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Kristin Chenoweth

American Airlines

Treated Me Like a Dog

2/1/2013 4:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kristin Chenoweth says she was the victim of a screaming, angry gate agent who bullied her and embarrassed her when she tried to board an American Airlines flight with her emotional support dog ... and now the airline is begging for her forgiveness.

TMZ has learned, the altercation went down this week as Kristin boarded a flight from Dallas to L.A.. We're told Kristin had her emotional support dog in tow -- as she always does -- when she was confronted by a gate agent supervisor who claimed Kristin didn't have the proper paperwork to bring the dog on board.

When Kristin protested, insisting she had done everything correctly, the agent got "verbally abusive" in front of several passengers ... scolding the actress ... and Kristin was so shaken up, she burst into tears.

Eventually airline officials realized a mistake had been made -- and Kristin was allowed to board the flight with her dog. Whoops.

After the flight, Kristin tweeted, "American Airlines: Dallas flight attnt supervisor Ms. Kidwell. Abuse not okay. #tripfromhell."

Seems American Airlines was paying attention to the tweet -- because a rep for AA tells us, "We have been in touch with Ms. Chenoweth to offer our apologies for the misunderstanding. We refunded the [$125] cabin pet charge as soon as we realized the mistake. We hope she will consider flying American again in the future."

Kristin wasn't lying when she said she flies with the dog all the time -- we shot video of her last month with her dog Madeline ... and everything seemed fine.


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Are you sure she was travelling with dog as a service animal? I ask because the American with Disabilities act, prohibits being charged for a service animal. If she were flying with her dog as a service animal there would be no reason for AA to refund her pet in cabin charge because she shouldn't have been charged to begin with!!!!

639 days ago


Does anyone know WHY she has a "service" dog? I'm confused...

639 days ago


These people with these FAKE service dogs should be ashamed. The only disability they have is narcissism ......

639 days ago


she should sue american airlines, like every one else, american has become one of the worst airlines to fly now their is always a problem any time someone fly american, they are always late, bad customer service and your bags are always lost it goes on and on

639 days ago


I have a friend who works in first class for AA and she always treats her passengers with dignity and respect. It sounds to me like the flight attendant supervisor was just doing her JOB! It's not her fault there was a mix up with the paperwork and as soon as they got it sorted out, AA made it right. Btw, what does she need a "service" dog for exactly? I love my dog like one of my children so I understand why she wants her dog to travel in the cabin with her. I'm just curious to know if she got one of those bogus dr's notes or if she actually needs the dog for service. Hmmm

639 days ago


They have service dogs for selfishness and stupidity now? Wow, talk about entitlement and arrogance.

639 days ago


Ah yes, the infamous "emotional support" pet successfully passing as an actual service dog. Will get you every time.

639 days ago


Who cares why she has a service dog? If she followed the airline's protocol and was supposed to be allowed to bring it, then it wasn't the flight attendant's place to yell at her. Besides, small pets are usually allowed to fly in the cabin as long as they are properly contained. My family dog growing up flew in a carrier under the seat.

639 days ago


This is now the typical Hollywood star. Every one has a service dog. And she's hot

639 days ago


Service dogs are used for many things not just blindness. If you follow the links under the main article this is the actress from The Good Wife that suffered some terrible injuries when a lighting gear fell on her and she had to quit the show. I imagine even though it is a foo foo dog, its still a legimate service animal, and she did have a medical need to keep it with her.

639 days ago


Service dog? They just keep getting smaller and smaller.. What does this woman need a service dog for? Never saw it with her when she goes to bars.........

639 days ago


Another Hollywood entitlement who thinks they're better than the rest. Service dog? What an insult to the millions of people who are truly disabled and require assistance. You should be ashamed of yourself.

638 days ago


638 days ago


Anyone who would make Kristin Chenoweth cry is a raving bitch. She's one of the nicest people in the entertainment industry. Bad flight attendant! Bad.

638 days ago

your own luck    

The dog gives her "emotional support" on the plane???? If she has to use a service dog for that, she has more problems than I thought.

638 days ago
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