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Lindsay Lohan

Scared Stiff

Going to Court

1/29/2013 5:31 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's a good thing Lindsay Lohan looks at TMZ ... because we're told our story that she may be arrested has scared the crap out of her, and she's making plans to fly to L.A. tonight.

We broke the story ... Lindsay's new lawyer, Mark Heller, notified the court Tuesday that Lindsay would not appear as ordered on Wednesday because she had an upper respiratory infection.  Problem is, the very day she got a doctor's note saying she was unfit to fly, she was shopping up a storm in SoHo, and we got the pictures to prove it.

So we're told Lindsay and Dina have booked a flight to L.A. that's supposed to take off in an hour.

And get this ... we're also told Lindsay has been "begging " Shawn Holley to take her back as a client.  As we reported, Lindsay sent Shawn a letter firing her and even signed legal docs having Shawn removed as counsel. 

We're told Lindsay and her peeps are now pleading with Shawn to come back.  Lindsay is crying that she can't stand Heller and wants it the way it was ... problem is, Lindsay already made her bed and as we already reported, Holley is over Lindsay for good.
 TMZ could not reach Holley for comment.

Will Lindsay make it to court?  Will the judge grill LiLo like a cheeseburger over her "upper respiratory infection?"  Will Heller get shut down by the judge?

We'll be livestreaming at 8:30 AM PT Wednesday, so stay tuned.



No Avatar


Happy days are here again!!!!!! Don't let us down court system. She's made a joke out of the system for too long give her life without parole!!!

599 days ago


How well does she 'ACT' sick, watch it tomorrow!!!

599 days ago

Bob L    

Stick a fork in her- she's done.
I love the TMZ quote- Will the judge grill LiLo like a cheeseburger over her "upper respiratory infection?"

599 days ago


Everyone know there are idiot doctors who will give lazy people a generic sick note without even an examination, just because they say they "feel ill". The court system really needs to demand more evidence than that. Michael Jackson still had to turn up with that real bad swollen leg from a spider bite, AND he had the pics to prove it. We all know that Lindsay's "upper respiratory tract infection" is like Milo's "heart problem" that conventently crops up whenever their ass is on the line. Stephanie Sautner should tell Lindsay to pop some vitamin pills and then issue an immediate bench warrant.

599 days ago


Linds is hitching a flight with one of her Johns, the Turbanator is going to give her some get well medicine on the trip, eh?

Linds will be "too tired" for court in the morning!

599 days ago


Besides, its not because TMZ reported it that she freaked, but EVERY legitimate new source reported she was 'sick' and will miss court, but yet was seen shopping in SOHO.

599 days ago


She looks to TMZ for legal advice? ROFLMAO!!!!!!
She should have known that ordered to appear means APPEAR IN COURT on time too!
What grade did she complete in school? Like 3rd/4th?

599 days ago



Please Shawn come back.
*so laughing* Why?

599 days ago


Saying her passport got chewed up by a random pack of vicious wild dogs would have been on the same level of credibility as this sickness lie.

599 days ago


Lindsay try not to eat breakfast in the Morning I would hate to see you get sick in court when you go to jail.

599 days ago


what the,**** why is this chick stilla free woman why dont this judge do us all a favor and send her to jail, this is just to show us how messed our court system is black ,white, celebrity or not do yall dam job and stop this madness already.

599 days ago


Please send this lying s***bag thief to prison for good. He mother is trash and her father is a felon. Send them all to some island and bomb it .

599 days ago


Ah... Lindsay! Face up - you're nobody now. Do what you have to! Get your stuff together and start over. There's no other way! Do you really think Heller gives a care about you? Like everyone in your 'camp'. You're just a (or were) a future dollar. You didn't play your cards right... sorry!

599 days ago


Ant predictions of Blo's Court Attire tomorrow?

For starters, I would hazard a guess that she will have to wear something to cover up her scuffed-up knees.

599 days ago


Nah, The Lohans get the low down from TMZ. They trusts Harvey's Knowledge. The problem is they do not have common sense. Really Lindsey you still think the courts are going to pander to your agenda and you still do not have a clue that your celebrity status is o in most minds. You are Wiley, and insurable and obviously you need help but it does not come with Shawn Holly it comes from with in. Hollywood will dist you to the D list. Money can't buy friends but maybe your family. You are headed for the poky. No one else to should be scared and all eyes are watching and waiting for you to fall.....fall from the high chair of arrogance. You are your own worst enemy. And the Sad thing is you won't set the bar for yourself because you don't respect yourself because if you did and your parents were their to guide and support you rather than looking for Bailouts, your Parents can start being Parents and for once put you first......Michael Lohan I give him credit for staying out of the lime light or trying too. I will not see any of your movies you have lost all the respect from this fan. You used to be a example now your an example of not what to do.

599 days ago
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