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Chris Brown Fight

Witness Says CB

Swung First

1/28/2013 5:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown threw the first punch in his brawl with Frank Ocean ... after Frank disrespected the singer in front of his boys ... an eyewitness tells TMZ. 

According to someone who was on scene, Chris lost his cool in the parking lot of the famous Westlake Recording Studios in L.A. Sunday when Frank refused to shake his hand.

We're told Frank simply laughed at the gesture ... and Chris was so pissed he coldcocked Ocean and started an all-out war.  As we first reported, Chris denies being the aggressor. 

The fight quickly moved to the lobby of the studio ... and sources say the brawling posses demolished the place --"They managed to break almost everything in the room and scare all of the staff members working" says the witness.

We're told the receptionist called 911 ... and Chris booked it. As TMZ first reported, Frank stuck around for the cops ... and griped about how he felt "blindsided" by Chris.

One last thing -- we're told the parking situation at the recording studio is a serious hierarchy -- with the bigger artists taking the better spots ... and it's been that way for years. We're told Chris clearly felt he deserved the top spot ... and Frank disrespected him by taking it for himself.


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Not shocked. My husband and I actually have a bet going as to when he's going to beat up Rihanna again. Closest without going over wins!!!

635 days ago

Common Sense    

Valet available next week so no minds won't have to guess who has more cred, how gutter

635 days ago


Gee big shocker that Chris Brown is acting like a d!ck bag......2nd at this point in time..Frank Ocean is the bigger/better artist (he's up for Grammys )so HE deserves this parking spot. Chris Brown gets more attention (negative attention) for the idiot things he does or says...acting like a angry fool than for his music. ALSO I laugh out loud when people say Chris Brown should be forgiven...Forgiveness is something EARNED...just because you say you're sorry doesn't mean you're automatically forgiven by all. Chris Brown has done nothing but act like a jerk time and time again...HE'S NOT CHANGED. Actions speak louder than words.

635 days ago


Wait Chris Brown messed up again? Shocking! Next your going to tell me Lohan was arrested again. Just shocking these losers can't behave!

635 days ago


In Chris Brown's mind, sucker punching a gay guy is the next best thing to beating a 95-pound woman to a pulp.

635 days ago

Even with all his money apparently it hasn't bought him a clue. He needs to surround himself with smarter people because he sure doesn't have the brain power to pull it off on his own.

635 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Has CB ever fought someone that can actually fight back? I mean the one's that can really come from the shoulders.

635 days ago

Tom L    

every body hating on CB like this!!!

no reason he shuold be dissed so much!!!

he got a have a right to put this down when it hapens!!!!

635 days ago


How tough would Chris Brown be without his posse? Oh thats right he beat up a women.

635 days ago


Wooo chris hits someone because he cant control his temper...not shocked at all. Lol

635 days ago

Chris Kaman Your Eye    

Again...surprise, surprise...

635 days ago


Bet frank had on Rihanna's perfume. Gave him a flashback.

635 days ago


Everybody wantz to judge chris brown..if it was yo daddy would yu say tha same damm thing..I would've punched his a$% too...reguardless who we rr everybody deserves respect nobodys perfect..we all make mistakes..*2 sides to a story*

635 days ago


So he beats up Rhianna, Frank Ocean, and when is Chris Brown gonna fight someone that he knows won't take that ****?! Who is he gonna start Justin Beiber? Cause watch out he has a loaded Nerd gun!!

635 days ago


Good lord Chris Brown has really got some serious mental problems if he hit someone bc they didn't want to.shake his hand Imagine what would have happened if CB tried for a high five instead.

635 days ago
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