (which will be two years) is a very short sentence for this crime of multiple counts of gross negligence, causing the patient's death.

That said, his sentence is jail, nothing else. If he is in trouble, he is entitled to medical help. I don't feel like giving him anything, but I respect the law. Send him a doctor.

581 days ago
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